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Most of us think of tablets, injections, syrups and topical ointments when we think of health remedies. However, if take a good look at the brightest corner of nature, we will realize that there are plenty of remedies to be found. And the best part is, most of these are easily available. We can prepare several herbal medicines to form our kitchen shelf. We can use several fruits that act as a blessing to our health.

health benefits

Various fruits have benefits that we are not aware of. These provide nutrients and are the source of vitamins in ample quantity. If we know and have these on regular basis, we may remain healthy and live longer. Today, we are going to discuss the importance and health benefits of one such fruit- golden gooseberry.


Properties of golden gooseberry.

The golden berries also called cape gooseberry are globular in shape and the size remains 1 to 2 cm in diameter. These are born encased in a tan husk that has a beautiful lantern-like shape. The skin is waxy at the start and might be a bit sticky when you remove them from the husk. This also relates to its smooth and taut consistency. In certain cases, the skin color changes from green to orange when the fruit starts to ripen. There is aqueous flesh underneath the skin. Many crunchy cream-colored seeds are found inside the fruit. The flavor is sweet to tart. One can identify it as the same as the cherry tomatoes having some sweet notes like strawberry and some tangy ones such as pineapple. It also resembles in taste mango and vanilla and even Meyer lemon.

Cultivating facts

Cultivating facts

Usually, cape gooseberries are fruits that are available all around the year. The peak season in most of the places is through late summer until fall. Golden gooseberries are sweet and tangy fruits. They belong to the Solanaceae family, also called as nightshade family. They have various names such as husk cherry, physalis Peruvian, poha berry and Peruvian ground cherry. They are native to the south American continent. However, they are grown worldwide and their cultivation has been neutralized in many regions of the world. The berries are closely related to tomatoes but are very different from common gooseberry. People use these fruits for many purposes depending on the type of region they are growing in. they are also seen as a valuable addition to cuisines and an important export crop. Golden gooseberry is also a kind of niche crop. Many farmers in different parts of the world grow them for local markets and consumption as a fresh ingredients. They are used in salads, chutneys, sauces, spices, pickles, etc.

Geographical factors

The golden gooseberries are Brazil natives. They became a neutral crop with the Chilean and Peruvian highland regions in earlier times. Incas family are the first cultivators of the fruit. In 1774, England saw the popularity of the fruit growing worldwide. They asked to bring the fruit from the explorers returning from New World. The berries then got popular in South Africa around the year 1807. After this, it got spread like wildfire and cultivation became in different parts. The harvest was soon popular in tropical and temperate regions, especially in the 20th century. Nowadays, they are a popular choice of fruit in various local markets of China, India, Asia, the Philippines and Malaysia. They are also very common in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Hawaii, Florida and even the Caribbean islands.


The word golden gooseberry came from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. This is when people started calling it cape gooseberry. The fruit at that time was prevalent in jams. Also, at that time, the fruit was imported widely in canned form. When they increased in popularity, they spread to other parts of Australia and local Australians gave the fruit the name as it where the fruit was originally from. The name became popular and is to date, one of the most prominent ones used worldwide.


Since you have had enough knowledge about golden gooseberry, it’s time to get down to the real thing. The benefits of this miraculous fruit are great and everyone should embrace it. Let’s know what it has to offer to our health.

Improvement in skin

Improve Skin

When you are taking cape gooseberry, you are taking in lots of water. Yes, just like tomatoes, the berries are full of water content. Additionally, it has a high content of antioxidants and vitamin C. This helps in making our skin glow from within. Many people know that our skin becomes prone to acne and other problems when free radicals are not allowed to leave our bodies. For normal people, free radicals are the extra substances that are formed as a result of various reactions in our bodies. These free radicals often cause the accumulation of gasses, substances and even pus on our skin, leading to acne.

When you consume golden gooseberry, the free radicals are destroyed by antioxidants. The antioxidants work to kill the radicals or make them dissolve in our bodies. This helps in the prevention of certain skin problems in our bodies.

Having few ounces of berries in the form of juice or slices provides benefits for our skin. One can also have them with boiled water to get better effects.

Loss in weight

Weight loss

Many people who are strictly following a diet routine look for various methods to regulate their calorie intake. Well, you will be happy to know that golden gooseberries present perfect options. These are very low in calories and high in nutritional values. They contain lots of vitamins and nutrients that required our body to increase our stamina and strength. And this comes with a very low consumption of calories. Hence, it aids in weight loss as well. You can opt for gooseberry salads or jams or any other formulations to keep up with your diet regime.

Control of blood pressure

Blood pressure control

One may think about how a natural product help forestalls hypertension. But surprisingly, this is indeed a fact. The natural product i.e., golden gooseberry is supposed to be a decent regulator of hypertension in humans. This occurs as it comprises phytochemicals. The significant ones are polyphenols and carotenoids. Physalis likewise contains potassium which is a decent pulse controller. The bio-substance compounds and their combination are acceptable to the point that the organic product likewise helps in controlling our body’s cholesterol levels and control blood pressure


Cellular breakdown in the lung’s anticipation

Physalis contains an appropriate measure of polyphenols and carotenoids. These are acceptable defensive specialists against cellular breakdown in the lungs or what we call lung cancer. The studies show that the organic product decreases the danger of a cellular breakdown in the lungs in humans. Different founding’s have additionally shown such realities. What makes it work is the counter hepatoma properties of the organic product which can fix the cellular breakdown in the lungs. During old occasions, physalis was a significant natural product to treat diseases like leukemia and malignancy. It is still perceptive and fundamental in certain pieces of the world.

Helps in improving vision

Improve vision

Researchers are doing different tests to know more and better the health benefits of the brilliant berry. Since numerous individuals think little of their significance, it’s critical to show proof of solid experiments. One ongoing examination drove the researchers to a revelation. It shows that the berry can help improve visions in humans.

Brilliant gooseberry comprises lutein and beta-carotene. It additionally has different other significant carotenoids our body needs. When we devour an eating routine that has carotenoids, we have a lower hazard of vision misfortune. Cape gooseberry likewise decreases the dangers of macular degeneration which is an age factor in humans. The leading reason for blindness is additionally identified with macular degeneration. Thus, the berries help us by improving our vision.

Cape gooseberry likewise contains lutein in sufficient sums. This carotenoid forestalls certain kinds of eye diseases in humans. Numerous individuals experience the ill effects of eye vision misfortune if they are diabetic. The carotenoids in cape gooseberry like zeaxanthin and lycopene help ensure the vision in such cases.

Increase in immunity


When you eat gooseberry, you are taking in loads of vitamin C. The times of a pandemic have told each person on earth that vitamin C is utilized to upgrade our defense mechanism against deadly diseases. Thus, the natural product will go about as a fine immunity booster. A single cup of physalis can have the greater part of all our Vitamin C that your body needs in a day.  Vitamin C has likewise help in cell reinforcement. It ensures us against free extreme harm which causes an increase in the well-being of our skin. While vitamin C increases our invulnerability, it additionally assumes a significant part in the development of collagen in our body. This additionally prompts faster healing as fibrinogen is delivered rapidly causing the blood to clump sooner. Vitamin C additionally helps our body in iron ingestion. It is likewise liable for the creation of different cancer prevention agents, Vitamin E is the main one.

Helps in strengthening our bone

strengthening our bone

We as a whole realize that our bones are made up of tendons. Likewise, the bone marrow is the origination of new cells, the building blocks of our body. When you eat cape gooseberry, you are having a decent measure of calcium. Calcium is fundamental in our body for the wellbeing of our bones, tendons, muscles and joints. It likewise assumes a significant part in maintaining bone mass. Also, there are a lot more capacities that are being managed by cape gooseberry. These include regulating the beat of the heart, routinely producing chemical, muscle compression and versatility maintenance and backing for solid veins. Muscle development and joint development are additionally increased and balanced out using calcium in physalis.

Helps battle cancer

Fight cancer

If somebody is dealing with malignant growth or cancer, his body should have good immunity. Since malignant growth in its self is a risky issue, fighting it implies that you should be solid within. Cape gooseberry helps in this. The berry comprises different steroids. Oen of the most well-known ones is withanolides. This can help battle different inflammatory conditions, particularly disease. Researchers are studying better approaches to battle disease using Withanolides. They are devising a strategy to target specific malignant growth cells and slaughter them. Other than this, steroids are likewise valuable in certain different infections identified with inflammation. These are a lot of accommodating in joint pain and lupus that happen because of the inflammation of our muscles.

Increase in stomach related well-being

Increase in digestive health

Cape gooseberries comprise significant degrees of cell antioxidants. Additionally, it contains a decent measure of pectin. Accordingly, the berries help us indigestion. The presence of pectin is likewise a solid motivation behind why these organic products are utilized broadly in jams and jams. Plus, pectin is perhaps the best element for the production of fiber in our eating routine.

When you digest more fiber, you are allowing your stomach to accomplish less work in digesting things. More fiber helps in better ingestion of food and even helps smooth egestion of food particles through the intestinal plot of our body. It helps in development through our stomach-related parcel and furthermore forestalls the event of indigestion and blockage. The fiber likewise helps in water ingestion in our stool. This makes the food gentler and is simpler to go through our stomach-related framework.


We hope that we have made you realized the prime and some common benefits of having golden gooseberries. The benefits don’t end just here. The fruit is always studied upon and many new health advantages are on the cards. All of this just makes it more sensible for us to consume this fruit whenever its season arrives. It can also be availed from local grocery stores or supermarkets. One can have it in many ways, including jams, jellies, salads and all. Scientists also consider taking golden berries with hot water to increase their benefits for the human body.

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