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Before getting into detail, let’s imagine a scenario. You are invited to your wife’s friend’s birthday party and you are all prepared to go and rock the floor with your personality and positive energy. You arrive in style and then someone addresses you as the father of your wife. You might feel as if you have heard something wrong. But don’t try to ask again as it is true. You are looking older than your wife.

Let’s take another scenario, especially for women. You are going with your elder sister to a wedding. The cameraman gets attracted to your dressing style and wishes to click you, probably to make a gem of a wedding album. After clicking a few pics, he asks you to call your younger sister to click some sister-love shots. You might be bewildered as to how come you, the younger sister is accepted as the elder one so easily. Yes, you might look older than your sister.

The cases are many and instances are innumerable. People often face scenarios in which they realize that people consider them older than their true age. But there have to be a few reasons behind this trivia. The answer probably lies in your personality, in the way your skin looks or probably your grey hair.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

Your skin may be the disguise

Your skin may be the disguise

Believe it or not, looks do matter, especially in today’s modern social life. You need to look good and well-maintained in order to make friends, enjoy parties and have a good company. But when you don’t care for your skin or look simply worn out, people might mistake you as an older adult rather than a young guy. This accounts for the occurrence of various skin problems too. If you have bad skin that is not taken care of, you will have wrinkles, marks, blemishes and even dark circles. These are normal in older age but not if you get them before your age. Hence, the skin may cause you to look older than you actually are.

Personality matters

Well, no matter how much you deny the fact that personality is a cloak and inner feelings matter, you should not overlook the importance of it in any case. Though elders are not bad in terms of personality, they are actually different from young people. Adults have different walking style and their way of talking is way matured than one can imagine.  Hence, if you talk and walk like adults, you will look older.

Lack of energy

lack of energy

When you feel lazy and are slow in responding to things, you might not only look unattractive but older too. With growing age, our body loses its power to store energy and hence, we do things slowly, move and talk slowly. But if you are young and you show these signs, then you might look older than your age. This also related to your diet and activities that are making you lethargic. This not only gives a bad impression but also make people think that you are much older than your original age.

Hair color

looking older hair color

It is said that no matter how much you try to hide your real age, your hair tells it all to the spectators. But if your hairs are showing signs of greying at a young age, then you will surely make everyone think that you are older. Shedding of hair, thinning of hair and whitening or greying of hair is an uncontrolled aging phenomenon. This is normal when you cross your 40s. But if you have these problems before, then you are actually telling everyone that you look older than you actually are. Shedding of hairs or baldness is also associated with a premature look.

You don’t do gymming and workout

Though gymming and workout have no age limit, experts believe that young people are more inclined towards maintaining their physique. Be it the pressure of friends or simply to boost the confidence, the young generations look forward to working out and doing exercise to stay fit and in shape. But if you are not doing these exercises or not doing any sort of physical activity, you might actually look older than your age. Also, the signs show it all. You might be young but you won’t have a good physique if you don’t exercise, which will make you look older.

You are negative

This might be a psychological factor that might be true or false depending on various cases. Well, if you are old, you will be suffering from more problems as you have seen more days than younger people. You will know the rules of life and how you cant be happy every time. Young people, on the other hand, have positivity in them flowing through their new blood. They have aspirations to climb mountains and move the earth. They are aggressive and more positive in their approach. Hence, if you are always negative, being young, due to any reason, you may look older than your age. The negativity can be of various factors including medications, incidents in life, loss of a dear one at an early age.etc.

How to look younger

So, you have it all, the precursors that might make you look older than your real age. You might have till now, simply devised how to look younger, right? The answer is to simply avoid getting trapped in the above-mentioned points. For instance, you can look younger by taking care of your skin, by being positive, exercising regularly and much more. Let’s take a look at some more ideas you can adopt at home to look younger.



Meditation is simply a process of forgetting the materialistic things of life and concentrating on your own inner soul. It is a process of creating a focal point in your mind and then engaging in it to feel calm, relaxed and peaceful. Meditation is an age-old tradition that has numerous benefits- increase in circulation, enhancement in focal abilities, boost in mind power, you name it and meditation can help. Meditation can together make you feel happy and relaxed. You become positive and your body exhibits positive vibes. This makes you look younger. Meditation also helps as it reduces the occurrence of stress hormones which is bad for your skin. If you have good skin, you will automatically look younger.


Water and water

water water

Drinking water may appear to be a minimal solution to look younger. But this small aspect gives large benefits that make you look younger. Yes, drinking water more than your body requires can do benefits we are not aware of yet. If you stay hydrated all day, your skin will glow and you will look younger. Your body metabolism will boost and you will remain active. Furthermore, you will an energetic aura as you remain healthy, which will portray you as a young individual. Here are some more water benefits that will make you look younger:

  • It keeps your skin layer free from dust particles by keeping it hydrated all the time
  • It facilitates more sweating which means your pores remain open and clean
  • Water removes toxins from your body through urine. You urinate more when you drink more water
  • It is good for digestion and aids in smooth digestion of daily meals
  • It replenishes the overall water content of your body and keeps the body metabolism intact
  • Water prevents the formation of free radicals which often are the cause of skin problems such as acne or breakout
  • It helps by keeping your fat in check. Drinking water means you are storing less fat and are away from being obese

Avoid smoking and alcohol

If you refrain from the unwanted habits of drinking or smoking, you will remain young for a longer period of time. Yes, smoking and alcohol proved to be a curse for your health. These habits damage your lives gives you a bad appearance and are also a bad omen for personality. No one loves hanging out with someone who smokes or drinks on a regular basis. These habits are also related to life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart strokes. Hence, you will become sick earlier than a normal person if you adopt these habits. And if you look sick, you won’t be able to look younger. You might look older than your real age instead.

Being physically active

Physical active

Being lazy and showing signs of lack of energy is a sure sign of being older. If you remain physically active, you will keep up the metabolism of your body. You will burn more calories and will keep your weight in check. Hence, by being physically active, you can look younger for a longer period of time. This relates to many factors. When you are physically fit, you are active and energetic like young people. You have a good smile on your face and you remain positive about everything. Being physically active also helps in keeping your skin healthy and radiant all the time.

And here being physically active doesn’t mean exercising all the time. You can indulge in almost any type of activity that you love doing. This includes swimming, brisk walking, jogging, cycling, trekking, running, skipping and many more. Make sure that you do one of these activities for at least 1 hour daily. This shall keep the body circulation active and is also healthy for your heart.

You don’t have to buy any type of equipment or go anyplace if you wish to be active physically. You can follow certain lifestyle changes to stay active. Here are some habits to adopt:

  • Consider going from stairs instead of lifts
  • Visit nearby places on a cycle instead of a car
  • Consider walking every day in early morning or evening
  • Do at least one Yoga exercises every day for around 10-15 minutes
  • Keep gadgets like mobile phones or laptops away as much as you can
  • Exercise at home whenever you get time
  • Groove to your favorite music whenever you get a chance. Dancing is a good physical exercise
  • Adopt at least one hobby sport in your life. You can choose from popular ones such as baseball, volleyball, gymnastics.etc.

Adopting a good way of life

During our lifetime, we have to face different kinds of obstacles. Sometimes we have to go through hell and sometimes we have a period of times where everything is just fine. At times, we might believe that a bad omen is chasing us and we feel emotionally helpless.

No matter what the situation is, developing a positive lifestyle can help you in perceiving situations while feeling optimistic most of the time.

Have you ever wondered why people manage to keep going regardless of the different hurdles in their lives? If life throws challenges in each person’s life, why only a few become successful? The reason behind this lies in countering stress with a positive lifestyle.

Let’s face the truth, you can’t feel positive all times. But, by putting things in the right place and learning to let go, you can embrace positivity. And if you are struggling to stay committed to being positive, here is the recap of a few lifestyle habits you should avoid and adapt:

In a nutshell

We, humans, are born to die. We grow young and then grow old and then vanish from this life. Aging is a natural phenomenon that no one cant deny. But the problem starts when you look older than your age. The precursors show true signs and it is a time you should start paying attention to your health, well being and lifestyle. When you consider yourself on priority, you will really start looking younger. Also, staying happy is important to look younger. When you smile, everyone perceives you as a good soul and no one thinks that you look older. We hope that the blog will help you devise out ways to stay younger for a long time. Let us know your views in the comments section.

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