Effective spider bite treatment

spider bite

As a kid, we always thought that getting a spider bite will be the coolest thing. We might turn into spiders man and become a superhero. Reality has a different story to tell. Spider bites can be harmless. But often at times, they can be dangerous. Sometimes, they can be poisonous too. We often think that the bites we get from other insects are from spiders but such is not the case. Some people also get Common skin diseases but they are not due to spider bites.

So what spider bites are actually a matter of concern? In actuality, few spiders have long fangs. These, when bite, can penetrate our skin. Only some of them have strong venom that can cause harm to humans. In the US, the black widow spider and brown recluse spider are a few of the most common culprits of harmful bites.

What can a spider bite caused

When you get a spider bite, the signs can vary from person to person. The signs can also vary depending upon the age, gender and health of the patient. One can face redness, swelling and pain. You can also notice them altogether or may not notice them at all. Spider bites are as mysterious as spiders themselves. A bite from the black widow can lead to very harsh abdominal pain or even cramps. The bites of brown recluse cause pain like you have been stung identical to a bee-stung. When you get more than one bite, the skin surrounding the site may become motionless for a specific time or few hours. Keep in mind that most of the spiders won’t bite you unless you threaten them.

Early symptoms

There is hardly any way to distinguish a spider bite from any other insect’s bite. You won’t feel the difference until you see the spider around. The bite may look like a bug bite. The skin will be itchy or painful, might have bumps, or maybe inflamed. Take note that that the harmless spider bites do not have any noticeable symptoms.

Some major symptoms of harmful species include

  • Cramping of the stomach. You may face stomach cramps for a brief period of time. Many people related it to other problems such as appendicitis but it’s not true. Hence, proper investigation and diagnosis are important.
  • Swelling and pain at the bite and around it. You can also get swelling around the back, chest, legs, or stomach region.
  • You may experience nausea or chills as the bite might affect the nervous system. Some people also show signs of sweating after the bite.
  • Feeling pain that links with the recluse spider are a common symptom. The pain might increase in the first 8 or 9 hours of the bite.
  • You may also get fever chills following body aches and chills.

The spider bite might heal on its own within a week or so. However, if you feel any different or increasing symptoms, you should not refrain from contacting a good physician.

Take note that the skin area where the bite has occurred may turn purple or blue. It might even form an open sore or ulcer-like shape that gets larger until the skin deteriorates. This stops growing after two weeks of the bite. The bite might take a month to heal properly.

When to consult a doctor

As you know, a spider bite might or might not be harmful. However, you should be ready to see a doctor. Mind these signs and if you see them occur, it’s better to consult a doctor:

  • When you don’t know whether the bite is from a spider or any other source
  • If you are having problems in breathing.
  • If you have a history of breathing problems such as asthma
  • If you are experiencing severe uncommon pain or abdominal cramping that won’t fade away.
  • If you see an ulcer growing abnormally at the site of the bite

Causes and risk factors

The main cause of the signs and symptoms of a spider bite is the venom that the fangs inject. This leads to those severe symptoms. The amount of venom used depends on the species. Your body’s sensitivity also causes the magnitude of symptoms and how they grow or diminish over time.

The main risk factors of a spider bite are when you stay in the areas where these are found in great numbers. The disturbing spiders’ natural habitats is another risking factor in this case. The black widow spiders as well as the brown recluse spiders are mostly found in warm climates and they love hiding in dark and dry places.


As we say, prevention is always better than cure. Hence you should know few points so that a spider bite might never occur to you and you won’t have to look for treatment options. Remember that harmful spiders always bite in their defense. They might bite you if they are trapped between your skin or are harmed by an object you are using.

  • You can easily prevent spider bites by learning about their nature, habitat and species. You may also spread awareness to help others avoid spider bites
  • Try wearing a full-sleeved shirt along with a hat and long pants when cleaning out garages, attics, crawl spaces, or garages. You should always try to keep your body as much covered as possible. You can also wear gloves and plastic boots. Also, use this attire when handling old wooden boxes.
  • Always try to keep your garden clean. Keep the tools such as weeder or clean. You may use acetone to clean gardening gloves, gardening boots and watering cans.
  • Keep and use insect repellents on your footwear as well as on your clothing.
  • Install tight-fitting screens on doors and windows. Always keep the doors closed properly to restrict the entry of those unwanted spiders. Take note of sealing, cracks and empty spaces in the corners where spiders can reside and reproduce.
  • Clean your walls and ceilings as they may cause the occurrence of spider webs which can introduce certain diseases in your home.
  • Firewood is a famous place where spiders reside a lot. Try not to use them for storing things. Always remove firewood if you have stored them around your house
  • Keep your house clean of piles, rocks and lumber from the house and even from the area around your house
  • Always keep your beds pushed against the walls. Only the legs of the bed must touch the floor and it should be at least a foot above the floor for better ventilation and cleaning. Avoid storing items under the bed. Never drag the bedding on the floor as it might attract several insects including spiders on the bed.
  • Make sure that you clean the spaces and make your house free from spider webs and spider eggs. You can use a good vacuum cleaner and get rid of webs every week. Dispose of the spider webs in a sealed bag and keep them outside to prevent the entry of the spiders into the house again
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  • When you see a spider is enjoying its moments on your skin, react faster. You may flick it off with your finger. Avoid crushing the spider against your skin as it can cause the penetration of the venom into the skin
  • If you or someone in the family is having a habit of petting a tarantula, always keep the enclosures clean. Wear surgical masks, gloves and eye protection when coming close to those little friends

Home remedies to treat spider bites

home remedies spider bite

When you get bitten by a spider, you don’t have to panic. You can find many things from which you can cure the spider at home only. No matter if it’s a poisonous spider or not, these remedies will work nicely and mostly, you won’t need to see a doctor. Let us tell you all about these now:

Ice pack

All of us have ice packs and ice cubes at home. Well, the good news is they aren’t just for having cold beverages. Try using ice cubes when you are bitten by a spider. The ice cubes are a perfect way to stop the spread of the venom and keep the area cool. This also helps in avoiding swelling and inflammation. Using ice cubes also gives relief from pain in several cases.

To use them, simply get some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel or a handkerchief.

Place the pack on the wounds. Let the cubes cool down the wounds for 10 to 15 minutes. The ice will relieve pain and will cool down the wound, healing it slowly.

Baking soda

why baking soda

Baking soda is a common ingredient found in our kitchen. It is used for various types of dish preparation and in several home remedies. Did you know that baking soda is extremely helpful in treating spider bites? Yes, this is a cheap treatment to cure spider bites instantaneously.

To use this remedy, simply take some amount of baking soda. You can take two teaspoons for instance. Add some water and make a paste-like consistency.

Then, slowly apply the baking soda paste to the wound. Let the baking soda works its magic for few minutes. Wash the soda paste with cold water. You may have to repeat this easy remedy three to four times a day to see visible results. The remedy will effortlessly remove spider bites symptoms and help prevent cramps and aches. It will also help to remove the stinging and itching sensation on the bite site.

Salt solution

Salt has been recognized as a super viable toxin remover throughout the long term. Make some salt water, dunk a piece of fabric into it, and afterward cover the injury with the drenched material for two or three hours. The salt will eliminate the toxin that was injected by the spider.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is a successful solution for spider chomp treatment, particularly for a nibble by an earthy-colored loner spider. The charcoal diminishes the impact of the spider’s toxin and assists the casualty with healing.

Other than treating spider bites, activated charcoal is additionally helpful in the treatment of honey bee stings just as fire insects and scorpion bites.

Blend equivalent pieces of charcoal and water to make glue. Then, at that point apply the glue on the injury, wrap a swathe on it, and permit it to sit on the injury for one to four hours.

Rehash the method several times each day. A few times are sufficient, and this will significantly decrease the seriousness of the side effects.

Turmeric Powder


Turmeric is wealthy in intensifies that battle toxins, including the toxic substance, shot out by a spider when it bites. The germ-killing properties and the mitigating compounds in the turmeric calm the redness, pain, and inflammation brought about by a spider nibble.

Make a glue of turmeric powder and olive oil and apply it to the spider nibble region. Permit the glue to lay on the nibble spit for about an hour and afterward rinse it off using tepid water. Do this various times each day until the spider chomp side effects diminish.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera & Honey Facial Mask

Aloe Vera has been referenced on many occasions for the treatment of different skin issues. This includes spider bites. The plant’s leaf contains various imperative parts like vitamins compounds, minerals just as unsaturated fats.

These segments are useful in the decrease of the inflammation and itchiness resulting from a spider nibble. Aloe vera gel has been demonstrated to recuperate a chomp from a dark widow or white-followed spider. The gel likewise offers an instant cooling impact on the space chomped by a spider. Aloe vera leaf is the best wellspring of aloe vera gel, but if not accessible, you can get an aloe vera item from your neighborhood store.

However, you ought to be somewhat cautious while buying the item as some may not be of much assistance because of the low amounts of aloe vera in them. Buy the item with the most elevated measure of aloe vera and the least added substances. Apply aloe vera gel/item to the spider chomp recognize various times each day until you feel astoundingly better.


Perhaps you just know potato as scrumptious food, but it is a higher priority than simply that; it very well may be of incredible assistance in the lessening of the pain and swelling that occurs because of a spider chomp. Specialists have discovered that there are a few mixtures in potato strips that can neutralize the inflammatory impact of a spider chomp.

Get a potato and cut it without removing its strips. Take one cut of the potato with its strip still intact and afterward rub it on the spider chomp. Then, at that point, place the tissue of the potato on the nibble region and wrap it against your body with gauze. Supplant the potato cut for another two or three hours.

The takeaway

Try not to panic if the spider bites you. Utilize any of the above normal cures, and you will be alright. Also, if you can’t deal with your spider infestation, simply call Organic Pest Control in your area. Always remember to spread awareness and let others know what you know. You might save someone’s life someday.

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