Surprising diseases that cause weight gain

Are you wondering why the sudden weight gain?

Recently, gaining weight became a normal phenomenon. Because fast food restraints and delicious un-healthy meals tend to be ubiquitous. It is normal to gain weight when you eat Large quantities of food and calorie intake with haphazard lifestyle. On the other hand, for some people gaining weight is crucial. And for that, they eat the right amount of food healthily and doing the exercise procedures properly.

Surprising Diseases That Cause Weight Gain for health

However, when you start gaining weight all of a sudden, it might become alarming!

And this can sometimes be due to some medical conditions you probably don’t know about. So, if you happen to be experiencing such, then this article is here to enlighten you on the  6 kinds of diseases that can cause weight gain.

Cushing syndrome

Clinical Manifestations of Cushing's Syndrome

Are you frequent corticosteroid abuse? Cushing syndrome has to do with an abnormal increase of cortisol. Although, this is a rare disease and mostly occur as a result of drug side effect (corticosteroid medication) when taken in excess. This disease often leads to weight loss, and this is as a result of, cortisol makes fat to go to some areas of the body.

Sign and symptoms

  • There is usually weight gain and deposit of fatty tissues around areas of the body most especially around the upper region of the back, midsection, and between the shoulders.
  • The face becomes round, with stretch marks appearing on your face.


  • Back, midsection, and between the shoulders.
  • The face becomes round, with stretch marks appearing on your skin.

Please, avoid being stressed all the time!

Hypothyroidism occurs when your thyroid gland produces low thyroid hormones. And the hormones are responsible for metabolism regulations. When this happens, the metabolism of the body slows down, and according to a dietitian, this can lead to weight gain. There are multiple causes for hyperthyroidism: genetic disorders, autoimmune disease, acquired from environmental habits, or mixed. One of the actual problematic cause of environmental habits is being stressed all the time. containing yourself, when pressured and refusing to Eliminate that stress by any means, will certainly cause organs mis functionality.

Signs and symptoms

  • Weight gain and tiredness
  • The weakness of the muscle, pains, and joints swelling
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • High cholesterol level

Hashimoto’s disease

symptoms for Hashimoto's Disease

This is not your fault,  According to Healthline, the cause of this disease isn’t apparent, some certain scientist suggests it’s genetic. Hashimoto is an autoimmune disease which makes the white blood cells and antibodies to fight against your thyroid mistakenly causing weight gain and other health-related issues.

Signs and symptoms

  • High cholesterol level
  • Heart problem
  • Anemia

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Are you a girl or a woman? Polycystic syndrome mostly a hormonal disorder associated with women. It affects the way the ovaries perform its function. If you are suffering from this disease, then you tend to put on weight around your waist.


According to a dietician, the more weight you put on, the more insulin resistance your body show, which will lead to more weight gain due to the high glucose level.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Many studies showed that 40-60% from the un-married women experience polycystic ovary. That is why getting married improves the symptoms to an extent to complete treatment. There are 3 levels to polycystic ovary syndrome, the more the symptoms appear the higher the level you have.

Signs and symptoms

  • Lengthy menstrual cycle.
  • Ovaries become enlarged and might not function well.
  • Weight gain.
  • Increase hair formation in places where women usually do not form hair (chest, mustache and facial hair, abdominal hair).
  • High testosterone level.


Do not underestimate the low quality and quantity of sleep.

Although it seems that insomnia is a normal case the happens to all of us, some people insomnia is a serious disease that needs to be treated.

Researches have been carried out on how low amount of sleep can affect your metabolism. Sleeping less at night for an adult might increase your appetite mostly for calories rich foods.

So, eat more and burn less Do you know why? Because, when you don’t get enough sleep, the hormones regulating hunger will be inactive making you want to eat more. Also, lack of sleep can result in tiredness and inadequate physical activities, and these are leading factors to weight gain.

Signs and symptoms

  • Inability to fall asleep.
  • Thinking all the time especially overnight.
  • Weight gain.

Prolactinoma tumor

It is not life-threateningProlactinoma is a kind of tumor that develops in your pituitary gland. Prolactinoma is often not cancerous but causes your pituitary gland to produce more of prolactin hormone. Which eventually leads to weight gain.

Signs and symptoms

  • A benign tumor that leads to overweight
  • Headache
  • Vision disorder
  • Infertility and erectile dysfunction

According to the mayo clinic, if you feel you have a problem with your sleep and it’s preventing you from carrying out your daily activities properly then contact your doctor.

Unwanted Weight Gain prevention

Then, if you start Noticing any unwanted weight gain, you shall consult your doctor to know what exactly the cause might be. And if diagnosed with any weight-related disease; necessary and preventive measured should be carried out instantly. And do not worry… For every disease, there is a cure.

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