Grey Hair? No worries..make natural color at home

You might be very conscious of your beauty and health.  This means that you wake up early, sleep early at night, follow your workout regime daily, take a healthy diet and frequently meditate. But, everything is not perfect in this imperfect world. You might sooner or later find that ugly grey strand of hair in your head. Well, this is a moment of shame for most of us. The intimidating sight is usually a matter of worry if you see it in your late 20s. Yes, it’s a sign of premature greying of hairs. This calls for remedies to treat the grey hair and reduce the occurrence of more.

Grey hairs might be a sign of hair fall

The greying of hair might just be an ultimatum of what next to come. It might warn you about frizzy hairs problem, split ends issues and hair fall symptoms. Studies reveal that hair also requires the exact amount of attention and nourishment as our body to get stronger and shiny. While excessive hair washing may lead to loss of 250-300 strands during the morning shower, deficiency of vitamins can also contribute to the enigma of hair fall or thinning in women. In some cases, hair loss in women may be attributed to a deteriorating health condition or a genetic problem. It should be noticed that even stress and tensions can play a big part in making the hair dull.

sign of hair fall

With hair losing their sheen and shine due to lack of proper care and nutrition, more women are experiencing the bane of hair loss than before. The after-effects of losing hair are so severe that, most women experience trauma and depression for a long period and sometimes need effective therapy sessions to bail them out of stressful times.

Prevention and tactics

As the adage goes ”Prevention is better than cure”, therefore every effort made on the part of a person for his or her hair is worth it. Even if you experience grey hairs quite often, it does not mean her hair issues cannot be addressed. No doubt, you cannot tamper with your genes if it is a genetic issue, but still, there are a whole lot of ideas and theories, which if implemented sincerely can arrest the greying of hair fall dramatically.

Iron-rich diet: It is noticed that a vegetarian person may be suffering from adequate iron deficiency which is the root cause of greying of hair.  In this scenario, attempts should be made to feed the body with surplus green vegetables which have high iron percent which can lead to hair getting back their luster.

Focus on Scalp: Healthy scalp is half the problem solved. People who have thin hair should ensure that they massage their scalps regularly with the best-suited hair oil. Recommended shampoos and hair conditioners can also play a pivotal role in making the scalp stronger and in a good state.

Seeking Expert Advice: When all the remedies have been tried and tested but the result is still non-existent, then it is better to ask for the services of a dermatologist.  An expert can always understand the hair issues in a profound manner and suggest appropriate solutions for his client. With vast hair treatments on the rise, the problem of greying hairs can be handled properly.

Better late than never

We should never ignore the hair greying as we notice them. Immediate solutions should be found out for the hair issues and if the problem persists, a professional’s guidance should be taken at the earliest.

No one wants to part way with the natural color of the hair. There is no point in crying over the spilled milk, so sincere efforts should be induced to keep the hair in better shape, as it is the hair that makes you look all the more beautiful.

Here is some homemade natural color you can use to reduce or simply eradicate grey hairs from your life:

Mehndi or Heena

Heena has been one of the safest and most widely used beauty ingredients in countries like India. Its use has been accepted worldwide in the treatment of hair problems. Women have always held the hands of this natural herb to reap the benefits of grey hair. This acts as a fabulous ingredient for dying hairs without any chemicals in a natural way. It also nourishes and strengthens the hair from deep within.

Mehndi or Heena

Mehndi is derived from the leave so the plant that is also used to treat hair conditional traditionally. The powder delivers the same benefits.  The natural properties help promote the growth of hair and reduce the occurrence of grey hair. The powder can also be used as an essential oil treatment to nourish the hair growth.

Method of preparation and application

The most popular method of using henna for hairs is simply soaked its powder form overnight and then apply it like a dye or color on hairs. Here is the step by step method to get you going.

Simply buy any good brand henna from the market and soak half a cup of the powder in an equal amount of water in a bronze or iron container. The iron container is supposed to retain the properties of the herb for a longer time. Now you may add various natural ingredients in the mixture such as lemon juice, amla powder, Indigo powder, coffee and even black tea in liquid form. These will enhance the darkening effect of the Heena. It is always best to soak the mixture and let it rest overnight. Next day, simply use the brush and apply Heena all over your hair. Make sure that you use a comb to cover the roots of the grey hairs that act as its origin. Leave it to dry for around 2 or 3 hours. Rinse with normal water.

Make sure that you do not shampoo your hair to get the Heena off your scalp. This will wash out the color and the entire procedure will be a failure. You should wash with simple water without any shampoo or soap. Immediately apply oil so as to strengthen the color for a longer time. To see better results, Heena should be used at least once a week. When you apply a coat over one another, you will eventually get black or dark brown hair.


Tea and boiled water

Tea and boiled water

This is another homemade natural remedy that can help you get rid of grey hair and turning them into black ones. Tea is a natural antioxidant that also acts as a bleaching agent. The use is safer as tea is a form of a natural herb only. When used with boiled water, tea gives its best coloring properties which help color the grey hair in a proper way. Tea as we saw in the above method, can also be used with Heena powder. However, it can also act as a good dying agent when used with a mixture of boiled water.

Method of preparation and application

To prepare this dye, you need to bowl a cup of boiled water. Bring it to boil and then allow it to warm down for a few minutes. In a separate jar, place 3 or 4 teabags of regular tea. You can take any type of tea here. You may also use tea powder with a strainer. Now add the boiled water to the jar. Now cover the jar with a clean towel. You may also place a steel plate to cover the jar. This will allow the mixture to properly absorb the constituents of the tea in the bags. Now put the black tea water in a bottle.

Make your hair dry and clean and then apply the mixture with the help of a brush or a cotton ball. You may need to place spare towels on your shoulder as the mixture might drip before it dries out completely in your scalp. You may also squeeze extra water out after application. Now let the mixture dry for 1 or 2 hours and then rinse with clean water. Use it twice a week for good results.

Lemon and coconut oil

Lemon is a natural conditioner that works perfectly for our grey hair treatment. The citrus-rich fruit is used to strengthen the color of our hair. In other words, it acts as a natural fixer for hair color. While lemon can be used as a mild nourishing agent alone, it is best to use it with other natural products such as Heena, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

Lemon and coconut oil

In this method, we shall use coconut oil for hair treatment. Coconut oil is a wonderful natural agent that stimulates the growth of new hairs by penetrating deep into hair follicles and then nourishing them. It also enhances the shiny look and thickness of our hair.

Method of preparation and application

To use this remedy, mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with an equal amount of coconut oil. Unlike the other methods, you have to use your hands to massage the mixture so that it penetrates deep into your scalp while nourishing it entirely. Massage your scalp for about 10-15 minutes. You can also base the time until the mixture is nicely absorbed by your head.

Wash your hair with any good quality conditioner after 30 minutes. One thing to note here is that this method might not provide an instant result in one or two applications. You need to hold a positive attitude towards using lemon and coconut oil as it will show its effect only after regular use. However, the wait is worth it as it really nourishes the hair from inside out.

Yogurt and egg

Yogurt and egg is not really a dye but more like a remedy for frizzy hairs and dandruff. The application acts as a supporting remedy for better hair treatment methods. The use is simple and easy. The main reason why these remedy works are because the yogurt is full of natural proteins. Our hair follicles are protein strands and hence adding more proteins will only strengthen them for a long time. Hence, yogurt and egg work wonders to make your hairs grow strong and healthy.

Yogurt and egg

Yogurt also has lactic acid that is essential for cleansing the scalp. It also clears away dead skin cells from our scalp and gives room for new hair follicles to grow more rapidly.

Similar to yogurt, egg also bestows its natural nutrient-rich properties to our hair. It stimulates thick hair growth and encourages the growth of new and healthy hairs. The egg is also the main ingredient in various shampoos that accounts for its health benefits for hairs.

Method of preparation and application

Prepare this natural conditioner by mixing one cup of yogurt with a whole egg. Blend the mixture to form a smooth paste. Now apply this to your hair and make sure that it reaches and covers the entire scalp.

Keep the mixture on for at least half an hour. Rinse with any mild shampoo. You will get naturally smooth hair after drying the hair. Though the fragrance might not be as pleasing, you will love the aftereffects of the application.

The process will get rid of all bacteria in your scalp that is responsible for causing dandruff. The age-old remedy is popular for getting thick and black hairs.


Having grey hairs are a bad omen. But it is nothing that cannot be treated easily. But instead of cutting or hiding them, you should immediately look for treatment. And there can be nothing as good as treating them from the root with natural methods.

The trick lies in using the combination of two or more methods as a normal hair treatment remedy at home. Slowly and eventually, you will get to see great results and there will be no more occurrences of those ugly grey hairs. We hope that the above mentioned natural hair treatment options will help you out get those gorgeous hairs you have always desired for. Let us know your views about the subject matter discussed in the comments section below.

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