We are so consumed in technology from head to toe that many of us are just looking for a way to get away from technology and social media and just spend some quiet time with themselves. Just unplug that WiFi and give your eyes a rest. If you have been feeling the need to meditate to get over your stress, here is your ultimate guide of meditation for beginners.

Meditation techniques for beginners:

As a beginner, it might sound really boring to sit for a long time, quietly without doing anything. This is the reason you must first get well acquainted about the various meditation techniques for beginners. Meditation focuses basically on bringing out your compassion. Envision all your painful memories and remodel them in a positive light.

Below are the two most famous and easy to adopt meditation techniques for beginners:

Concentration meditation

As the name suggests, this type of meditation focuses on a single thing at a time. You will be required to look at a candle flame, follow a proper pattern of exhaling and inhaling, repeating a mantra and/or counting beads on a mala.

Since concentrating on the flame is a challenge, beginners might find it intimidating initially but they are sure to get along with it slowly. Starting from a few minutes, you can work up to longer hours later.

This is a great form of medication who feel that their mind wander a lot. You can focus on one object and let all the undesirable thoughts pass. This meditation technique for beginners greatly improves their concentration.

Mindfulness meditation

This meditation technique is great for beginners as it allows them to acknowledge every thought that wanders in their mind. You do not have to get involved with each thought, rather acknowledge their presence and be aware that you are having these thoughts.

This is great for people who think their mind wanders unnecessarily a lot. You will slowly see your thoughts drifting and occurring to you in a particular patter. You will observe how quickly our brain responds to thought and labels them good or bad, please or unpleasant.

Mindfulness meditation is taught in many beginners meditation courses and you are likely to develop a great self-awareness with it.

Meditation tips for beginners

  • Start slow: We all know someone who starts a task with full power and then all the power flushes out within a day or two. Instead of giving up, you should take things slow. Pledge to meditate two minutes in for the first week and you will see how easy it is. Starting small is the key to go a long way in any discipline.
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  • Do it every single day: Don’t talk Saturdays and Sundays like a mediocre person. Nobody who makes it big cares about weekdays and weekends. You are preparing to build a lifestyle, quit talking small. Pledge to practice meditation every single day and after some time, you will see how quickly it becomes a part of you.
  • Don’t make it a big deal: Do not spend your time worrying about it is going to happen, just starting doing it. Many people spend days in starting meditation because they are worried where they will sit, how they will sit, which cushions to use and all that is rubbish. If you have decided to meditate, you will make time for it and meditate even while sitting on a bus.

 Benefits of beginners meditation courses:

You become a better manager!

Many studies have shown that the people who have been practicing meditation for a long time have a greater ability to cope-up with their stress and anxiety levels. For the skeptics out there, there is a biological reason for this theory too!

Practicing meditation for a long time can result in a drastic decrease in the levels of the hormone cortisol which is also called the ‘stress hormone’.  Strong emotions like anxiousness, depression, and restlessness are inhibited to express themselves abruptly if you practice meditation regularly.

Boost immunity:

Lymphocytes are the cells that protect your body from foreign body invasion. These are produced by your body and they work as killer cells. Lymphocytes are the leading heroes of the immune system of our body.

When we meditate for a longer period of time, the lymphocytes are seen to drastically improve thus improving your immunity. One of the benefits of meditation is that you develop an outstanding resistance from a bacterial or viral infection and also grow resistant to the chances of developing a tumor.

If you are a beginner looking for a sign to start meditating, let this be a sign. Start meditating and see how your life starts falling in place.

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