Our children grow step by step, learning things one at a time. First, they learn to walk, then learn to speak and then learn to remember. They grow by learning to understand things and recall them. And they also grow slowly in confidence. Among all other things, confidence remains a key driving force. Confidence decides the success rate of a child. It also decides how he is going to handle situations in his life.

When it comes to building confidence in kids, every parent wants their child to be active in this. Fortunately, some kids lack compassion and spunk. In fact, every child faces some hard knocks in terms of attaining confidence. They require motivation and support. In this piece of writing, we shall raise the curtains of some of the essential ways to boost confidence in your child.

Appreciate and Praise

Confidence is a flower and appreciation is the seed. Without passing and making your child happy, you cannot inject the chores of confidence in him. It has always been vital to providing children with positive feedback. The prime reason for this is that young minds measure their worth by what other people think about them. Praising here doesn’t necessarily means faking. You should be realistic in your approach. This is a proven way of building self-esteem in children. When the kid fails at a thing, you should not praise without any reason.

You can reassure him that it is always fine to fail. He can learn by failing as well. And no one is perfect in this world. As a parent, you should make him understand that trying, again and again, can make things happen. And at times, its always good to move on after giving your best efforts.

Let him practice resilience

We all know that it is not possible to succeed every time. There are always drop downs and pain coupled with criticism in life. Instead of feeling low because of these problems, your child should learn to gather good experience. You may make him learn how to not to dwell on these events and get disappointed. He should learn to not to give up and try his best. But if things didn’t go accordingly, there is no harm in leaving things as it is.

Children should always learn to trust their feelings. They should also be comfortable in sharing them which is a duty of parents. They shall learn that setbacks are a part of life. For instance, if your child is not doing good in exams, you should not scold him or demotivate him. You should talk about the issues he is facing and how you can help him. With this better approach, he will gain confidence and succeed the next time for sure.

Set rules to encourage consistency

Let’s get into a thinking process. Don’t you believe that our bodies work better when we know who is in charge? We tend to do well when we have a set of rules lining our activities. Same is the case with children. When your child thinks that there are rules, he develops the confidence to work accordingly. He can do if you enforce them consistently by setting rules.

Every house has its own separate rules. These might even change with time-based on the age and behavior of the child. Regardless of the nature of these rules, the child has a clear mind of what is right and wrong. He or she will learn following the rules. This gives him or her a sense of security and confidence. When a child gets older, he or she will remember you as a parent. This is one of the best ways to raise a confident child. When your child will feel pressure on a given day, he or she shall appreciate having the foundation and confidence to say NO to the situation.

Practice optimism

Optimism goes hand in hand with self-talk and positive thoughts. This is one of the most practical tips to boost kids confidence. As a parent, you should teach your child to love himself the way he is. Whenever he or she does good, be it in studies, athletics or any other part of life, you should reward the child. A small gift, a favorite meal or a small party is a good way to practice positivity. celebrating your child’s success will impart new levels of confidence in him or her. You can also talk about talents, skills, and stories of getting success with your child. While having conversations, you can also remind the child about new skills and how or she is better at performing those skills.

Set realistic goals

If your growing child thinks of being an athlete, he might set a goal of being number one in a few days. He may think of becoming a good scientist in a month. He may also build dreams and mountains that might not appear to be realistic. While being ambitious is a good trait, setting an unrealistic goal can decline the confidence level. A good way to approach the situation is setting realistic small goals and achieving them step by step.

When your child fails to achieve the impossible goals, he can go into depression. You should be the guide for his thoughts in this case. If the goal is a stretch, you can discuss reachable short -term steps. This will make the path easier and will help him achieve accomplishment every step of the way.

Using adventurous activities

Children often acquire more confidence by trying out new things. They learn ways by knowing more people and handling different scenario. Hence, you can supervise your children while allowing them to do adventurous activities. After making sure that the atmosphere is safe,  you can present them to new and exciting situations. For instance, you can make them learn cooking or ask them to try out gymnastics in your presence.

Encouraging exploration leads to new levels of confidence. It also makes the child interact with other children or people which gives them the confidence to ask questions and look for answers. You can also practice day trips, picnics, outings, new hobbies, vacations, and other activities. This shall expand your child’s imagination horizons. It will lead to a boost in confidence as the child will get the ability to handle new situations.

Love your child

Many parents stop showing affection to their kid if he or she is unsuccessful in a particular area. Also, the busy schedule and race for earning money may keep parents busy. This might cause a love deficient scenario for your child. Nothing is worse than a love-deprived child.

Loving your child is one of the most important ways to make kids feel more confident. It is free of cost and you can give love in plenty to your child. It is important to believe here that your child needs to be accepted and loved nature. He o she should not be differentiated from other kids. He should always get family and friends love. Children who don’t get love often fall prey to depression, low motivation and complexity issues. Teaching your child the lessons of life with some shouting or strict guidelines is acceptable. But you should always calm him or her later while showing true love and affection. When you will develop unconditional love for your child, you will create a base for immense confidence in his or her consciousness.

Practice all things

In the end, it is important to remember every child is different. Every kid is born with his own traits, behavior, and personality. While some gain confidence in the early stages of life, others take time but still get the hang of things slowly and steadily. Some might simply avoid doing things with confidence. But everyone learns the lesson of life with confidence sooner or later.

As a parent, it is always important to practice all confidence boosting activities with patience and hope. Even if a child is not showing positive signs, you should not lose your heart, You should understand that he has his own learning power and will learn things eventually.  Parents need to practice all points mentioned here with positiveness. Children are delicate and even one wrong step can thrash their confidence for entire life. Hence, stay calm and progress ahead with good results and positivity.