What an annoying flu symptom!


No matter the type of cough be it dry or wet, the feeling is always horrible.

Cough relief solutions for health

Although it is quite unbelievable, coughing is the body’s way of cleaning your respiratory tract. As it frees your lungs from mucus and irritants. When your nervous system senses an irritant particle inside your airway, it sends a signal to your brain. To order it do the proper reflex action. Thus, your brain sends a signal to your lung, to cough this foreign irritant particle out of your airway.

However, no matter the good reason behind that, cough is still intolerable for too long. As a result, you might do just anything to make it go away.

Here, I will provide you with natural remedies for cough. According to either dry or wet cough you have, use the proper herb for it.

Dry cough

Usually, dry cough is due to an infection in your upper respiratory tract. Consequently, it gets worse at night and accompanied by lots of chest pain. As a result of constant coughing, back pain might occur.

Red clover herb

Red clover has nutritious value and other valuable health benefits. It has been significantly used in herbal medicine; to treat different forms of respiratory infections. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (BHP) prescribed red clover herb for whooping cough.

Mechanism of action:

The effect of red clover herb in treating respiratory health issue; comes from the resin content “Iso-flavones”. This resinous constituent helps in curing coughs; due to its antimicrobial effect.


The FDA included red cloves herb in its list for multiple health issues.  And, it categorized it as a safe herb, however

  • Take care in pregnancy and breastfeeding; as red clover herb has an estrogen-like effect. Thus, it will cause hormonal imbalance. As a result, avoid if you are a breast or ovarian cancer patient.
  • Avoid red clover herb If you have a low platelet count. Or, you have protein s deficiency, which increases blood clot formation. Because it will worsen the case forming more clots.
Recommended dose:
  • For a strong effect, physicians prescribe 40 mg twice daily. Ask about Promensil”, which is an OTC drug in the pharmacies.
  • Or, use approximately 5 grams of the whole red clover plant as a tea.

The other herb for dry cough we have today is…

Ginger herb

Ginger herb is one of the healthiest herbs in the world. It contains several bioactive compounds, which provides significant benefit in reducing various ailment. Ginger herb swipes the body toxins, which makes it helpful for flu symptoms.

Mechanism of action:

The ginger herb helps in soothing dry cough. Because it has an anti-inflammatory property.  Studies proved that it helps in relaxing the membranes in the airways. As a result, it works considerably in reducing dry cough.


Ginger herb is a highly safe herb. Thus, the only precautions you shall consider are:

  • The ginger herb increases Insulin level and lowers blood sugar. Thus, caution when using if you are Diabetic.
  • The ginger herb might increase bleeding risk.
  • heartburn or stomach upset is a possible side effect.
Method of preparation and recommended dose:
  1. Slice your fresh ginger herb and add about 20-40g into a pot of water.
  2. Then, allow it to boil for some minute.
  3. After that, leave it to cool down.
  4. You can add honey to make it taste better before drinking.
Productive cough

A productive cough is also known as a wet cough. This results in expelling much mucus in your cough. Certainly, you hear the mucus in your lung while coughing. In order to treat cough, is to make it more productive. Consequently, the mucus flow will help in clearing out the infection.
Let me start with the first herb, that will help to produce cough.

Thyme herb

Thyme herb is mostly used as spices. Also, it plays a functional role when used for medicinal purpose. Physicians prescribe thyme for cough and other health-related infections.

Mechanism of action:

Thyme herb is an excellent remedy for cough, due to its antioxidant effect. it can fight infection, as well as, dries the mucous membranes. Also, it relaxes bronchial spasm, which reduces productive cough.

  • Do not take in a large dose, because it might promote nausea.
  • Always make sure to dilute the oil before using orally. Because the concentrated form is too strong and can be irritating.
Recommended dose:
  • When taking thyme herb in the form of tea, add 2 teaspoons of dried thyme herb to 1 cup of hot water.
  • Then, allow to cool down, and sieve the clear liquid.
  • You can also use the oil form as massage. Apply it on the upper part of your chest, back, and neck region.

Our next and last herb for productive cough is…

Pineapples tropical fruit

Pineapples tropical fruit are more than just the common fruit. Several studies showed multiple health in this fruit. According to a 2010 study, pineapple tropical juice showed high efficiency in treating tuberculosis.

Mechanism of Action:

Pineapple tropical fruit active ingredient is Bromelain, which is an anti-inflammatory substance. It is mostly concentrated around the core of the fruit. Also, it contains a high level of vitamin C, which improves the immune system function. As a result, it causes a Mucolytic effect, that break down mucus.

  • If you have a history of pineapple tropical fruit allergy, then it is not advisable to use this remedy.
  • If you take an antibiotic drug, then avoid bromelain. Because, it will Increase the antibiotics dose in your system, due to the synergistic effect. Results in increasing the side effect.
Recommended dose:
  • Fresh pineapple tropical juice can be taken to soothe coughing.

Also, you can follow this cough remedy 😉.

  1. Add pineapple juice in the blender, with 1 teaspoonful minced or chopped ginger.
  2. Also, you can add 1 tablespoonful honey for better taste.
  3. 1/4 teaspoonful cayenne pepper and salt.
  4. Drink quarter a cup.

These remedies are all well researched, follow them and I can assure you a better health state. And do not rush the judge on these remedies. Because cough takes 2-3 weeks for complete cure 😊.

Wait for the coming article. I am sure you will like it as well; I will discuss the natural treatment remedy for the running and the contestant’s nose 😉.

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