Please… stay away from monkeys. The situation is getting worse! The world is facing so many diseases in the meantime. Kaysanur Forest Disease (KFD); which is known by “Monkey Fever”, keeps spreading more and more. The virus does not show mercy for anyone.

Yes, virus… to survive, you need to know more. In order to manage and avoid it.

About the virus. Each year new countries report new cases with (KFD). And certainly, death is the penalty!

Monkey fever spreading

About Monkey Fever

Monkey fever started in 1956, it was first discovered in Kyasanur forest area, Shimoga district of Karnataka state in southern India.

That is why the disease is called Kaysanur Forest Disease (KFD).Virus Ecology

In 2013 three neighboring states bordering Karnataka viz., Wayanad reported new cases. After 1 year, the disease spread even more to Malappuram districts of Kerala. In 2015, the North Goa district of Goa state was infected. The disease did not stop there, it invaded Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra in 2016.

Where ever you find monkeys, predict monkey fever.

predict monkey fever

And even now, a recent article published on 8 Jan 2019, 6 deaths due to kaysanur Forest Disease in Karnataka. Besides 15 other cases that tested positive for the virus. Now the virus spread through 5 regions in Karnataka (Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru, Uttara Kannada, Dakshina Kannada, and Udupi).

The KFD virus has many forms, each country is invaded with a different form. For example, Siberia; Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus, Saudi Arabia; Alkhurma virus, and China; Nanjianyin virus.

The virus season usually starts in October or November and lasts till May or June. Most of the cases got reported between January to April.

Transmission of monkey fever

transmission of monkey fever

There are 2 ways of tr ansmission. Either through dead monkeys or through infected ticks.


And yet, no reports confirmed that it is contagious.

Monkey fever symptoms

The virus starts its journey inside the human body by its incubation period. Which last for 3-8 days.

symptoms of monkey fever

After it strengthens itself and got the upper hand on your immune system. it starts to show its symptoms with sudden fever, very painful frontal headache, muscle and body pain to an extent that you cannot move your body. According to your Immune system durability, symptoms might develop to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. And the most common symptom is high temperature. Thus, it is expected to reach 104 F/40 C.

You need to be patient with a high survival psychological tendency to bear it for 5-12 days.

It is possible to bleed from your nose or during excretion. This is a sign of hemorrhage.

If your case is severe, you will complain from neck stiffens, tremors confusion, dizziness, and un-controlled physical reactions.

In the worst-case expect seizures, coma and death in 2%-10% from the total cases reported, revealed by National Health Portal, India.

Please be optimistic. It means up to 98% pass these stages safely. You might be one of them

And even in the severe cases, you can recover. seizures might stay for a while, but you still can make it. It just takes from 1-2 weeks.

Be patient and hopefully you will be okay. It will just take several months for complete healing.

Diagnosis of monkey fever

You can be diagnosed as (KFDV) after 3 days form your infection.

PCR molecular detection is used to assess your blood after taking a sample from your vein.

Diagnosis of Monkey Fever

After that, (ELISA) which is enzyme-linked immunosorbent serologic, test the result for either positive or negative.

Treatment of monkey fever

Unfortunately, there is no cure yet. But do not panic. just follow the protocol by hospitalization, keep yourself hydrated, and rest to regain your immunity. Hopefully, you will be fine by the end.

Prevention of monkey fever

Yes, scientists may have not developed a vaccine for human yet. However, Vaccines for monkeys themselves do exist.

On 10 Jan 2019. It was confirmed that Indian health officials have administered the vaccine to monkeys’ location within 5km away.

Also, authorities have already taken the action and handed out bug sprays and Insect repellants which prevent the tick bite and its spread by almost 10km radius.

Prevention of monkey fever

The minister of Karanka for health and family; Shivanand Patil, has blamed the health departments. Accused them of being the reason behind those deaths due to a lapse and not following the protocol. He explained that “he got surprised when he noticed the health department lapses. And due to their negligence, there will be an internal inquiry for all related departments including forest, health, rural development and the veterinary”.

Also, he promised to “Contain the disease and focus on banning the virus spreading once more”.departments including forest, health, rural development and the veterinary”. Also, he promised to “Contain the disease and focus on banning the virus spreading once more”.

Also, one of the ways that I advise you to do is:  always maintain your immunity good state, with sleeping well and right diet regimen.

You can easily boost your immunity through different foods Such as:

Immune system booster foods

1- Citrus Fruit

Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, and even Strawberry.

They contain vitamin C, which increases the white blood cell count needed to fight foreign bodies.

Include them daily to your diet. Either in the solid form as food or in the liquid form as juices.

2- Broccoli


It is one of the top vegetables that boosts your immunity. Broccoli contains minerals, vitamins A, C and E in addition to anti-oxidants.

It is preferable to eat it as raw as you can to take all the benefits. And it is okay to eat it steamed as well.

3- Almond

Almond contains vitamin E which is highly important for a healthy immune system. An only half cup will provide you with almost 100% of the needed amount of vitamin E daily.

4- Kiwi

It contains dozens of natural essential elements such as folate, vitamin K and C, and potassium. it is highly recommended due to vitamin C, which improves the immune system. In addition to other nutrients that keep all the organs function properly.

Eventually, all my wishes to all the patients to heal soon.

And always remember that: your psychological state plays an equal role as meditation for your health and well- functioning organs.

Thus, always tell yourself that “I will be okay, I will survive it”

And I am sure that you will stay safe, stay protected😊

Name Nourhan El-shneky

Major: Bachelor’s degree Of Pharmacy and Researcher