This is a modern era of fitness and staying fit is not just important but has also become a trend. While there are plenty of people who are struggling to lose weight, there is a large section of gym-goers who are eagerly looking for a nutrition plan for building muscle. Having an ideal nutrition plan is the next most important thing after workout plans if your personal training objectives require muscle building.

However, blindly shoving nutritious food down your throat is not helpful for most of the people. You need to go back to the basics to see the maximum outcome from whichever muscle building nutrition plan you choose. Below are the steps you should follow before determining your type of nutrition plan in order to gain muscle mass.

Different body types

We do so many experiments with our body these days that it gets difficult for the body to sustain these changes after some point. It is very important that you determine your body’s type and then decide your requirements. Any nutrition for muscle growth is likely to work the best in suitable body-type. Amongst the bodybuilders, bodies are termed as of three types:


  • Ectomorph body type: People with these types of bodies are tall in stature with long limbs. The body is usually petite, and they have a low percentage of fat in their bodies. Ectomorphic people are usually slow weight gainers.
  • Mesomorph body: These people have a typical athletic body with a slender waist, broad shoulders and strong limbs. Mesomorphic people possess higher muscle mass as compared to Ectomorphic people and show excellent speed in muscle building.
    • Endomorph body: These people have particularly slow metabolic rates and around The deposits of fat are collected around the waist, hips, and thighs. The development of muscle mass is rapid.
  • Planning Nutrition for muscle growth:

As mentioned before, nutrition varies from one to body to another. The abovementioned body types will help you determine your body type, and once you are sure of your body, you can pick a strength-building nutrition plan from below:

  • Plan for Ectomorph: People with this body type are hard gainers. They take more effort to gain muscle mass. As for the nutrition for bodybuilding, these people should go for a carbohydrate-rich diet. A huge amount of calorie intake is required to build muscles. The daily diet of Ectomorphic people should include an ample amount of proteins and good, non-refined fat. An individual should also make sure that they eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated all day long.
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  • Plan for Mesomorph: These people advised to eat a carbohydrate-rich diet during the day hours and gradually reduce carbohydrate intake in the evening hours. This diet of Mesomorphs should be rich in protein and good, non-refined fats. These individuals should also make sure that they have enough amounts of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Stay hydrating is also important since your body is undergoing a major transformation and needs fuel to keep going.
  • Plan for Endomorph: People with endomorphic body type are particularly easy gainers. Their muscle and fat gain are rapid, and that is why disciplining the strength-building nutrition plan is extremely important. Their diet should be low in carbohydrates as well as fat content to avoid fat gain in hip and waist areas. Endomorph bodies need a good amount of protein for gaining muscles. A constant check on fruit and vegetable intake should be kept. Staying hydrated is obviously extremely crucial.
  • Balance your macronutrient content:

Balance your macronutrient content

When we talk about macronutrients, we are usually talking about diet components like proteins and carbohydrates. While you are trying to build lean muscles, it is important that you keep a check on your macronutrient intake. Macronutrients play a major role in strength building nutrition plan.

  • Protein: A maintained dosage of protein is going to make sure that the muscle you build are of permanent nature and not come and go Protein also aids the synthesis of new muscles in your body. When you are on a muscle-building diet, you tend to work out intensely, and such intense workout breaks down the muscles in your body. Protein is responsible for its regeneration. On average, every day, 2g of protein is recommended per kilogram of body weight.
  • Carbohydrate: These are the fuels of our muscle and ensure steady growth in our muscle mass. On a daily basis, around 3-4g of carbohydrate is recommended per kilogram of body weight.

To sum things up, it can be said that no objective is reached without proper planning. Incorporate an ideal strength-building nutrition plan into your workout plan, and you will see tremendous results.

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