Benefits of eating salad

Salads are probably the most repelled food item to exist. Everybody has this perception of salad that they are boring and of course, not tasty. However, this post is here to bust all your myths and tell you that it is all in your head. It is sure that there are more than ten things you can recall right at the moment about which society said that they were not nice to eat/hear/see, but when you grew up and actually governed it by yourself, you realized that it was not as bad as ‘they’ told you it was.

The salad is one of them. It is a widespread notion that salads are for crash diet geeks and normal people just can’t eat them. However, as you read this article, you will realize that this is not even close to the truth. So let’s check what are the benefits of eating salad.

Eating green salad everyday

Eating salad greens in your daily life

Eating salad greens in your daily life is one of the healthiest habits you can adopt. Consumption of whole vegetables and fruits is extremely rare unless it is in the salad and therefore salads become an easy source of nutrition from these whole greens. Besides its health benefits, it is a magic food for those who can’t cook or don’t have the time or will to cook. Rather than going out and spending your money on fancy salads, you can make these salads at home in under 5 minutes, and it would be as tasty as any other fancy restaurant or fast-food chain.

The importance of salad is endless, but it is a good thing that these benefits are accompanied by great taste.

What is the first thing you notice about a plate full of food? Colour! And what is more colorful than a plateful of salad green. All these plant pigments give you a perfect eye treatment as well as provide you with great nutrition.

Benefits of eating salad:

Health benefits of salad

  1. Natural source of fiber: In a day to day life, we are usually short on time and when running for work, carrying a bottle or can of fruit juice is much easier than holding the fruit in your hand. Although these habits might end up making your body fiber deficient. To ensure that your body has an adequate amount of fiber, you should switch to whole fruits and vegetables. If you don’t like to eat an entire fruit, you can add them to your salad and add the essential crunch on your plate.
  2. Keep that weight in check: Contrary to the common notion, salads do not necessarily have to be a part of a crash diet. Include the benefits of mixed greens in your everyday life, and you will never have to worry about weight A well-balanced diet and active lifestyle can ensure a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.
  3. Take care of your fat requirements: Your body requires fat, yes that is true. Fat has some very important role in your body and contrary to what people believe, loading up on healthy sources of fat can never go wrong on your weighing scale. Add some tablespoons of roasted or raw pumpkin seeds, sesame, flax, chia, and sunflower seeds. These are the best sources of healthy fat. Avocado, nuts and different kinds of natural oils can also be experimented with so as to avoid spontaneity in plate composition.

Other benefits of eating salad

  1. Salad benefits for skin: How often do you really catch yourself gulping liters of water to benefit your skin? We all know that drinking plenty of water is a tonic to improve your skin tone, but we also know that drinking that much water per day is practically very tough. Unless you have a never quenching thirst, you are rarely going to reach the ideal limits of drinking water. However, the high level of water content in the vegetables we use in salads can really help you here. You don’t have to drink water directly, but you are still getting the benefits of mixed greens.
  2. Get the vitamins directly: When we cook the food, the nutrition, especially the vitamins and minerals it has been lost. Consuming uncooked food ensures that you get vitamins and minerals in a raw form and it will maximize the health benefit you get from such foods.

Salad mistakes to stay away from:

Salad mistakes to stay away from

  1. Not choosing the dressing carefully: People often think that since eating salad is healthy, it is okay if we top it up with sugary or starchy dressings. However, it does not work like that. Health benefits of salad are uncountable but eating it with syrups rich in fructose totally ruins the purpose.
  2. Adding processed food to the salad: Some people like to add full-fat cheese and salted nuts to their salad. These foods are high in sodium fat and will not serve as a healthy diet that you are pursuing.
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