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Lips are one of the most important parts of our body and face. When we talk to someone, we often read the lips to understand things in a better manner. Also, beautiful lips are one of the most important factors in determining the beauty of a person. Since ancient ages, people having beautiful lips were in the category of good-looking people. But now times have changed and people are no more beautiful just because of looks, lips in this case. But this doesn’t mean that you stop caring about your body parts.

Sensitive parts such as lips need proper care. Many people overlook the care for their lips. This happens when they are not aware of their personality and do not want to develop it. Certain people, especially women, suffer from chapped and dry lips issues.

Lip problems in ladies

When it comes to ladies, the lips play a certain role. They apply gloss, liners, balms and lip colors to look beautiful. While this does help in elevating their beauty, it also makes their lips dry and hard. Many cosmetic products pose a bad impact on our lips. Many balms and manufacturers cause lips to become cracked and even lose their color.

Why do lips care matters?

lips care matters

Lip care matters not just because it’s for aesthetics but because it’s an important part of our body. We hardly get any issues on our lips and hence, we forget to care for it. Our lips often suffer from dryness for long hours during winters; we often face cracked lips during summers. Hence, it becomes important to care for them even if no one is looking at you or no one is guiding you. Good lips are a sign of a healthy body.

Also, the skin of our lips is very thin as compared to the rest of our bodies. This also means that the lips are highly delicate. The thin skin also results in the darkness of the skin on our lips. Our skin of the face has 15 to 16 layers while the lips only have 3 to 5 layers. This makes our blood vessels more apparent, imparting the lips their pink-red color.

Let us go deeper into the topic and know the different ways through which you can keep your lips moist and soft:

Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated

Being hydrated is one of the most common reasons for having dry lips. Lack of hydration can be due to weather, daily life schedule, or any other problem. No matter what the case is, you should always stay hydrated to keep your lips moist and soft. You can do this by taking at least 10 to 15 glasses of water on a daily basis. You can further increase the intake of water by taking water-rich fruits and food. You can snack on citrus fruits such as watermelon, cucumber diet, golden gooseberry, tomatoes, etc. Also, make sure that you take an adequate amount of water when doing physical exercises or any other work.

Using good lip products

As a woman or even a man, you can’t avoid using lip balms on daily basis. While women go to that extreme level to apply various lip products, men do it with balms and jellies nowadays. The idea here is to use no irritating products. Be it lipstick or lip balm, you should always use good quality products for your lips. Many people think that when their lips burn or tingle after using a product, the product is working. This is not true. The burning, stinging, or irritating sensation in lips is due to bad quality ingredients in the lip balm. In this case, you need to stop using those products that are not suitable for your lips.

Here is a list of few ingredients that you should avoid at all cost to avoid lips from being moist:

  • Fragrance ingredients
  • Lanolin
  • Eucalyptus
  • Flavors such as cinnamon, citrus, strawberry, peppermint, etc.
  • Camphor
  • Salicylic acid
  • Alcohol
  • Phenyl
  • Oxybenzone
  • Menthol


When you purchase a product, you can easily check the ingredients and make sure that these are not in the product. One good way to go about the issue is to simply ask a doctor to suggest you well medicated lip balms that are safe for your lips.

The above ingredients might be a villain for your lips. But some essential ones act as a blessing. Such products can help soothe cracked, dry, or irritated lips. They can even heal your lips when you have such issues. These include

  • Shea butter
  • Dimethicone
  • Mineral oil
  • Petroleum
  • Ceramides
  • Castor seed oil
  • Zinc oxide
  • Titanium oxide
  • Hemp seed oil

You can check these in the products you buy such as lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms.

Avoid lip licking and biting

Avoid lip licking and biting

When you have dry lips, it is natural to feel the urge to lick your lips again and again. Some people might even feel it good to bite the lips. This, however, can elevate the issue. When you lick your lips, the saliva evaporates more quickly from the skin and it causes more dryness. This worsens the situation and makes things difficult. Hence, you should avoid doing this. One good way to come out of this situation is to use a good brand lip balm having no coloration or flavors. This will help soothe your lips.

Maintaining lip hygiene

Maintaining lip hygiene


Just like we take care of our skin, face and body, we should be taking care of our lips as well. You should not ignore lip hygiene. This is important as daily we eat many food items that have different ingredients and flavors in them. All of those pass through our lips. Be it a sweet, a candy, a spicy sauce, or some carbonated drink, our lips face the heat. Yes, it’s a fact that our saliva cleans our lips and can keep them moist. But it doesn’t mean that we should leave hygiene to the natural body mechanism. You need to clean and keep your lips in good health all the way through. Here are some tips to keep the lips hygiene intact

  • Keep your lips clean after eating anything. You can do this by washing your lips with water or by simply drinking a plain glass of water.
  • Do not let anything sticky or any food residue be left on your lips. The residue will evaporate on its own, giving us a feeling that our lips are clean. This however creates more problems as it dries out our lips. This also disturbs the texture of our lips.
  • Wash your lips whenever you wash your face. This is important as our lips also need a good bath in a day. Also, never avoid washing your lips when you are bathing.
  • Try lip scrub. Daily, rub the toothbrush slightly on your lips. This helps remove all the dead skin while defoliating your lips. You can do this at night or in the morning. You can also use professional lip scrub of good quality
  • Never sleep with any cosmetic lip product that has flavors or colors in it. Always remove all your lipsticks and lip glosses before going to bed. A good way is to make a routine of cleansing your lips before you go to bed.
  • Try good natural ingredients that can help clean your lips. You can go for rose petals or fruits like cucumber.
  • Wash your lips whenever you feel they have been subjected to any smoke, pollution, or dust particles.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are some of the most common habits engulfing the world for nothing good. Many people have the habit of drinking daily. This is not only injurious to our liver but bad for our lips as well. The reason why alcohol is not good is that it contains acidic flavors. Alcohol can stop the flow of blood in the visible vessels of our lips. This can make them lose their consistency. They also might lose their ability to stay hydrated. One should only consume alcohol within limits. It’s better to clean off your lips after you have had a glass to stay safe.

Similar to alcohol, smoking also threatens the beauty and health of our lips. It is no wonder that people who smoke regularly have dark-shaded lips. This happens as when we smoke the burning particles that are so harmful, deposit on our lips. This is evident as we smoke from our lips only. Hence, the particles remain around our faces. They stick to our lips due to saliva. This causes a serious issue of blackening of lips, not to mention a lack of hydration. Smoking itself consists of various harmful pollutants such as nicotinamide, caffeine, etc. The situation gets worse when you are a chain smoker. The lip movements that help us inhale the smoking substance make our lips subject to burning pollutants.

If you don’t believe this fact, you can check the nozzle of a Hookah. The wooden mouth of the object becomes black after several uses. The same happens to our lips and hence, worsens their condition.

Home remedies

Besides avoiding bad habits, some miraculous home remedies can help you get rid of lip dryness. Let’s view these in detail



The fruit is a miraculous one when it comes to water content. These are taken by many to stay hydrated. Cucumber is one of the wiser treatments for chapped lips, especially during summers. The vegetables have a natural agent that helps lightens and moisten our lips. It even helps remove dark patches from our skin. To use it, you may rub a slice of cucumber on your lips. Keep the slice on the lips for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash off with plain water. It will not only provide moisture but will also offer a cooling effect to the lips. The lips will become supple, soft and moist in a month using the procedure.

Honey and Vaseline

Honey and Vaseline

Honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent. It is also a good healing agent, used for much medicinal purposes.

Petroleum jelly which is readily available in the market is good for nourishing and softening our lips. When these both are mixed, you can get a good combination to get rid of dry lips. Start by applying honey on your lips and then using a coat of petroleum jelly on top. Keep the pack for around 15 minutes on your lips. Wash off with cool water. You may use a wet cloth to remove the honey. You will experience supple and moist lips in a month.

Olive oil

Olive oil

Natural oil is one of the most important cosmetic ingredients used today. Due to its high amount of nutrition, it is used in creams, shampoos, lotions and even hair products. To help with dry lips, simply apply a coat of a little bit of olive oil twice a day. It acts as a natural moisturizer and shall keep your lips moist all day long.

Rose petals

Rose Petals

Rose petals are not just good to eyes, but to our lips as well. The reason they help is that they have brilliant skin-lightening properties. They also help provide the natural red color to our lips, making them look healthy and gorgeous. Fresh rose petals have an ample amount of moisture in them. Using them for your lips gives our lips extra moisture. They also help retain the natural colors of our lips.

To apply, take a container and fill in raw milk. Add few grams of rose petals and keep the mixture aside for few hours. Mix the solution well and make a paste out of it. Apply on the lips for 20minutes and then wash it with cold water. This will keep your lips soft and red without any side effects.


We hope the above remedies and tips will help you out in getting rid of chapped or dry lips. Concluding, we are summarizing this blog and telling you a few precise dos and don’ts to avoid dry lips.

  • Never lick your lips too much as it causes them to lose their natural layering making them ore dry
  • Always avoid lips from getting dark, dry and patchy. Keep a good eye on the healthy, color and texture of your lips
  • Apply specific lip sun protection balm before you head out in the sun
  • A good way to good lips is having a vitamin-rich diet. You should look for fruits such as tomatoes, cucumber, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, green vegetables, juices, etc.
  • Always keep your body hydrated during the day. Try having 5 more glasses of water daily than the usual ones. Make sure that your urine is crystal clear as an indication that your skin does not lack moisture from within.
  • Avoid the urge to peel off the lips. This can cause severe wounds and weird lip redness which doesn’t look good.
  • Dry lips have dry skin on your normal lips. You can carefully defoliate this layer using a good scrubbing technique with a soft toothbrush and stay healthy during a big move.

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