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The accelerated rise of H1N1 patients, with an obvious mortality rate. The new 2019 study suggested that; the current H1N1 is more pandemic than 2009 H1N1 form.

Swine flu


The Cell Host & Microbe Journal revealed that; Scientists at (MTI) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

tested the 2 current swine flu strains and found that; The 2019 H1N1 has a gene mutation on D225 amino acid. Which increase its powerfulness. Also, another gene mutation in T200A amino acid. And this one makes the virus more infectiousEmerging a new virus more resistant to current H1N1 vaccines.


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You need to know more to deal perfectly with the current situation

Recently swine flu is considered seasonal flu, whenever the weather gets cold H1N1 cases got reported all over the cities. In Gurmeet Kaur, 1 death every 3 days on Jan 2019 was reported. In addition to 17 cases in Uttar Pradesh. Besides Jammu and Kashmir that have countless cases from September 2018 till now.

Dr. Farooq Jan in Kashmir the medical superintended revealed that” there are 7 deaths since September 2019 due to the cold weather all over the valley “. He also added, “there are 120 patients have tested positive was 39 needed hospital care till 17 Jan 2019”.

Please, someone must tell us what Is going on?

Swine Flu Death

Dr. Gagandeep Singh Grover in Punjab said explained” the health department treated 466 persons and was in direct contact with those who had the virus. In order to contain the situation, the first aid team was sent for all patients to treat them at their homes. And treatment is for free in all hospitals”.

What is that swine flu that causes all these deaths?

About swine flu

This virus originates from influenza pandemic (also known as the Spanish Flu) the flue that killed nearly Third of the World’s Population in 1918-1919.

Swine Flu

researchers found that H1N1 infect the respiratory tract of pigs. However, they survive it.  The actual problem is when humans get in touch with infected pigs. When it targets human, it causes mortality when mismanaged or diagnosed lately. Once it entered your body, it can transfer from one person to another.

Then what makes the difference between swine Flu in the 19s and swine flu in the 20s?

Usually, viruses tend to modify themselves. Thus, when different influenza viruses infect pigs, it changes itself emerging mix Of new virusesAt the meantime, we have 4 main influenza type A with subtype: H1N1, H1N2, H3N2, and H3N1.

since 2017, the H3N2 subtype has become the dominant strain. Now, the (WHO) which is the World Health Organization said that; it needs a huge number of viruses. so that it can come out with a new vaccine.

Then, what are the causes of swine?

Causes of swine flu

Causes of Swine Flu

People usually catch swine flu directly when they get in contact with infected pigs, and those are considered with the well-functioning immune system. Or indirectly, when they get in touch with an infected person; considered with weak immunity. Also, it might need neitherDo not underestimate the virus capabilities. It can be on the surfaces, in the air through a cough, or even in sneezing droplets.

So, you need to be aware of the symptoms.

Symptoms of swine flu

Symptoms of Swine Flu

Unfortunately, what can make it misdiagnosed or late-diagnosed is its symptoms. Because it is more like regular flu.

You may have chills, fever, coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose. Sometimes the situation may get worse and causes body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Sure, it might be a regular flue. Why don’t you check anyways for your safety?  Mayo clinic revealed that swine flu symptoms may also be accompanied by other complications:


  1. Difficulty breathing and elevated heart rate.
  2. inflamed lung diagnosed as pneumonia
  3. confusion or seizures

Thus, if you faced some of those symptoms, you will need to get

Diagnosis of swine flu

Dr. Nissar ul Hassan president of Drs in Kashmir stated that. “there are many other cases and deaths that are not reported” he added “the reason why the patients die is either they do not well-diagnosed or it is unusual for them to carry the virus”

That is why diagnoses are very important. You can be diagnosed easily using the “rapid influenza diagnostic test”. However, this test is not accurate it might show a false negative.

Is there an accurate test?Diagnosis of Swine Flu

Yes, laboratory and genetic techniques test are trusted and accurate. It will not only show whether you are positive or negative but also it will show you the type of swine flu. what that the doctor needs to test for the swine flu is: a swap from your nose or throat fluid. And if you get diagnosed positive… you need to follow the coming

Treatment of Swine Flu

Dr. Nissar ul Hassan stated that “a huge meta-analysis with 78 studies including 38 countries and involving up to 29,000 patients suggested that; early treatment with anti-viral medications reduces the mortality risk by 60%”.

If you have a well-functioning immune system, you might not need to see your doctor. Most probably, the symptoms will be relieved without any aid.

All that you need to do is:

  1. To Rest as much as you can, so that your immunity got strengthen to fight the virus.Infection prevention
  2. Keep Drinking much fluid to avoid dehydration. And to kill the virus. It is known that; the virus cannot live in a hydrated zone.
  3. In case you need to relieve the pain, you can take pain relievers
  4. It is better to avoid contact with other people, to prevent its spreading.
  5. Only if you are immuno-compromised you can take anti-viral pills such as amantadine and rimantadine which are considered the main treatment. And, oseltamivir and zanamivir which inhibits influenza neuraminidase protein also works

Why Antiviral pills are not so recommended?

Because the virus tends to use its defense mechanism. It develops antibodies; saving its life from permeant termination. Thus, antiviral medication is prescribed to immuno-compromised patients or those who are prone to develop H1N1 complications.

Is there a way to prevent swine flu infection? Yes, to an extent:

Prevention From Swine Flu

  1. Consider Annual Vaccination to assure your safety with a high percentage.prevention
  2. Maintain your personal hygiene and use sanitizers frequently.
  3. Do not trust your hands, they might be contaminated. so, try not to touch your nose, eye or eat before washing your hands.
  4. Avoid crowdedness in closed areas.
  5. Please do not eat outdoor. Well-cooked home-made food is much safer now.
  6. Follow all any public health recommendations like those announced from the CDC, WHO, National Institutes of Health.

I am sure, if you follow these tips, you will obviate this situation safely.

Take care and stay safe

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