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The cayenne pepper is a type of capsicum that finds usage in various culinary all around the world. It falls in the category of chili pepper but is less hot in comparison. Various people use it to flavor dishes and they also are a group of tapering. The size of each pepper can range from 10 to 25 cm long. They are quite skinny and colored red hot. They have a curved tip a rippled skin. They hang from the bush instead of growing upright. Various verities are being cultivated all across the world. But this cayenne pepper has found great use in treating back pain. But before going to that, let us know a bit more about our topic today.


The fruits of the cayenne pepper are usable in dry form. They Aare also formed a powder and the spice is a nice one for imparting flavors or even as a seasoning. The cayenne powder in many parts of the world is a blend of various ingredients and blends of peppers. They may or may not include seeds. Very spicy dishes become more mouthwatering with the inclusion of these peppers. Many chefs also use it as a whole form. It is also very popular as a fine herbal supplement because of its medicinal properties, which we shall be discussing later in this blog.


It is funny to realize that we know name so many spices in our kitchen but we do not know their origin or history of naming. We will tell you about cayenne pepper. The particular word ‘cayenne’ is a corrupt word coming from kynnha. This simply means capsicum. The word is from the ancient Old Tupi Language which Brazilian people used to speak. Some scientists also related the Cayenne town of French Guiana to be behind this name. The theories are many and we can trust them as per our own liking. Some also believe that the pepper word came from Nicholas Culpeper who also named the Cayenne River in 1777.

Relation to other vegetables

Yes, cayenne pepper is a type of vegetable. It is a type of capsicum to be precise. It belongs to the family where bell peppers, jalapenos and pimientos found their linkage. The Capsicum is a genus belonging to the nightshade family. Many taxonomy specialists consider cayenne to be belonging to the frutescent variety. However, frutescent peppers have a fruit that grows upright on the bush.


Cayenne pepper is used in many daily problems of our lives such as weight loss, digestive problems, colds and flu, etc. it is a natural herb and may even help us remain fit through the year. The pepper may also help control our appetite. It Guide to boosting your metabolism and can assist in the accumulation of better calories. But its most recent and interesting use has been in back pain relief. Let us know about this in detail.

Remedies for back pain relief

Cayenne pepper

Before knowing how to use this pepper, it is important to know why we should use it. The herb has a natural ingredient called capsaicin. This is a chemical that is responsible for giving them the space they have. When it enters our body, capsaicin affects neurotransmitters. To be specific it prevents them from making the pain signals reach our brain. This reduces the perception of the pain and related feeling. This is done in a natural way and without any side effects. Hence, the process is safe. Cayenne pepper is most popular for back pain in the form of plasters n creams. You may also use a cayenne salve to get relief instantaneously.

It might feel very astonishing to know that the uses of capsaicin for back pain relief are recently discovered.  The authors of the studies on the pepper believe that the pain-relieving capabilities might be long-term. In scientific words, pepper help reduces pain by reducing the amount of substance P – a. This is the chemical that is carrying pain messages towards the brain.

Studies suggest that salves and ointments having 0.0125% of purified capsaicin can help reduce pain. Such products can also help reduce tenderness. This is highly beneficial for osteoarthritis. Applying the products three times a day may help in the reduction of joint pain and related issues.

Using capsicum plasters for back pain relief

capsicum plasters for back pain

A capsicum plaster is a type of patch that contains the element capsaicin. These are usually made industrially and can be purchased as over-the-counter medicines. Many pharmacies have varieties of capsicum plasters in stock. These are a type of plaster but usually have large surface areas. They have one adhesive side. You should simply apply them to the part of the back where you feel maximum pain sensation. The plasters are usually available in the pack of three in the market. Usually, plasters show effect in few minutes of application. Keep in mind that you need to put them in patches and not cover all of the skin. The capsaicin spread quickly topically and hence only a few patches should be applied.

Take note that every plaster has certain precautions written over the label. Always read them carefully prior to using the products. You should never apply patches on infants or new burns. Do not use them in pregnant women. Never use them on open wounds or allergies. Always avoid contact with sensitive areas of the body such as eyes or years. If you witness a mild burning sensation, it is normal. This also means that the ingredients are working. But if you get too much burning, then you should remove the patch instantly and apply cold is after washing the area with soap. Always seek medical advice if you experience any sort of allergic reaction to the capsicum plasters.

Prepare your cayenne pepper salve for back pain relief

If you can create a salve out of cayenne pepper, you can say goodbye to various types of pains. The salve can be used topically on almost every part of your body where you feel pain. They can be used in headaches, backaches, diabetic neuropathy, shingles, leg pain, neck pain, and arthritis. The salve is also helpful in Menstrual Cramping


Start preparing the salve by gathering the required ingredients. You should have half a cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoons or 15 grams of cayenne powder and a half-ounce of fresh beeswax. These things are easily available in everyone’s kitchen. Hence you need not worry about going to market.

Start the process by mixing all amounts of cayenne with olive oil. You can use a double boiler or pain. Keep the mixture on low heat and keep stirring until they form a uniform solution. Keep heating the oil and cayenne until they are warm. Let the mixture cool down for half an hour.  After this, place them on heat again and repeat the process for around 2 hours. You can also prolong the process to get better results. The main motive is to let the cayenne powder strain well into the olive oil. Since they both have a different consistency, strict and repetitive heating is required to let the ingredients mix nicely. Now you should strain the mixture using a cloth. Using cheesecloth is a better option here. Reserve the extra oil and the mixture paste is the thing you want to use.

Start heating the beeswax until it forms a smooth paste. Now add in the infused oil and make them melt together and mix. The infused oil can be used from the previous straining step. Put the mixed oil solution immediately in jars or tins. Cap tightly and preserve for future use.

Using the salve

The salve you just prepared is your own natural remedy for back pain. It can be used on several aches and pains. You can make use of it in sore muscles, joint pains and even in nerve pain. You may also apply them to bruises in times of emergency. Closed wounds are best healed using this salve.

Use the salve in the form of a lotion or oil. Hold it in your palm and spread it softly around the area. Massage for few minutes and let your skin absorb the salve nicely. You may feel a bit of a burning sensation and that is normal. Keep note that eth salve should be used within 6 months only as it does not have any preservatives in it. In some cases, the pain-relieving effect might be slow. You need to keep using it to relieve that chronic back pain slowly. After few weeks, the effects will be visible and it will be permanent.

Always take care not to use the salve on the eyes or any other sensitive part of the body. The best way is to use gloves and apply them on the back at night before you go to sleep.

Capsaicin cream

Capsaicin cream

This is another home back pain relief remedy using cayenne pepper. The method of preparation is the same. But here you only need coconut oil that gives the solution its creamy consistency. Capsaicin cream is a mainstream skin pain reliever that can be purchased over-the-counter or made at home. It is considered compelling in any event, for profound joints, for example, the back, hips, and shoulders.

Medical experts accept that when applied to the skin, capsaicin cream:

It provides a warm impression that diverts from pain. It interferes with pain signs to the brain by reducing the level of a synthetic synapse (Substance P) that binds with pain receptors. One little investigation found that almost 80% of subjects experienced joint inflammation pain alleviation in the wake of using capsaicin cream for 2 weeks.

There are numerous remedies for hand-crafted capsaicin cream accessible. Practically all plans include cayenne powder, which is produced using cayenne peppers, and oils, like olive oil as well as coconut oil. A few methods additionally call for beeswax and a twofold evaporator to soften it. While making the cream, it is very important to keep yourself safe. You should always wear gloves to forestall unintentionally spreading the cream to the skin and eyes.

Storing handcrafted capsaicin cream

The oils in a handcrafted capsaicin cream become disoriented soon. The time it takes for the oil to go useless differs generally depending on the kind and age of the oil. It also depends on the sort of capacity container utilized, capacity temperature, and openness to light. As a rule, storing cream in a glass container kept in mild, refrigerated conditions is ideal.

Capsaicin cream can be utilized something like 4 times each day. First-time users of the cream—regardless of whether they are using homemade or over-the-counter items—might need to test capsaicin on a little part of the skin first. Different guidelines for application are beneath. Apply the cream straight to the skin over the painful region. Utilize just as much cream as can be consumed by the skin.

Once applied to the skin, the cream will create a warm or burning uproar. This sensation decreases following a couple of long stretches of utilization and may disappear by and large with longer-term use. Use gloves or wash hands all together in the wake of applying capsaicin.

If the hands are the part on which you are applying the cream, stay away from hand contact with the eyes and mouth. Avoiding touching the eyes and mouth for an all-encompassing timeframe can be a test, so a few clients propose washing treated hands 30 minutes after application. Quit using the cream if the skin gets aggravated, red, swollen, or bothersome. Likewise, know that these results can be irritated by a hot, sticky climate, bathing in warm water, or sweating.


So these were few informative remedies on how you can use a simple and common spice to get big benefits for pack pain. Since back pain is very common nowadays, people often seek various remedies to treat it. And having one that can be done easily at home is like a blessing. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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