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Your sleep is an every day little nourishment that cannot be ignored. Every day we die in our cocoon and then wake up with revitalized senses, having a different view at life. If we can’t sleep well, we won’t be able to live life freely.

While most of us would have by now guessed the topic, we shall like you to ask yourself some questions. So, start with-are you deprived of a perfect night’s sleep? Ask your consciousness this-are you over busy and fail to have a proper sleeping schedule? Now go a bit further and analyze -how many hours you spend on TV or mobile during the night? Are you killing a good night’s sleep? Have you felt pain or irritation in your eyes in the morning?

Well, if you see yourself nodding, you should pay attention to getting a good night’s sleep for sure. And your position during sleeping might be the answer to this question, besides other reasons that disturb your sleep.  If facts are to be believed, good growth and development of the body are only possible if you get a sound sleep. Studies show that sleep shortage can also alter activities in certain parts of the brain. If a person is sleep-deficient, he or she may have various mood swings, trouble in taking decisions, depression or lack in motivation.

Why sleep is Essential?

If we talk of physical health, sleep is essential for healing our heart and blood vessels. Continuing sleep deficiency condition can cause high blood pressure, heart disorders, kidney diseases, diabetes, and strokes. Our body’s immune system generally relies on our sleeping patterns. Also, our immune system defends our body against different harmful elements. Therefore, sleeplessness can totally disturb the way the immune system works.

Why sleep is Essential

Lack of sleep may cause a condition called microsleep. Microsleep refers to concise moments of sleep experienced when you are normally awake. You cannot control microsleep, and the worst thing is that you are not usually aware of it. For instance, if you have driven to someplace and then are unable to recall it, then it is a condition of microsleep you are experiencing.

Hence, sleeping in a particular time frame and that too a quality sleep plays a vital role in a human life cycle. Some people are unaware of the risks caused by sleep deficiency. Also, they may not even figure out that they are sleep-deficient. With that type of limited sleep, they may still have a misconception that they can function well.

Spare enough time in your routine for sleep, a minimum of 7 hours. It will help you lead your day well with full enthusiasm and happiness. Moreover, when you would stay healthy, you will work more efficiently.

Sleep tips

One can easily devise out around three basic sleeping patterns during the night. These positions are on your back, side, and on the stomach. Each one of these can be categorized further, but these are basic classification. Various specialists suggest that sleeping on your side may allow you to rest more comfortable. This shall also decrease the likelihood of getting interrupted during sleep. You can take various steps to improve your sleep further.

There may be many kinds of sleep that we get habitual to during the night. These might be beneficial or harmful depending on person to person. But, in an all-inclusive approach, the most comfortable position one can learn is to bend the knees slightly upward toward the chest while sleeping. This is proven to remove insomniac variations along with a reduction in sleep deprivation. If you have pain in the back, you can always consider placing a pillow between your legs. This shall alleviate pressure on your hips as well as lower back part. If you have hip pain or pain in the spine, side sleeping is best. For women who are expecting a baby, side sleep is the ideal choice for better comfort.

Protect your back while sleeping

Protect your back while sleeping

If you have a stubborn habit of sleeping on your back, you should be careful as it may induce lower back pain. People may even experience several episodes of apnea, interfering in restfulness. So, what the way out here? Specialists suggest making a few minor adjustments when sleeping on your back can bring on the comforting times. You may try placing a soft cushion under your knees. This will facilitate the natural curve of the spine, thereby reducing the stress on it. You may also use a rolled-up towel for the purpose.

For stomach sleepers

For stomach sleepers

From childhood, people often develop a habit of sleeping on your stomach. While this may seem to be comforting for some time, it is never a good sleeping pattern for the long term. The bad news is that science simply do not recommend sleeping on your stomach in any case. This not only causes immense strain on your lower back but also leads to unbearable neck pain, not to mention the pressure of the body on your stomach. People who sleep on stomach usually report increased restlessness and frequent tossing or turning. The comfort sleep is far away when you sleep on your stomach. If you can’t give away the habit, you may use a very soft pillow. You may even eradicate taking the pillow to allow your neck to not to remain at an awkward angle while you sleep.


Different sleep positions

Different sleep positions

You might be wondering what your type of sleeping position is not yet discussed yet. Well, worry not as we have you covered. Let us look at some more sleeping positions and their pros as well as cons:

Freefall sleeping position

This is the position in which you lie on your stomach and your head is turned to one side. The arms in this position are either under or wrapped around a pillow. In the US, this sleeping position is adopted by 17% of the population as calculated. Though it might appear to be a popular type of sleeping position, it is one of the most unhealthy sleeping position you can adapt. This position often leads to nerve blockage or restlessness during the night. Also, you pose a threat to digestion as your stomach is under your body’s weight.

Fetal position

Fetal position

As the name suggests, this is the position that is identical to the sleeping of a baby. Yes, most of us are unable to leave the habit even when we grow up and we sleep as an infant. You might be amazed to know that 47% of Americans sleep in this position. This is a curled-up position and quite common in the country. When compared to men, women are most likely to use this position for better sleep. In this position, you lie on your sideways and your knees are a bit bent towards your chest. Your hands are in praying position. This position is quite healthy and one might use a soft pillow for a good night’s interrupted sleep. This position resembles childhood as children sleep very nicely in this position. If you are looking for a healthy position, this might be the right option. This sleeping position poses no pressure on your back or spinal cord. It also aids good digestion. You can change the side but the normal idea is to sleep on one side rather than on your back or stomach.

Log position

This is yet another side sleeping position. Though it might not be very popular, this position also serves the rules of haleness during sleep. In this position, you sleep like a log on your sideways. While sleeping on the side, your legs should be straight not bent. And your hands should be positioned straight downsides. This uncommon position might appear to be a bit awkward, but 6% of the total position is found sleeping this way.

Yearner sleeping position

yearner sleeping position

If you eve consults a sleeping specialist about the best sleeping position you should practice, the answer might probably be none other then Yearner sleeping position. This is the position that works when everything else fails. Its name is based on the fact that if you yearn for a good position, this is the way to go-hence Yearner sleeping position. About 13% of Americans sleep this way. In this position, you need to lie on your side with both arms out facing towards your body. This position often results in a warm sound sleep all night. Make sure that your hands don’t slip inside your body as it can cause nerve numbness when you wake up. You may or may not use a pillow in this position.

Starfish sleeping position

Yes, this position is based on our beloved sea creature-the starfish. Sleepers preferring to sleep in a comfortable position on a big bed can practice this technique. Starfish sleeping is one in which you sleep on your back spreading your legs wide along with your hands like a starfish does. Around 7% of Americans use this position. This position is comfortable but maybe merged into side sleeping for better results. The starfish sleeping position is ideal for short relaxing naps. The pillow used here is soft and log sleepers can also be used. This position may also result in a decrease in sleepwalking in certain cases.

Soldier sleeping position

Soldier sleeping position

If you can imagine a soldier sleeping in his ‘attention’ position, this is what he would look like. The soldier sleeping position is common, accounting up to 11% Americans. In this position, you lie on your back with arms down towards the knees and close to the body as to when you stand during the national anthem. The legs are not too far apart in this position. This position is comfortable and good for sleep without restlessness. People sleeping this way also believe that this position has medical benefits.


You might be wondering about your style and type of position as of now. Well, you need to keep certain things in mind. First, the side sleeping is best, second, the stomach sleeping is bad and lastly, sleeping on back might be comfortable but should not be practiced for a long time.

The sleeping patterns vary and problems also differ with different individuals. The sleeping quality may also depend on other factors such as the quality of bed or mattresses, the night environment provided and even the quality of the pillow. But we should never think that we can sleep in any position. The best position provides several secret healthy benefits which we are not aware of.

Sleeping is just like refueling our system every night. Hence, it should be done in a faultless manner so that we can enjoy the next day. And since sleeping revitalizes our most of the organs, it is important to indulge in it keeping quality in mind. We hope that the following information will help you recognize, amend or modify your sleeping position. Do let us your views in the comment section.

Tips for a better sleep

Before we conclude, here are some giveaway tips that will help you to get a good nights’ sleep irrespective of your sleeping positions.

  • Always take notice of your naps and caffeine
  • Try to get your mind and body both in a relaxed state before you sleep. This shall prepare your body and mind for a sound sleep ahead
  • Always keep away the things that disrupt your sleep. It could be anything like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or any other substance.
  • Try sleeping in dimmer light as it rests your eyes for better sleep
  • Have light dinner early and drink water throughout the day and don’t drink during bed
  • Set a scheduled time for waking up and sleeping
  • Never plan on sleeping until you are fully tired. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you may try sleeping again. Try some relaxing meditation technique to get the sleep again
  • When you wake up, get the most of the morning routine by gaining the exposure to light along with fresh morning breeze.
  • If you are habitual of taking a nap, always ensure that it is not close to your sleeping time.
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