Vitamin D deficiency – Who knows!? You might be vitamin D deficient and you do not know. We are aware that regular checkups are important, but who sticks to his scheduled medical inspection? Ask yourself: how many physical issues do I have, and I act like normal.

Here you can solve the puzzle and figure-out either you are vitamin D deficient or not.

Vitamin d deficiency symptoms

1. Gaining Weight

If you are over-weight with abdominal fat or large waistlines, you are more likely to develop vitamin D deficiency.

Normally, you lose 1-2 kilos per week if you are on a diet plan.

Let’s test your vitamin D wellness…

Are you ready to start?

Weight yourself in the early morning and Start your diet immediately. After a week, weight yourself once more at the same time regimen wearing the same cloths.

Vitamin D Symptoms

Conclusion: If you lost from 250 grams to 500 grams; then you have an unbalanced diet program. If you do not lose grams, consider your result. Because you may be vitamin D deficient.

Let’s proceed to the coming symptoms, trust me the will count…

2. Impaired Sleep and Less Alerted

A recent study has been conducted to measure vitamin D effect on sleep quality and quantity.

The result showed that: vitamin D deficiency disrupts many neurological functions. Also, it affects the melatonin which is a sleeping-aid hormone.

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

The research demonstrated that; deficient people experience insufficient sleep during the night. They feel un-comforted during the whole day Thus, they seem to sleep more.

3. Bone Pain

If your answer is yes, then you have got to consider this. Do you have back-pain lately? What about your legs, ribs, and joints?

The main source of vitamin D is the sun. as a result, if you do not walk in the morning and let the sun rays penetrate your skin consider yourself vitamin D deficient.


It is responsible for calcium absorption and phosphorus distribution all over your body.

If you would like to make sure, let’s start our simple test: abide yourself to walk under the sun for 30 minutes from 9 am till the midday for a week.

Tell me now, how is your bone pain

4. Vitamin D & Depression

Wait… No Need for depression pills Now. You may just need a vitamin D checkup

Several analyses showed the importance of vitamin D to brain function. Any nutritional disruption might be accompanied by depression and other mental health problem.

Vitamin D & Depression

You just need to test your vitamin D level to assure whether it is the reason behind your depression or not.

5. Frequent Illness and Sickness

Before you start to administer immunostimulants, you shall contemplate your Vitamin D level.

Vitamin D is known for its major role in the immune system. It fights viruses and bacteria; preventing them from invading your body.

what are the Sickness Symptoms ?

If you got sick repetitively and you are not born immunocompromised. You more likely have vitamin D deficiency.

Regular checkups are important for your health. Please Do Not skip it. Who knows what else does your body need? So, keep in mind: you are healthy with the proper pill 😉

Name: Nourhan El-shneky.

Certificate: Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, a research assistant at the German University in Cairo, Egypt.

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