The main reason why people frown when given something with garlic in it is the smell. There’s no denying that the smell is pretty bad. But garlic does have a lot of redeeming qualities. Freshly prepared garlic syrup can prevent premature skin aging among all things. If you do not know what else it can help you with, here’s a list exclusively made for you, to help you understand how a daily dose of garlic can help you lead a healthier life.

Garlic cough syrup

Previously, it was just a “belief”. But recent studies have proved that garlic has immense health benefits. It can actually work like the average medicine that you buy by wasting a lot of bucks. Sure enough, it cannot remedy every disease, but garlic can prove surprisingly beneficial for many patients.

You can find a list of health benefits and home medicines you can make with just garlic. It is generally avoided because of its smell. Who would like to turn up at work with a mouth smelling like that? No one, really. This is why most try to avoid garlic. But garlic only smells once you slice or smash it. This results in the two different chemicals mixing which in turn causes the smell.

Garlic is believed to be as powerful as penicillin. It works just as fast. And most of all, it doesn’t cost that much. The fact that it works as fast as medicines are why many consider garlic to be one of the three major natural health remedies along with apple cider vinegar and honey.

Garlic Syrup for Cholesterol

Cholesterol is bad. There’s no debating it. But did you know that there are actually two kinds of cholesterol? That’s a bummer, right? Which one do we focus on? Cholesterol is of two types. Let’s for the moment, designate them as “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol”. The bad cholesterol can cause a lot of health problems. It is bad for your heart. It can cause heart blockage and other cardiovascular disorders. And then there is the good cholesterol. It doesn’t really harm the body. Instead, it helps in keeping the bad cholesterol in check.

Cholesterol Woes

The thing is, to increase good cholesterol, you need to go for sea fish. They have Omega-3 which actually helps in increasing the good cholesterol.

If you do not have a way to increase good cholesterol, then go for reducing the bad one by food. Garlic can help. It has shown to lower the bad cholesterol in our bodies. Consuming garlic can reduce your chances of cardiovascular diseases. There is some debate as to consumption in which form is the most effective. But all agree that garlic can reduce LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol. The more you take, the lower your cholesterol drops.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a common problem. As per an estimate, more than half of the total populati on suffers from it. It can difficult to control requiring strict watch on diet and activity. The worst thing about high blood pressure is your food. To prevent anything bad from happening, you have to take food which tastes less. You have to keep an eye on your salt and sugar consumption.


Lowers Blood Pressure

How many different remedies have you tried? How much have you wasted on medicines? Garlic can help in lowering blood pressure. The main component responsible for this effect is known as allicin. It is formed in garlic when you slice up a clover.

If you do not like the smell, then you can go for allicin alternatives. You can buy supplements which would give the same effect. But that would just cost you more. At one point, you have to decide, which is more precious to you – your health or your sweet-smelling breath. The foul breath is nothing a bit of gum cannot help with, but if you lose your health, well, that is something serious.

Alzheimer’s, what was that again?

Even after all this time and all the medical advancements, there are some diseases that still continue to haunt us. Alzheimer’s is one of those. It is a dreadful disease. Not just because of the pain. It’s dreadful because you start to lose yourself. You start to forget the person you love and those around you. It is a degenerative brain disorder. The worst of them all is that there is no perfect cure for Alzheimer’s. There are many ways to abate the symptoms, but ultimately, you succumb to it and lose yourself. There are remedies for the symptoms. You can always go for costly treatments. Or you can go for natural treatment.


Garlic Syrup is one of the best known natural remedies for Alzheimer’s symptoms. There are others like coconut oi, and there’s coral calcium. But the most effective and cost-effective among them is garlic. One of the main reasons for Alzheimer’s is the inflammation of the brain barrier. Garlic has anti-inflammatory abilities and helps reduce inflammation. It is not a permanent cure.

For those who do not suffer from Alzheimer’s, garlic consumption can help reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s.

Not exactly Immortal but longer still

After all this, there’s no reason to say otherwise. Given the immense health benefits on can get from Garlic, it’s not surprising that it can help you live a longer and healthier life. Garlic has been used as a medicine for ages now. And this time around, we even have scientific studies to back up the whole thing.

All studies into the health benefits of garlic prove that it indeed can help with a myriad of disorders. The main constituent to thank here would be allicin ( as stated before). The fact that mother nature is providing us with such an excellent medicine is something to marvel at. And yet there are those who would opt for supplements and artificial treatments knowing full well the risks involved.

All-in-all, garlic might not be the “wonder drug”, but it is pretty effective in combating many everyday woes like cholesterol, blood pressure, and low immunity. So the next time you want to skip on garlic, give a thought to what you will be missing on.

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