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Red cabbage

The red cabbage is also widely popular as purple cabbage. It has edible importance and holds key to many nutritional ingredients. The vegetable is highly appreciated due to its healthy ingredients and sweet taste. The characteristic purple color of its leaves gives it a unique appeal. Some red cabbages have dark maroon or purple or magenta coloration.

The variety of this veggie comes from European cultivation. One can buy it all year round which makes it an affordable choice of meal or ingredient. One can cook, boil, or eat raw red cabbage as we do with usual cabbage.

When it comes to nutrition, cabbage has plenty to offer. It is one vegetable that offers a variety of content. One of the most essential ones is the presence of selenium. It is a wonderful addition to our diet. Selenium helps reduce the pressure on our arteries, as well call it the arterial pressure in medical terminology. Selenium also supplies oxygen properly to the muscular tissues of our body. It helps in the production of antibodies and decontaminates heavy metals that our bodies find hard to eradicate. The substance is also good for preventing sterility and also activates our thyroids. This also relates to the fact that red cabbage is a pectoral vegetable. It means that it is good for treating pleurisy and tuberculosis. Well, these benefits were just the tip of the iceberg we are about to know. We shall discuss more later in this article.

The fruit of red cabbage

Red cabbage is sweet and has dark purple leaves. The variety comes as a breeding result in Europe. Some might take it similar to the usual cabbage. However, there are some differences to note. Red cabbages have high pigments of anthocyanin. These give it the coloration it has. This pigment evaporates during baking and hence, the color diminishes over time. However, the colors remain well maintained if we keep the vegetable in preservation.

The leave of the red cabbage is in a tight arrangement. They form a good-headed cabbage. The top is flat and can be spherical, cylindrical, or oval in shape. The leaves are even in most of the fruits. The rounded shape is average in size.

When you cook red cabbage, it turns out to be a good ingredient in many culinary dishes. The round category of the intense color is very popular in pickling. Many people even serve them by cooking in water slowly. Many people also season them before serving. In various parts of the world, the cabbage forms a traditional addition to festivals like Christmas. It is during that time the vegetable’s prices reach skyrocket heights.

If we talk about the constituents, the cabbages are made up of water mostly. The vitamin and mineral content are also there and make it a worthy addition to any meal. The low caloric content is very low. A 100g of fresh farm produce offers 78Kcal to our body. This is the reason they are a part of diets with low-calorie content. Red cabbage is one of the rare vegetables that can be eaten raw in salads. It provides high amounts of vitamin C that means it helps in maintaining the immunity levels of our body.

Purple cabbage otherwise called red cabbage is a supplement-rich vegetable, which is generally used across the globe. It has a place with a similar family as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, cabbage, kale and other brassica family vegetables. Purple cabbage contains similarly more supplements and fewer calories that make it an optimal vegetable for individuals focusing on weight reduction.

This red vegetable is the force to be reckoned with when it comes to dietary filaments, great quality sugars, potassium, a lot of nutrients and other fundamental minerals. The dim color of the cabbage demonstrates a more significant level of cancer prevention agents, which are known to reduce oxidative pressure. A more significant level of anthocyanins, a cell reinforcement category of substances, explicitly found in purple cabbage, brings down the danger of malignancy and heart sicknesses. Aside from these, burning-through purple cabbage likewise has endless medical advantages, some of which are recorded underneath.

Incredible for digestion


Purple cabbage is low in calories and high in dietary fiber, in this manner, it viably helps in the digestion interaction. Eating cooked cabbage can forestall stomach afflictions like indigestion and blockage. Additionally, dietary filaments guarantee that you stay satisfied for a more extended time frame by hindering the digestion interaction. This aids in forestalling food cravings and food longings, helping in weight reduction.

Keeps up blood pressure

Blood pressure control

Standard utilization of red cabbage can profit individuals having hypertension. Cabbage has more elevated levels of potassium, which is known to direct and keep up blood pressure in the heart. Subsequently, having this supplement thick vegetable can likewise forestall cardiovascular infections.

Useful for skin

Improve sk

This variation of cabbage is wealthy in cell reinforcements, and thusly, is extraordinary for your skin. Cell reinforcements help in keeping your skin young for quite a while and forestalls the presence of scarce differences and wrinkles. Additionally, purple cabbage is loaded up with the decency of nutrient C and we as a whole know how significant this nutrient is for keeping the skin gleaming and brilliant for quite a while.

Improves immunity


Purple cabbage has more nutrient C than orange and that is an explanation, specialists likewise prescribe having this vegetable day by day to remain infection-free. Nutrient C, nutrient An and cancer prevention agents present in cabbage improve and fortify your insusceptible framework. It helps in flushing out poisons from the body and accordingly improves your digestion. Nutrient An aides in improving your visual perception also.

Fortifies bone and muscle

Stronger Bones

Eating crude cabbage can help in reinforcing your bones, and forestalling joint agony and irritation. It contains nutrient K, potassium and different minerals that assistance in improving the working of bones and muscles.

Here are some tips and instructions to remember before you start having purple cabbage for your eating routine

Sauteed purple cabbage

Sauteed purple cabbage

You can Sautee this red cabbage with some flavoring and some vinegar to eat it’s anything but a side dish with your barbecued or prepared food varieties. You can likewise add some olive oil and garlic for added taste.


No-cook salad

You can likewise devour this vegetable crude in a salad structure, all you need is some essential ingredients and your no-cook salad will be prepared in a matter of seconds. Take shredded cabbage leaves, a portion of your number one vegetables like broccoli, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, or whatever else you like and season it with pepper and salt, add some olive oil and apple juice vinegar. Give it a decent throw before serving.

Cook it with some other vegetable in a curry structure

You can utilize a similar method as the green cabbage to cook the red one moreover. Albeit, this specific cabbage best goes with Chinese and Thai culinary, take a stab at adding purple cabbage in your Manchurians and red curries to improve their taste.

Anticancer Potential

Fight cancer

Perhaps the main elements of red cabbage are its likely part in disease avoidance. Dr. Jagdish Singh, et al., distributed a report in the Scientia Horticulture Journal, which expresses that the significant degrees of cell reinforcements including anthocyanins and indoles, in red cabbage, make it critical as a safeguard measure. This is really where the purple shading comes from, as a portion of these phytochemicals normally shows in this tone. The rich shading is confirmation of exactly how amazing these vegetables are for your general well-being. As per the National Cancer Institute, the indoles in cruciferous vegetables, for example, red cabbage has been associated with reducing bosom malignant growth in ladies. More examination is required; however, these underlying discoveries are promising. [4]

Weight reduction

Weight loss

Red cabbage is extremely low in calories, yet high in dietary fiber (and, as referenced, has an abundance of significant nutrients and minerals). Essentially, this implies that it gives you all the more value for your money, as far as weight reduction, leaving you feeling full and dealing with your dietary requirements. This can be an incredible expansion to your day-by-day diet if you are attempting to get more fit, keep an eating routine, or decline your admission of calories.

Acts as an anti-aging cure

There are various viewpoints in red cabbage that make it ideal for keeping you looking youthful. Cell reinforcements, for one, accomplish something other than shielding you from the effect of free revolutionaries; they additionally help reduce the indications of maturing that can happen because of free extremists. Cancer prevention agents can help keep your skin new, close, and adaptable, home remedies to reduce wrinkles and age spots. The undeniable degrees of nutrient A (examined later) are useful for skin wellbeing, regrowth of skin cells, insurance from sun harm, and the flexibility of the skin. [8]

Eye Care

Improved Eye Health

The undeniable degrees of nutrient an are not just useful for your skin, yet additionally for your eyes. Nutrient An aides keep the visual perception solid and forestall macular degeneration and waterfall development. It can likewise be changed over into beta-carotene, which is vital for keeping up eye wellbeing as you age.

Helps in quick to Healing

Red cabbage contains a lot of amino corrosive glutamine. This particular amino corrosive is associated with reducing the aggravation and agony related to ulcers in the gastrointestinal framework. Red cabbage juice is believed to be the best solution for this condition and has been utilized as a home solution for seemingly forever.

Helps protect against Alzheimer’s disease

A 2018 exploration study distributed in the European Journal of Medicinal Plants demonstrates that red cabbage showed proof of cell reinforcement and anticholinesterase properties. This could help forestall or moderate the adverse consequences of Alzheimer’s illness. Further examinations are expected to check the maximum capacity of red cabbage, in any case, these underlying outcomes are promising.

Builds Bone Mineral Density

The high groupings of certain fundamental minerals make red cabbage superb veggies for solid bone development and advancement. Like different vegetables in the Brassicaceae family, this cabbage is plentiful in calcium, magnesium, manganese, and other significant minerals that add to bone development and mineral thickness that secures against osteoporosis, joint pain, and different sorts of aggravation.


As you can see, red cabbage, a vegetable which we don’t know much about has benefits that can challenge any medical treatment. Yes, we understand that medicines and treatments are for quick relief, but these vegetables can also do wonders if you take them in the right manner. Since an overdose of cabbage won’t ever cause any problem, you cannot worry about their intake. The ideal choice of lifestyle should include intake of such vegetables on daily basis.

It is said that when you consume vegetables having green coloration or green leaves, you won’t ever feel sick. Your immunity will stay up to the mark, there will be no shortage of iron in your body and your weight will also stay the right way. Also, you can have good skin and a very healthy body if you keep your diet on red cabbage.

When you are having a bad time in your life and facing issues without any problems, it might be a good way to go for veggies such as cabbage, spinach, celery, etc. Our blog section contains an ample amount of information on many known and unknown vegetables that have countless health properties. If you stay on the right path and regularly have these, you won’t have to complain about your lifestyle.

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