Have you ever experienced diarrhea and stomach cramps?


Herbal Remedies for Stomach Flu


This is exactly called stomach flu. This cramp is due to inflammation to your stomach and irritation to your intestines.  That is why it is also called Gastroenteritis.

stomach flu and flu difference for health

In which water passage from the intestines to the body got disrupt. You will not only complaint from diarrhea and stomach cramps, but also you will feel nausea, vomiting, and sometimes muscle aches. Yes, the reason behind stomach flu is influenza; however, poisoned food is mostly the reason. Let me provide you with 3 herbs that can help you to relieve the stomach flu symptoms.

Wild yam plant

Wild Yam Plant

Usually, wild yam plant found in southern New England and mostly grows in the wild. This herb used significantly to treat problem-related to the stomach and other cramps.

Mechanism of action

Wild yam plant contains Antispasmodic and Anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in the treatment of abdominal and other stomach related problem. The compound Diosgenin in wild yam used to synthesize several steroid hormones such as Estrogen and dehydroepiandrosterone


  • Avoid wild yam in case of ovarian or breast cancer. Because it has an estrogen-like effect, due to diosgenin.
  • Wild yam plant not recommended if you are suffering from peptic ulcer.

Recommended Dose:

The best way of treatment as antispasmodic is in cream form. Use a half teaspoon of the cream and massage your cramped stomach 3-5 times daily.

Our second herb for antispasmodics that is highly effective is…

Fennel seed

Fennel Seed

 Fennel seed is very efficient and mostly used as a home remedy in relieving abdominal pain. Also, people use it as a spice. Today fennel is found all over the world, it belongs to the carrot family.

Mechanism of action

The Anethole in fennel seed helps in the production of digestive and gastric juices. Thus, it reduces the inflammation in the stomach and intestine. Additionally, it contains and the Aspartic acid that serves as anti-flatulence, which helps in releasing the excess gas from the stomach. By reducing the production of Inflammatory Cytokinesis, fennel acts as an anti-inflammatory herb.


  • Breastfeeding mothers should avoid fennel seed. Because 2 cases reported the damage to the infants’ nervous system after drinking fennel. Thus, I always recommend avoiding fennel seed if you are pregnant as well.
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  • Fennel seed may cause slow wound healing. As it causes bleeding tendency.

Recommended Dose:

  • Fennel is useful in the form of tea. You can dry the seeds in the sunshine for 2-3 days. Or, you can accelerate this process by using the microwave for 30 minutes. However, I do not recommend microwave, as many pieces of research pointed out that it has hidden side effects on the long run for using it. After drying the seed, crush it and add 1 teaspoonful to your pot with hot water.
  • There is no recommendation for the dose yet, maybe because one cup daily will change the whole situation upside-down 😉.

Now, let me introduce the third and final herb that will certainly improve your case.



Chamomile has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for several health problems. It is part of the Asteraceae family. The flower from this plant dried as used as a tea for abdominal pain relievers.

Mechanism of action

Chamomile contains Antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory constituent. Studies have shown that the presence of these compounds gives chamomile its natural ability to soothing stomach pains.


  • Do not apply chamomile near your eye. Because It may cause eye irritation.
  • Avoid taking chamomile in large doses. As it may cause vomiting.

Recommended Dose

the best way for stomach relief is to use chamomile internally. A half-cup of chamomile tea prescribed at least five times daily.

Now I can tell you that you are fully aware of how to manage your stomach flu at home. Also, if you experienced any other flu symptoms you can check our blog posts for herbal remedies to treat flu symptoms through:

Name Nourhan El-Shneky.

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