What is the connection between your heart and brain?

When you are in an urge to catch two rabbits in a bush you end up with none in your hand. Unfortunately, if we relate the above title with this popular idiom, people today are in this same rush. Great personalities standing on the dais have given us the tagline that there is a difference in what our mind dictates and our heart craves for. Concurrently, we have followed the rush and presumed that this confident statement carries weight. These people have always insisted on following what our heart says ‘specifically’ and you were left in a dilemma. So What is the connection between your heart and brain?

You might have exited the auditorium that day with a positive vibe and a gut feeling that now you see away and are capable of making decisions, but you are still trapped and now in a vicious circle. This is because now you are introduced to two thoughts and furthermore you are told to monitor your heart-talks.

You now sit in your bedroom and contemplate your thoughts and try to distinguish them. Here you ought to create a blunder again out of the chaos of so-called heart and mind talks and you are again dragged to the point from where you started.

connection between your heart and brain

Have you mulled over this fact that how thoughts can be generated from a pumping machine?

I am not trying to demean whatever that has been preached to you until now. It is just that this science might have not been delivered to you in a proper way or you might have not processed it in your heads the way it should have been. This concept is just as simple as shooting a fish in the barrel. Your mind generates thoughts.

Your heart pumps blood to all the parts of your body ensuring its proper working. That is it. To brief it in normal terms, the mind is the only organ in this intricately engineered human body that processes thoughts. Following your thoughts emotions bloom in. You then relate them with my-heart-says kind of speeches that are continuously drummed into your heads and ears and a whole fuss is created leaving you clueless.

From now on let us refer ‘heart‘ as your emotion and see how both your thoughts and emotions are interrelated. Let us take an instance where you have joined a new company as a trainee. You being an inexperienced person in your team are continuously interrogated and thrown an inferior glare by your manager, every time you are given charge of duty which makes you turn distasteful towards him.

This customary attitude towards new employees prevails in most of the companies today due to the lack of knowledge they hold in the industrial field. After a year or two, monitoring your performance his behavior towards your changes. Now that you have created your dependency on the project, the managers are inclined towards you for every clarifications and status they need on a frequent basis.

You slowly become aware of how this atmosphere around you exponentially took a positive curve. You seem to be even thinking of your manager’s too-friendly relations but you somewhat hesitate to emote this feeling of yours, because now your emotions hover around you.

On one side you have a positive vibe that ‘you matter to the company’ but your emotions still couldn’t get over the nasty feeling about your manager that you have developed in these past few months.

If you consider this scenario in an unintelligent way by referring your emotions to your heart-talks, obviously you would have jumbled up which thought originates from where. Here comes the loophole in our understanding while we were busy digesting the taglines people drilled into our heads. This is the sole reason why most people fail to deal with situations around them.

We have to come to terms with, that we cannot have two contradictory thoughts on a subject or object at the same time. In the above example, you cannot be friendly and nasty at the same time as your manager. In the first scenario, if you are downcast you are bound to emote the way you feel. It is impossible to cheer your manager up each time he shoves you due to your inexperience.

In the second scenario, you and your manager are on the same track. But the only difference is, the nasty feeling that you haveinside fails to cope up with the positivity suddenly have. Conferring on this example we find that one leads whereas the other lags. Your thoughts take turns and twists with the changes that take place around you. But your emotions need time to walk in space with your thoughts.

Also, there are situations when your heart shows its dominance more than your mind. In cases when you encounter your first love or experience the sudden demise of your close ones, your heart reacts more prominently.

The variations in your heartbeats are just to square up the other hormonal changes that take place in such situations. In today’s world, most of the people have caged themselves in false relations.


Every time a nasty feeling surpasses across their mind for their partner. Without giving a single thought for such thought they choose to flow with the emotion. This still gives them romantic vibes of the past. Such choices are popular as we know that heart is where the truth lies. In reality, you are portraying your mind as a villain every time it chooses to appear in such situations.

Thus the thoughts and emotions go hand in hand. We have specifically categorized our emotions as our ‘Passion’. This may not necessarily true in every situation. You might realize this as soon as your emotion comes to terms with your thoughts. This is the reason why most people fail in their businesses, personal and professional life. Balancing out these two is an art.

This is important so as to maintain a fulfilling life. The manifestation of these two things is of extreme importance. They play a major role in the blissful existence of human life.

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