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Healthy bones

Women have a lot to take care of, her family, her hectic professional life and also the nuances of her personal life. Bewildered among these, they tend to take the foot off the paddle as far as their health is concerned. Therefore, it is quite intriguing to know that what women must include in diet after 30 to lead a healthy lifestyle and also maintain healthy bones.

Why is it necessary to check on health?

As they enter their 30’s. Women tend to require much more healthy components embedded in their diet to maintain a fit and healthy body. The hormones start fluctuating, and the recovery of the young and fit body also tends to change. Thus, it becomes quite essential to consume rich-healthy food to overcome the physical frailties which a woman can experience if she does not consume the right amount of certain components of a healthy diet. The immunity also starts to gradually decrease as women enter the age of thirty. Therefore, it is quite vital to know that what women must include in diet after 30 to maintain and sustain healthy bones. Your body doesn’t need a specific nutrient to maintain the proper function of the whole body.

What nutrients are essential for healthy bones?

A proper balance of the whole structure of nutrients is crucial to give you the desired results. Calcium, Protein, magnesium, Vitamin D, Unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates are the key components that women must include in diet after 30. The composition of all these proteins would assist you in working efficiently and also drastically lower the stress and the fatigue experienced by the body after the hectic schedule of work. You will experience a more enthusiastic and rejuvenated soul within yourself. Healthy bones can lead you to have better immunity. If certain bone-healthy foods are not consumed then it may lead to ‘osteoporoses or bone weakness in women, which can lead to lethal consequences in the older ages.

Nutrients which women must include in diet after 30



It is the most essential nutrient for providing strength and efficiency to the bones in women. Milk, eggs, tofu, spinach, cabbage, and direct sunlight are the most important sources of calcium. Thus, a proper intake of these elements would be crucial in improving the depleted condition of your bones. Daily consummation of 1000 mg/day is recommended by USDA for females aged between 19 and 50. 200 mg is increased for older women. Calcium is the most vital nutrient for healthy bones.



It is essential for the proper absorption of calcium into the bones, which makes it equally important to consume daily. Avocado, Dark chocolates, legumes, and tofu are the most magnesium-rich foods you can avail from any grocery store near you. A daily intake of 320mg of magnesium is recommended per day.



Proteins are the muscle-building blokes of the body and also vital nutrients for healthy bones. Proteins are essential to process the recovery of the muscles from a workout or any other physical activity. Whey protein and casein are two major components of protein. And if someone is looking for a vegan protein solution- Pea protein isolates and soy protein can be vital for their use. An average must consume 1 gram per body weight in kg. Thus, it is extracted through a survey that the majority of the people do not consume the amount of protein recommended. Chicken, turkey, Red meat, eggs, salmon are the major sources of proteins for the Non-vegetarians. Vegans can consume quinoa, lentils, tofu, and milk for the consumption of an adequate amount of proteins required per day. Proteins are the nutrients that women must include in diet after 30.

Healthy fat

Healthy fats

Fats are also quite vital to provide a balance to the complex set of nutrients required for a healthier body. A blend of saturated and unsaturated fats must be embedded in your diet chart to reap decent benefits. Saturated fats overconsumption may cause a high risk of cholesterol and heart issues, which can be fatal for the patients. Thus unsaturated fats are recommended for such people who include omega-three fatty acids and omega-six fatty acids. Mainly from avocados, nuts, fish oil, soya bean oil, and Brazil nuts. Unsaturated fats are the essentials which women must include in diet after 30especially for the ones with the risk of heart ailments.

Vitamin-D rich sources


Vitamin D is the key component that metabolizes the essential traits of calcium in the bones. Direct sunlight, meat, eggs, and milk are good sources of Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight for at least 30 minutes is key to healthy bones in the human body.


Some of the activities which women can do for healthy bones

physical activity

  1. Running- Running is the most simple yet effective workout and to maintain a healthy equilibrium of your body; it is one of the most intense exercises. Try to complete a set of various running programs like sprints, jogging, long-distance to strengthen bone density. One must also consume an appropriate diet after an intense session.
  2. Weight training- This would enable you to target the specific set of bones you are emphasizing. Squats would target the quads, and upper weight exercises would also provide stronger bone health. One can also initiate some more physical activities like Karate and taekwondo. Many women take part to maintain healthy bones in the body.
  3. Cycling- Cycling is a compound exercising that targets a set of areas in your body. This practice improves the lower body and oblique’s. Rigorous cycling sessions stress the quads and bone strength in legs, which makes it quite essential to do cycling daily.
  4. Outdoor games- Women play games like badminton, Lawn tennis and basketball to improve fitness. These games include brisk movements and arduous training, which tests the physical fitness of the individual and a gradual increase in the strength of the bones, can be experienced. Adequate routines would provide you with healthy bones.

Post-workout protein supplements are necessary for a quick recovery. As normal foods only can’t provide you with the abundance of proteins required by the muscles for recovery. You can also use BCAA’s for effective results. Also, it is quite essential to choose supplements according to your metabolism. A certified nutritionist would help you to take an adequate amount of supplements.

Some of the activities which women must avoid for healthy bones are:

  1. Avoid smoking and drinking- Smoking and drinking have an adverse effect on healthy bonesAs they target the bone density and makes them thinner. This affects the rigidity of bones. The women who are looking to give birth to a child must say a strict no such habits as it might yield bad consequences later. Such habits cause neurological imbalances in infants.
  2. Junk food- Avoid the consumption of oily and terrible junk food which causes land a serious blow to your healthy bones goals. These foods tend to make you gain unhealthy weight. And a heavier body would stress the bones in an adverse way and cause you troubles.
  3. Excessive sleeping- Sleeping is essential for maintaining a proper metabolic rate. Thus, reckless sleeping would take a toll on the abrupt fluctuating of the hormone. This would cause the bones to malfunction as well.
  4. Avoid caffeine- Too much caffeine can cause the abrupt fluctuation of hormones in pregnant women. And one should avoid the use of it to reap benefits in the future.

Some of the additional elements which women must include in diet after 30

  1. Folate or vitamin B9- Folate is incredibly efficient in making you immune to the headaches and pain during the menstrual cycle and also enables a better neurological balance to the child in the womb. This depletes the quality of hair and nails. Folate also makes you equipped against depression and anxiety. Some of the folate-rich foods are beef liver, broccoli and chicken breasts.
  2. Iron- Lack of iron can cause a lack of hemoglobin. This causes blood clotting and impurities. Especially during menstruation, the huge amount of blood is extracted out of the body which enables the woman to have more iron-rich foods like red meat and spinach. Lack of which cause serious concerns can like anemia.

All the essential nutrients and components should be blended according to your body types, and thus it solves the puzzle what women must include in diet after 30 quite precisely.


Women in their 30’s have lots of things to worry about, but the most important thing for a woman to worry about is her health. Thus, the above-mentioned diet plans and measures need to appropriately follow with the stern discipline to cherish the benefits of an ideal and healthy body. The proper intake of foods and avoiding malicious ones would reap benefits for future health concerns. And also avoiding bad habits would be crucial in a stress-free life.

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