Is it a life-threatening symptom?

Natural Remedies for Fever as Flu Symptom


It depends, Usually, viral and bacterial infection fever is a life-threatening symptom. At that moment, your body temperature reaches up to 40-42 degree Celsius. this fever lasts for more than 72 hours.

However, the common flu fever is not serious. It is a sign that your body is fighting a certain illness.

Life-Threatening symptom

Hardly remains flu fever for 2-3 Days. Even though, this fever does not need an antibiotic for treatment.

In all cases, what are the instructions that you should follow to reduce a fever?

The best way to treat fever is to drink plenty of liquids. As fluids prevent dehydration. Thus,  maintaining normal body temperature.

Tips: fever is a manipulative symptom

Yes, you can easily treat it with antipathetic remedies. However, medications will work only to 38 degree Celsius. After that, no matter what you do…

fever is a Manipulative symptom

No treatment will work! The only way for antipathetic to work once more is to trick your body.

How is that?

  1. Force yourself to apply Ice on specific body parts. For example: (neck, back of your knees, underarms and the aquarium).
  2. Take a cold shower to cool up your body.

After that, start your antipyretic herbal remedies.

Basil leaves

“Basil is a very beneficial bio-active herb. Especially, when it comes to treating fever”.  This is what Dr. Ashutosh Gautam said, who is an Ayurveda expert.

I am sure you are asking: to what extent does this herb show an effect? Actually, Basil competes with other antibiotic drugs. Yes, and when scientists found high efficiency of basil; they decided to use it in drug production.

Mechanism of action:

I know you wonder, from where does this herb get its perfect activity? The answer is, from vicenin and orienting. Surprisingly, these 2 poor bio-active components, provides variable health properties.  Fortunately, basil has antioxidants. Anti-microbial and antibacterial properties. Do you think that scientists will not make use from this precious herb? Off course, not. As a result, this drive physicians to prescribe it in a fever. Basil leaves for prevention from flu

The good thing is, it even enhances the immune system, as well as, maintain normal body temperature. As a result, consider basil in your diet, and I can assure you an overall good health state.

  • you should not take basil with any anti-clotting drugs. Because basil has blood-thinning property.
  • Avoid basil if you are hypotensive patient, as well as if you are a hypertensive patient. Because it might lower the blood pressure.

Method of preparation and recommended dose:

  • Boil about 20 leaves of basil.
  • Then, your ginger which is about 1 teaspoonful. Yes ginger, because it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Thus, it elevates your immune system function. As a result, it assures you a quick relief ;).
  • After that, leave it to boil until the water becomes halved.
  • Eventually, add a little amount of honey and drink.

Drink the tea 2-3 times daily for three days. And enjoy the pleasant taste with a healthy effect :).

Now, let me discuss another herb. People are using it for a long time due to its efficiency.

Cilantro Leaves

Cilantro Leaves

I know that Cilantro is not a well-known herb. However, when I say coriander plant, people get more Alerted. Actually, cilantro herb refers to a coriander plant. Usually, we add coriander to our food as spices. Because it provides an appealing taste. On the other hand, coriander showed diverse and crucial medicinal properties. Even though, it has a role in treating diabetes and cancer. Do you think such a powerful herb can not treat fever?. Yes, it depends on its activity.  But when you know about antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Now, you will be certain about its perfect action toward fever.

Mechanism of action

Do you want to know why cilantro leaves are that effective?  take your breath and let’s count the bio-active components. Simply, because it contains vitamin A, K, and C. In which enhances the immune system

. Additionally, it contains copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Thus, it assures a perfect health state. Also, it has antibiotic properties, which can easily fight Viral Infections.

Let’s talk about the precautions, in case of any.


The most important thing I would like to tell you is: Do not consume Cilantro. Because…

  • it can affect your liver activity.
  • Because it slows down blood clotting. Thus I recommend avoiding it if you have a bleeding disorder or a surgery appointment.
  • And it is better to avoid if you are pregnant. Because it results in uterine contractility. Also, it reduces the conception of the chance for pregnancy.

Method of preparation and recommended dose

Dr. Vasant Lad, who wrote the comprehensive book about Ayurveda, assured that “these coming steps will definitely help to improve the fever”.

Steps are:

  1. Put a handful of cilantro leaves in a blender.
  2. Then, blend with 1/3 cup of water thoroughly and sieve it.
  3. Finally, separate the clear liquid in a cup.

Administer 2 teaspoons from the clear liquid 3 times daily.

Let’s jump to the third, and the most effective herb that relieves fever 😉.

Willow Bark

Willow Bark

Willow is a ubiquitous herb. you can find it in  Asia, North America, and Europe. When scientists did a lot of researches on it; studies showed that it has an antipyretic effect. Do you know what is the most effective administration way? It is Chewing the herb. And if you are aware of the pharmaceutical market, you will know that there is a chew-able aspirin as well. Is it a coincidence? No. In fact, scientists use willow bark in aspirin production.  this will be more pleasant and easy for children to use. In which it has a fever relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mechanism of action:

I am sure you know have understood that willow has multiple crucial health benefits. For your record, its active ingredient is “Salicin”. I must say that willow showed an acetylsalicylic acid property. As a result, physicians prescribe it instead of aspirin. I assume you can guess now, why is that? Because willow bark is more potent than conventional drugs themselves. Add to your list, its side effect and risk factors are not that threatening.


Reye syndrome for flu

Although most researches proved that it is a safe herb. This is only for healthy people. However, there is always a warning for…

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid willow bark. Because it might cause Reye’s syndrome. In which the child experience liver and brain swelling. Unfortunately, Reye’s syndrome might lead to death.
  • Also, avoid willow bark if you have kidney problems. As it reduces kidney blood flow. Results in kidney failure.
  • It is prohibited to people with diabetes, asthma, stomach ulcers, gout hemophilia, hypoprothrombinemia, and liver.

Recommended Dose:

  • For capsule form, use 240 mg daily.
  • Also, you can drink it as a teacup.
Thus, if you considered those herbs as an antipyretic, you will recover so soon with no harm.

I know that… sometimes you think that fever may be the result for. Flu- Headache”.

Could that happen, or there is another reason behind the headache?

You will find the answer in the next article😉.

Keep checking our posts for recent articles. Stay healthy…

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