In Indian mythology, the human body is considered as holy as a temple, and this temple needs maintenance. The foods we eat are the offerings we provide to this temple, and it is our duty to make sure that the offerings are not only pure but also healthy. Good nutritious food is the highest form of offering you can give your temple. A nutritious food implies that your body is getting all forms of nutrients whether it is vitamins or minerals. Our body requires good nutrition to function at its best.

There is an array of benefits of good nutrition, and it keeps you going physically as well as mentally. A lot of people misinterpret the meaning of good nutrition as starving oneself and depriving them of all the food that they like to binge on. This is a total myth, and people need to think past this. A diet full of good nutritious food does not necessarily include everything you hate; rather, it is a plate full of a balanced diet. An appropriate proportion of lean proteins, carbohydrates, and fats helps you stay at your best health.

Importance of good nutrition:


In common terms, everyone is aware that good nutrition plus an active lifestyle can help anybody maintain or lose weight. However, there are a lot of other benefits of good nutrition.

  1. A balanced diet ensures that you are not at risk for any major diseases like heart disorders, stroke, diabetes
    , and hypertension.
  2. People with high cholesterol levels are constantly at risk of heart-related disorders. They should always have a plate full of a balanced diet to ensure that they don’t have to face an unfortunate outcome.
  3. A good nutritious diet can greatly boost your immunity thus protecting you from a number of infections and cough & cold. It strengthens your resistance towards such bacterial and viral infections.
  4. Usually old age people suffer from high blood pressure problems, and this can be corrected with the benefits of eating well.
  5. When you eat a balanced diet and stay active most of the day, you are likely to be at your healthiest self. It is obvious that healthy people are the happiest. They don’t have the stress of medical bills and declining health.

Tips for improving health:


Often people who attempt to eat healthy leave it soon after because they feel the food starts getting monotonous and boring. However, following these healthier diet tips will help you go on with eating nutritious food without feeling left out of eating junk.

  1. Don’t cut out on fruit: A lot of people believe in drinking fruit juice instead of the whole fruit. However, it is important to see that eating whole fruits ensures that you are meeting your body’s fiber requirements. Fruit juices, canned or fresh, are devoid of natural fibers and are unable to fulfill the fiber requirements.
  2. Veggies are the new junk: We have always had someone in our life that runs away from eating green leafy vegetables. However, the importance of vegetables needs to be explored much more than what it is now. There are a variety of colors and types available in the market, and you can experiment with different veggies every single day.
  3. Don’t starve yourself: When people hear of a nutritious diet, they instantly start thinking that they will have to starve themselves. This is a big myth. Whole grain like cereals and bread gives your body the fuel in the form of carbohydrates to operate. Depriving your body of the essential carbohydrates will result in unexplained lethargy and tiredness.
  4. Opt for low fat or fat-free milk: People who are not lactose intolerant and vegans can opt for low-fat milk, usually cows’. Milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D and will help you keep your bones strong.
  5. Consider various sources of protein: Ever since we were young, we have been told that pulses are a rich source of proteins. However, eating pulses on a daily basis can be monotonous and boring. To avoid this spontaneity, one can opt for various other protein sources like lean meat, tofu, fish and beans.

Benefits of eating well:


Their people who are seeking nutrition guidance to live healthily are aware of the benefits of eating healthy on our bodies. These systemic benefits include:

  1. Improved heart health: On a daily basis, we consume sodium way more than we should. All processed and packed food contains a high content of sodium and sugar which are unhealthy for our especially heart. Diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products promote your heart health.
  2. Brain health: Good nutrition contributes to the better blood supply to your brain thus improving retention and concentration power.


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