Natural remedies for fair and glowing skin

Our skin is the most important sense organs our body has. It covers our body, creates an aesthetic look, and helps us stay fresh all day. Our skin is also like a test card that shows the inner health of our bodies. If our body’s metabolism is not up to the mark, it can be seen on the exterior layer of the skin. If we are eating right, then we will have glowing skin.

But skin can also become prone to other issues like genetic factors or environmental reasons. Hence, it can deteriorate and age before time. You need to keep it protected all the time. Like our bodies, our skin also needs food. It needs constant moisture, sweating, scrubbing, washing, and massaging. For those who take care of their skin, they can reap great rewards. For others, it might be a hard scenario. Buckle up as we help you in a natural way. We will tell you the best natural remedies for glowing skin.

How to get fair skin naturally?

Turmeric – The best natural remedy for fair and glowing skin

Our natural ingredients have all types of medicinal properties. One such ingredient or one of the best natural remedies for glowing skin is Turmeric. Turmeric is a great antiseptic and skin-lightening product. It helps minimizes scars, marks of wounds, acne marks, or wrinkles. Turmeric can also fight allergies. It is anti-inflammatory and reduces skin infections. It can help avoid skin disorders to make your skin glowing and full of life.

turmeric for glowing skin

One can start using turmeric at home. All you need to do is to mix one tablespoon of the powder with pineapple juice to make a good paste. Apply the paste on your face and neck. Leave the pack until you feel it is dry. Wash the face pack with lukewarm water. The remedy is effective if followed two to three times a week.

Another method is to use turmeric by mixing it with gram flour and water. You can apply the paste on the skin and leave until it dries out. Wash with water and scrub off the dead skin gently. Follow the procedure once a week for better results.

Aloe vera for glowing skin

You must have seen the visuals of a plant with long green leaves on various skin and cosmetic products. The plant is aloe vera. Its use in various cosmetic preparation is enough to depict its beneficial properties for getting radiant skin naturally. It is used in shampoos, face washes, scrubs, soaps, and even face masks.

Aloe Vera for glowing skin

But did you know that natural aloe vera is always better than other formulations? It bestows miraculous benefits on our skin. Its antibacterial properties kill bacteria causing acne on our skin. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It makes our skin stiff and helps soothe it. The plant also has astringent properties that help heal marks and scars. Furthermore, the plant also provides required moisture to our skin to regain glow naturally.

You can grow the aloe vera plant by buying the seedling for any nursery. It is available very cheap in plant nurseries. You can extract the gel by simply cutting along the leaf of the plant. Use the gel on the face with the help of cotton. Allow the gel to dry and then rinse it with lukewarm water. You can also leave the gel overnight or use it as a face wash. Follow the procedure on a daily basis for best results.

Lemon for fair glowing skin

Everyone loves a spoon of lemon in food preparations. However, lemon is also used to promote radiant skin naturally. It consists of citric acid that keeps the skin clear. It removes the dead cell. The vitamin C helps lighten dark spots. It also encourages cell regeneration. In addition to this, lemon is also having bleaching properties that improve the fairness of the skin.

Lemon for glowing skin

One can apply lemon juice from fresh lemons on the face and neck. Leaving it for ten minutes and then washing it off is a good idea. You can also rub cucumber slices to moisturize the skin. One more option is to squeeze lemon juice and mix it with honey. The face mask can be applied for 10 – 20 minutes. Applying the scrub of sugar and lemon can exfoliate the skin. You can also scrub your hands with these preparations. Follow these remedies once or twice a weak. Lemon is probably the most important ingredient in the golden rules for glowing skin.


Coconut oil promotes clear skin

Being rich in antioxidants, coconut can help percent radical activity. This is why is it is in the homemade natural tips for glowing skin lists. It prevents dullness of skin. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that promote clear skin in both men and women. It retains the moisture of the skin as well. The oil penetrates deeply into the skin and thus helps in its revitalization.

Coconut oil for glowing skin

For preparation, simply warm up some coconut oil and then apply it on the face. You can also use it on the neck, hands, and arms as well. You may or may not rinse the oil as it can also be absorbed in the skin is too dry.

Coconut oil is very rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical activity, which is one of the reasons behind dull and lifeless skin. Also, its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties help maintain clear skin. Plus, it will keep your skin soft and moisturized as this oil can penetrate deep into the underlying tissues of the skin.

You might have a hard time believing it but mint is good for the skin. The reason is its cooling and soothing effect. It can make the skin remain healthy and glowing for years. Its healing properties also help in fighting infections.

Mint for glowing skin

To use mint, you can take a teaspoon of mint powder and add it with yogurt. Set the mixture apart for 30 minutes and then stir properly making a paste. Apply the thick pack on the face and neck. Leave until its dry and then rinse with lukewarm water. Use the face-mask once in a week. You can also add other skin-friendly ingredients such as neem, basil, or green tea extracts.

Potato juice for skin

Potato juice

Potato juice is good for the skin. It helps to remove the dead skin face and also revitalizes it with carbohydrates. The raw potatoes extract can help bleach the skin and retain its glowing properties. You can use the juice by first cutting and then chopping the raw potato. After this, squeeze out the juice in a bowl. Apply the juice over the face and then rinse after 10 minutes. The juice is to be used immediately after extraction and should not be stored. You can get around 15 ml of juice from one potato. Use the method twice a week for good results.

Baking soda face wash

Baking soda for the smooth texture of the skin

You might have seen this ingredient in your kitchen or pantry area. Baking soda is used widely in several food preparations. It is a perfect pH balancing agent. It also balances pH levels of the skin. This helps maintain a smooth texture of the skin. It also has a mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. This can deal with problems like spots, acne, and marks. It is also a good exfoliating agent. Regular use of baking soda can keep dust and impurities at bay. Moreover, it also helps remove dead skin cells forcing the growth of new ones.

baking soda for skin

Using baking soda contains two recipes. In first you can mix one teaspoon of baking soda with an equal quantity of lemon juice.  Simply cleanse your face with the solution and exfoliate the dead skin. Then rinse the face with warm water. Use a towel to pat dry. Follow the natural remedy two times a week.

The second method is mixing a single teaspoon of baking soda with honey. Make a mixture and then apply it on damp skin. Massage the viscous liquid gently until the skin absorbs the mixture. Wash with warm water. You can also splash cold water to get rid of the paste properly. Use this once a week.

You can choose any home remedy that suits you best. Additionally, you can try out all the preparations and analyze which one is best for your skin. Since there are no side effects to these remedies, there is nothing to lose. And all of them are worth trying.

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