suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thought is generally associated with mood disorders, depression, or any such other event which causes a person to go into suicidal ideation. People think that killing themselves will get them relief from every pain in their life. A common assumption amongst people who are normal is that a person who attempts suicide is sane, their decisions are rational and they are at risk and benefits for pulling the trigger. Simply saying that anyone seriously considering suicide has already stepped out of his ordinary reality. They perceive the world differently. we should learn how to help ourself and friend who is dealing with suicidal thoughts.

There are effective ways to communicate with the person rather than having arguments like what is wrong or right?  What is real? At that time a person needs to get into their reality and to understand it. And it’s like a terrifying task for most of us. We all know that fighting with our weaknesses and problems is courageous but on the other hand, killing yourself is not an alternative.

A person might feel overwhelmed with pain that he or she chooses suicide is the only way to release them from the burden they have been carrying. A person should know that there is help available to deal with your feelings. If you lose connection with your atmosphere you will die unknowingly. Your life is you versus the universe.

The problem here is your mental structure has become a mess. You can easily unless it.

Suicide, taking your own life is a tragic decision to a stressful situation. Suicidal thoughts are related to killing oneself with intention. It can also be described as a person who has killed himself already. It seems like there is no way to solve the problem. A person might feel trapped or hopeless about a situation trapped and preoccupied with a feeling of death, dying, or violence.

Simplifying dealing with suicidal thoughts

The root cause of this mental illness is anxiety and depression. Suicidal thoughts have many causes but depression is at its higher magnitude. Experience of a stressful life event, such as loss of loved ones, a breakup, or financial loss, or disease, personal problems. These can lead to psychiatric disorders, such as major depression, bipolar mood disorder, post-traumatic stress, violence including physical or sexual abuse.

Simplifying suicidal thoughts

Now it is like if you don’t treat your root cause, suicidal thoughts are likely to return again. People may also feel embarrassed to seek help or treatment. But getting the right treatment for depression or root cause will make you feel better about life and make you feel safe. Mental diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are more associated with mental depression.

It is very hard to talk about your feelings and make them understand, and your friends and family may not fully understand but make sure the people who care about you can understand and know what is going on and are always there when you need them. You can also get help from support groups or organizations, or from your place of worship, spiritual place or person may help you a lot in such situations. Meditation, exercise, and yoga can also help with such thoughts.

Dealing with suicidal depression

Remember suicidal thoughts are temporary. If you feel hopeless remember only one thing that treatment can help you. Don’t act impulsively in grief and anger. These can worsen the situation more. Take one step at a time.

Dealing with suicidal depression

We all have that potential for infinite growth. Then what limits us is our own thinking our own imagination. Then don’t let your emotion cripple you. You may think that negative thought is just a thought and nothing else. If you think that negative thought has no power it’s just a thought and if you think its reality then it destroys you. It is just a state of mental diarrhea. It is just happening unconsciously. People must understand that you only create that negative thought and then fight with it. You must be able to roll it out. We always spend so many times working on our external world, but no one can transform your life without working on your internal world. Make a positive shift in your consciousness, perceptions, and attitude.

Being optimistic help

You can really focus on negative and positive thoughts both, so switch your focus to which is really helpful and which can uplift your emotions and confidence in a positive manner. Instead of jumping on a conclusion take a pause for a while and ask yourself whether this situation will last forever? The answer is definitely no. You can realize that after some years when you look back you may laugh at that situation.

Go into activity which can add goodness in your life, like your favorite activities, holidays with your loved ones, worship place, or any kind of your favorite stuff which can instantly feel or make you happy. It’s a process that deals with your negative thoughts slowly but continuously.

The best part is self-compassion. It is the great art of treating yourself with understanding and greatness. It can load you with full confidence.

There are certain incidents in life that can become a very painful experience in life. So even if a person gets out of that situation and thinks out that painful experience a person might start developing negative thoughts. It is just a trigger that comes every time. But instead of forgetting that painful emotion or memory accept to sit and understand it. Don’t let control of your mind on you. You are the creator of your own world.

So, one needs to think that our brain is designed in such a way that it produces results. So, whatever you think may be negative or positive it will produce results. Hence, being practical helps a lot to get rid of negativity. Innocent and soft-hearted people are more likely to get into negative thoughts and then suicidal thoughts. The more you resist or fight with negativity the more you engage with them. So do not just judge that unwanted stuff simply accepts and starts ignoring them.

Don’t lead bad habits to conjure you

However, here are some various types of habits over bad habits to develop a healthy lifestyle. People with habits such as taking drugs, alcohol, smoking, watching unwanted sites such as porn worsen the situation. Those people have more chances of developing suicidal thoughts. Breaking bad habits is just starting with awareness. When you start taking a good diet and sound sleep, you may soon get out of every negative situation.

This is the only time when your brain and internal thought repair itself. Or else the person will be dependable on bad habits and cannot deal with stress and tension. Dealing in an effective manner can make the power of dealing with life problems and coming out of those in a lesser amount of time.


Here are some life-changing healthy habits over bad habits

  • Limit your smoking and drinking habit, instead of suddenly quitting.
  • Start taking chewable nicotine gums which is really helpful
  • Stop taking drugs with the help of many rehabilitation centers to overcome addiction.
  • Having unwanted folks around you who cheer you up for such bad habits may again sink you in that habit.
  • Get help from professionals who can understand your behavior patterns and habits.
  • Eat a healthy diet which is full of antioxidants, the more oxygen you intake the more your brain releases good chemicals which in turn make you feel happy.
  • Exercise regularly, meditation, yoga, sports, are effective ways to build your physical and mental health.
  • Try to understand what triggers your bad habits and behavior patterns.
  • Avoid junk food, late-night party, watching late-night TV or sites, avoid sleeping late night
  • A sound sleep is a must.
  • Take a break and go on a trip or holiday with your loved ones.

Taking control of emotions

Suicidal thoughts are totally an emotional phenomenon. It can only be avoided. If you start fighting with it will grab you more. You have to think it just like a movie you are watching accepting it and letting it go its just the only way to overcome. Overthinking may create a web that traps your whole internal world and start affecting your outer world or externally. Lack of patience, frustration, grief, and anger put a person into suicidal thoughts.

Taking control of emotions

There are effective ways to control your emotions. Listening to positive music and relaxing out on peaceful places would really help you generate a positive vibe and make your mood refresh which will help your mind think positively. Other activities like performing your own hobbies will also attract great ideas to overcome your bad mood. Social activities also help in better function of day to day life. Many people find it helpful to engage in aggressive exercises, such as kickboxing or martial arts, to discharge their feelings. Meditation and chanting is also an effective method to return into a tranquil state. A person must try to forgive and accept people as they are.

There are ups and downs, and although there are bad times, there are also great times. Though these things may be fun, they cause your sentiments to go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Ideally, you want to keep yourself grounded by keeping your emotions right in the middle. Surrounding yourself with people who were very emotionally unstable and had tons of drama in their lives.

There is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with these types of people, but like with everything else – moderation is important.

A good way to cope up with thoughts is to try a purposeful deep breathing technique for the most effective solution. To try this technique, first, place one hand on your chest and the other below your rib cage. Inhale slowly and deeply at some count. your lungs and abdomen will expand. Hold the breath for some seconds. Then slowly release the breath through your mouth.you will feel great relief.


Suicide is spreading among every age group and gender. This problem is common in western countries. Millions of lives are lost every year. Suicide is the leading cause of death between 15 to 24 year age groups. Twenty percent of all suicides are among this age group. Males are more likely to suicide than females. In the U.S., suicide was the tenth leading cause of death. The most situations or life events that might cause suicidal thoughts are grief, sexual abuse, financial problems, rejection, a relationship, and unemployment.

Family and friends may notice through a person’s speech or behavior that they are at any risk or not. They can help by talking to the person and by seeking support, from a doctor. Encouraging and supporting them through a friend, family member, or spiritual mentor. By staying around and removing all means of committing suicide, such as knives, sleeping pills, poison, etc. You can keep them safe.

Here are some fast facts about suicide ideation.

Suicidal thoughts mean thinking about or planning suicide. Thoughts can range from a detailed plan or an impulsive decision.  To feel trapped or hopeless, intolerable emotional pain, having mood swings, thinking about taking revenge, feeling guilty, or shame. Being into the highest state of anxiety, change into personality, routine, sleeping patterns, consuming drugs or more alcohol than, engaging in risky behavior, such as driving carelessly.

  • Getting their affairs in order and giving things away, getting hold of a gun, medications, or substances that could end a life, experiencing depress, panic attacks, impaired concentration, increased isolation.
  • Conditions that are linked to a higher risk of suicidal ideation include, anorexia nervosa, bipolar disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, dissociative identity disorder, gender identity disorder, panic disorder, schizophrenia.
  • According to the World Health Organization, one million people die by suicide, and 10 to 20 times more people attempt suicide each year around the world. Among these, schizophrenia, one of the most debilitating psychiatric disorders, is associated with increased risks of both deaths by suicide and committing homicide.
  • People with bipolar disorder are at great risk for suicide if they don’t get proper treatment. Men commit almost 75% of suicides, even though twice as many women attempt suicide. Bipolar disorder is also associated with blood groups AB+ or AB-. Its because when  A molecule becomes high, the oxygen-carrying capacity to the brain decreases. And thus it decreases the level of serotonin. So the person shows mood swings, bipolar behavior.
  • Also, some women in pregnancy may also feel depression, mood swings, increased anxiety, feel lonely and stressed, this is also a cause of suicides.
  • Methods that are used by a person to commit suicides are guns, jumping from a bridge or tower, hanging themselves with rope.
  • The person takes steps for death, like saying the last goodbye to everyone, giving away stuff. Some may write a suicide note. Also, the person starts avoiding close friends and family, loses interest in activities and social events, and becomes isolated from every social event. Children and teens, who are being been bullied are associated with committing suicide. There are gender, age, social and personal issues, and geographical risk factors for suicide, as well as family-based history, life stresses, and medical and mental health status.
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