How to get rid of dark circles

When we plan to take care of our skin, we immerse in using different techniques, procedures, DIY methods, medications, and home remedies to treat the flaws of our skin. We care for our blemishes, use topical ointments for acne, apply face masks and whatnot. And then at the end of the day, we sleep while watching TV or using our mobile late at night. When we wake up, we have to deal with a skin problem that is the result of our own doing. Yes, the talk here is about dark circles. We must keep our skin healthy.

Every one of us has to deal with dark circles once in our lifetime. Be it due to late-night TV watching, excess use of phones, lack of nutrition or any natural eye defect, dark circles should never be left untreated. No matter how they occur, dark circles are a curse to facial beauty. They should be taken care of. And if you are dealing with dark circles, here are our methods by which you can get rid of them.

Potato paste for dark circles

Potato paste for dark circles

Potatoes are your natural bleaching agents that can lighten the skin under our eyes in a safer way. They are rich in vitamin C, starch and various other enzymes. All of these help in nourishing our skin from the core. When applied around the eyes, they help prevent the occurrence of dark circles. Potatoes are also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and puffiness caused by disrupted late night sleep. The vegetable also has catecholase that can reduce puffiness that causes dark circles to look more prominent. Potatoes also give moisture to our skin and help in rejuvenation.

Using potato

The best and most common way to use potato is simply in the form of raw potato juice. The puree from potato can be used in the form of slices as well. You need to peel one big potato and then grate it into thin slices. Ensure that you don’t have to boil potato as we are using the raw form here. Then, squeeze out the juice of the grated potato with a masher or with hands.

Now, store the juice in the refrigerator for an hour. You may observe some color change in the juice which is normal. Apply by dipping cotton in the potato juice and then applying it on the dark circles under the eyes. You may also leave the cotton balls under the eyes for half an hour. After this, remove the balls and rinse the face with cool water. Pat dry with a clean towel and repeat the process daily to get the desired result.

While potatoes slices is a common method, mint, and potatoes is one unique and less-talked-about a home remedy. Mint leaves as we know, are packed with high contents of vitamin C. This element stimulates the circulation around our eye which soothes the eyes. Mint also has menthol that promotes blood circulation. To use this method, add peeled potatoes with some fresh mint leaves in a blender to prepare a thick puree. You may apply the puree to affected areas. Leave this as it is for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Repeat this to see a better result. Menthol also has cooling properties and hence can do wonders for keeping our eyes healthy.

Some other forms of potatoes for dark circles include

  • Apple and potato face pack
  • Potato and yogurt face pack
  • Tomato and potatoes smoothie
  • Potatoe and almond pack
  • Potatoe with olive oil and honey
  • Potato and lemon juice face mask


Rosewater is a mild astringent that has been found to be beneficial for dark circles. Its properties help our skin get nourished and rejuvenated naturally. Rosewater is good when you apply it under the eye area. You can devise out different ways of using this essential natural liquid.

Rosewater for dark circles

Depending on the intensity of the dark circles or any other eye problem, you can choose from the different methods of using rose water. Few of the many methods include:

  • The first method is using the purest form of rose water. You can do it by soaking two cotton pads in rose water. You can place them on your eyes covering the entire area covered with dark circles. Let the pads sit there for 15 minutes and then remove them slowly. You might feel a bit stingy at first but that is normal. It means that your skin is absorbing the water and is being treated. You will soon feel relaxed. Use this treatment two or three times a day.
  • The second method is using rose water with cucumber. You can prepare the face mask by grating the fresh cucumber and mixing 2 spoons of rose water in it. You may also add a few drops of lemon juice in the mixture. Now, soak 2 cotton pads in this mixture and then cover your eyes as in the earlier method. Let the cotton pads sit them for 10 minutes Remove and wash with normal water.
  • The third method includes using rose water with potato juice. Potatoe is a natural bleaching agent and can help make your dark spots lighten around the eye. Simply mash the potato and squeeze out the fresh juice. Mix a spoon of this juice with 2 spoons of rose water. Now, soak cotton pads in it and place the pads on your eye. Let the pads rest on the eye for around 15 minutes and then wash with plain water.
  • The last remedy uses milk along with rose water. The combination has acted as a perfect moisturizer and skin whitening remedy for our facial skin. MIlk has nourishing properties and when combined with rose water, can help you in getting rid of dark circles. To use this method, simply mix milk with an equal amount of rose water. Soak cotton pads in it and then apply for 10 minutes. Wash off with normal water and pat dry.
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Daily Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can automatically reduce dark circles. If you are deprived of sleep, your skin may appear black or even pale. This marks the onset of dark circles. On the other hand, if you allow yourself regular sleep of not less than eight hours, you can prevent dark circles.

It is a fact that our cells regenerate and grow multifold times when we sleep. Hence, if you are not taking a good night’s sleep, you are depriving yourself of healthy cell regeneration. And when the cells are not able to renew themselves, the situation leads to dark circles. One should always sleep on back to avoid constricting blood vessels of the face. Aside from taking at least 6 hours of sleep, you should sleep in a good posture to accumulate blood circulation of the eye and face muscles. When you take good sleep and the quality of the sleep is good, you will not get puffiness or dark circles. This also relates to the instances when you sleep late during the night and wake up with swollen or red eyes.

If you wish to get rid of dark circles, the quality of sleep matters a lot. Here are some more tips which you can use to get good quality sleep:

  1. Avoid using bright light during the night. This also includes blue lights of phones, Laptops or TVs that cause strain on our eyes.
  2. Avoid consuming caffeine at night. Caffeine is a stimulant and can disrupt your sleep pattern making you lie awake all night.
  3. Stop taking irregular or long hours nap during the day. When you sleep for a long during the day, you tend to stay awake late at night which is not good for our eyes.
  4. Always make a schedule of waking up and sleeping at a fixed time. Doing this will make your body system habitual of when to get active and when to go into silent mode.
  5. Stop having medications that cause you to sleep. This will make you dependent on the drugs that will create issues later on in your life. You should always look for lifestyle habit changes to get a good sleep.
  6. Stress and tension is a major cause of lack of sleep. When you are happy and live with a peaceful mind, you tend to sleep in a better way.
  7. Meditation techniques can help in achieving a better sleep during the night. You can also practice techniques like Yoga to get good sleep at night.


Cucumber, when used in chilled form can do a great job for reducing puffiness of the eyes along with a reduction in eye swelling. The coolness of the fruit eases swelling and reduces the accumulation of fluid that causes it. Cucumber is probably the easiest method that can help reduce dark circles.

Cucumber for dark circles

The reason why cucumber works so well is due to its ingredients. For start, it has lots of antioxidants with inclusions of orientin, is scoparin, Vitamin C and K and cucurbitacins. These help by penetrating your skin and then reducing the inflammation that leads to dark circles. Cucumber diet is also helpful with weight loss. Scientists believe that dark circles might occur due to the thinning of the skin and visible veins under our eyes as it is quite delicate. When it becomes more fragile, the veins appear as dark circles. Vitamin K in cucumber can help reduce such discolorations.

To use the cucumber method, you should keep it in cold freezing temperatures. The cooler the slices, the better effect it will provide. You can even cut the slices and place them in the freezer a few minutes before applying them. When they are ready to be used, simply lie on your back and place cucumber over your eyes while closing it. Now, keep the slices on for 10 minutes. Remove the slices and see the results after two or three days.

Mint leaves

Last but not least, mint leaves is another effective natural treatment for dark circles. One might think of irritation when envisioning using mint leaves on our eyes. But such is not the case. The natural herb provides effective and prolonged effects of against eye puffiness and dark circles.

Mint leaves

When you apply mint leaves, you will feel a tingling sensation. This denotes that herb is doing its job in increasing blood flow to the area. Thie helps fade away dark circles. To use this method, simply crush leaves of fresh mint and then apply the mixture carefully on the eyes for a few minutes. You can also make a paste by blending the leaves and adding a teaspoon of cold water. Then, dip the cotton eye pads in it and then place it on the eyes for 15 minutes. Wash away with cool water. You can also use olive oil or honey with mint to get more promising results.


In a nutshell, you can choose from various options if you wish to cure your dark circles. But if you think wisely, using these natural tactics before the problem starts is a better way to go. You should look to apply one of the above remedies at least once in a week, to reduce the onset of dark circles. Also, do take note of the fact that your eyes are precious and taking care of dark circles will also boost their health in a good way. The remedies are far better than using artificial medications or eye drops.

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