Let’s straight away get into a thinking process. Think of the times you have faced when your friend called you grieving about his life’s tragedy. Imagine the times when you have to deal with a friend having depression due to a breakup. Think of the incident when you had to handle your best friend’s sorrows as he was too depressed to deal with them alone.

Psychology Uplift Your Friend From Depression

Well, we all face such instances once or more than once in our lives. If the friend facing depression is close to you, you will probably wish to find out about ways to improve the way he feels.

Psychology helps you by understanding the depression at its core. This helps as you are able to understand the person you are trying to uplift. Dispelling all the norms of difficulties in dealing with depression, we will raise some curtains and let you know how psychology can uplift your friend from depression.

Avoiding common stereotypes


Depression is like a disease. It is not a fleeting feeling and rather acts as a syndrome that kills our inner happiness. To help cope up with depression, psychology suggests embracing things like fresh air, positive mindset, a view of greenery and blazing sunshine. These are the natural elements that help bring out the optimistic view of our sub-conscious. However, this might become a hideous task when your friend is in depression.

You can help him by spreading a little cheer and by allowing him to enjoy the good aspects of life in a constructive way. This will make your friend feel that you are diminishing his inner struggle to fight the circumstances. Remember that a depressed person feels alone even in the crowd of millions and this can help him come out of the stress circle with ease.

Avoid treating him differently

Avoid Treating Him Differently

When your friend is depressed, the last thing he expects is you treating him like a diseased patient. This involves incidences like not inviting him to an event simply because you think that he will be more depressed in a crowd or simply not calling him because you wish to give him some time alone. Despite doing these, you should focus on his sadness and become a psychological part of it. You should act as normal as you can while talking about the usual topics you do daily with him. You can go to your favorite hanging spots and might even try sending the same funny texts you did earlier. The main idea is to provide a sense of normalcy in his life which might just help him climb out of the well of depression.

Try to understand his depression

Try to Understand His Depression

When you are depressed, you might shy away from your favorite dish or avoid watching your favorite TV show. While this is entirely natural, you have to be aware of such impacts caused by a depression in our life. You should understand that if your friend is depressed, he may not look for the same things he did earlier. He might not be upright and may even feel introverted. By understanding his depression, you can make him more comfortable whether he wishes to sit on the couch or go play outside.

Be available for him

Be Available For Him

If you are in despair and you know that your friend is there for you no matter what, you can easily take a sigh of relief that the world is not ending yet. Same way, letting your friend in depression know that you are always there for him can make a big difference. This will comfort him as he will know that he has someone to turn things to if he feels dark or blue. To go that extra mile, let him know that he can talk to you whenever he wants and you are always there to listen to his judgment.

Avoid getting offended

Avoid Getting Offended

When facing depression, your friend might shy away from being with you all the time. This is because he might feel it better to be left alone. For this, he may or may not want to talk or hang out with you. Understanding his condition, you should avoid getting offended as a sensible thing to do. Being pushy or offended can further drown him in the pool of grievance. You need to understand that he is dealing with sad feelings and might not want to feel responsible for you. Even if he cancel any plan or avoid fail to answer your call, you should give him space and time to be normal.


Summing things up, it is vital to remain healthy while helping your friend deal with depression.

If you are not best at yourself, you can’t help anyone feel good.

If you are not best at yourself, you can’t help anyone feel good. Helping him might even cause compassion fatigue which can trigger your own depression nerves. Always remember that you are not a therapist but a friend. Be prepared to help your friend in any way you can. Always remember that if your friendship is true, it can withstand everything, even depression. Be forgiving, patient and available when your friend needs you the most.


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