Cope with relocation blues

relocation blues

Some people handle relocation better than others. Those people can’t understand the people that have to cope with relocation blues. But we understand. And we are here to help by telling you some of the best ways to cope with relocation blues.

Why do people cope with relocation blues in the first place?

Relocation sometimes means starting over. If you move to a different town or to a different state, you will have to figure out everything over again. By this, we mean finding the nearest supermarket, the nearest pet shop, gas station, etc. For some people, this can be very stressful. Add the factor that you moved to a new apartment or a new house. Not to forget that you will be missing your friends and family if you moved to a different city or state. It really isn’t easy. It all just comes at you all at once and that is when the relocation blues appear. Luckily, we know some ways to make the blues go away also Postpartum blues so you can enjoy your fresh start the way you deserve it.

Relocation Depression Symptoms


This term is professionally called relocation depression. And you can diagnose it yourself. These are the symptoms that you will notice for yourself:

  • Feeling lethargic and running low on energy
  • Difficulty or an inability to concentrate
  • The feeling of worthless or feeling excessive guilt
  • Watching television and scrolling through social media endlessly
  • No desire to socialize or meet new people
  • Lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Extreme insomnia
  • Excessive sleeping

Not willing to leave the house

The best ways to cope with relocation blues


Exercising is very important at all times. Even when you don’t have excess weight, even when you are not sad and lethargic. Exercising is the best way to deal with stress and depression and get rid of anxiety. And when you have to deal with relocation blues, this is the best option. Go outside for a jog or take a nice walk with your dog. Go hiking in the mountains or running on the beach. Get a gym membership and go to the gym twice or three times a week. It is also a nice way to meet new people. Overall, exercising is great. It will help you by reducing your stress and it will also keep your body healthy and in good shape.

Don’t isolate yourself from others

Don’t isolate

Isolating yourself from others is never good. But it is the worst thing you can do after you move. From the moment your movers leave your belongings in your new home, you have to stay in touch with other people. Even if it is your family and friends where you used to live. Socializing is a good way to keep your head clear and stay happy. But it is always better to meet someone new in your new town. Try to meet someone from your building or your street. Go to a local cafe or a bar and meet some people there. Being alone in this period is not good for your mental health.


Try something new

Trying something new keeps your life fresh and exciting. This doesn’t have to be something extreme like jumping out of a plane with a parachute. It can be as simple as cooking a meal you haven’t cooked before. Find a new hobby. It can be DIY-ing, painting, photography. Photography is the best hobby if you want to get to know a place. Simply take your camera and go around the town and take pictures of buildings and nature that you like. You might be very good at photography and you don’t even know it. For good health and strong immunity, try yoga if you haven’t already.


If you are one of those people who sleep too much, this is a habit you will have to change once you move to a new place. Sleeping too much is never a good idea. It is best to start your day early, drink some coffee, have a nice breakfast and fully use the day that you are given. No matter if it is Wednesday or Saturday. This will keep you motivated and happy.

Visit a professional

professional visit

If the relocation blues don’t go away in a month, you will have to visit a professional. You don’t want this relocation depression to develop into serious depression that will interfere with your life in the worst way possible. There is no shame in going to see a therapist or a psychologist. It is a normal thing and some professionals suggest doing it even if you don’t feel sad. Talking to someone who understands everything that is going on in your life will keep your head clear and you will get some good advice. So why not try it? It can be expensive but health should be your priority.


Dealing with relocation depression isn’t easy. This depression comes in many forms and each form is worse than the previous one. So try doing all the things we mentioned before. Exercise, eat healthier, stay in touch with the people you love and meet new ones, find a new hobby to keep yourself motived and interested. There are plenty of them, you just have to choose one that sounds most appealing to you. If nothing seems to work in over a month, the best thing you can do is visit a professional who will help you cope with relocation blues.

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