You need to prevent premature graying of hairs unless you are George Clooney. Here are a few tips that can help!

You sit at home watching a home shop channel featuring tonics to prevent hair greying. And then you are being advised or mocked to be precise, by your better half about consuming unendurable herbs to avert graying of hair.

premature graying of hairs

You are mocked by your colleagues about the impulsive aging process you are going through. If you are facing all these situations, it might be the case of depression concerning the graying of hairs before time. Just because George Clooney looks dashing with gray hair, it doesn’t mean you will too.

No, it’s not cool.


Graying of hair before age is harmful, egregious and worrisome for our health. Needless to say, you have to stop it right now and work on it. Hairs, as we know are one of the most prized possessions for men and women. While dark black hairs are the epitome of health and youth, grey hairs show how your aging faster than others.

So what exactly could be the reason for the greying of hairs? Studies reveal that hair also requires the exact amount of attention and nourishment as our body to get stronger, stay in their natural color and to remain shiny. While excessive hair washing may lead to loss of 250-300 strands during the morning shower, deficiency of vitamins can also contribute to the enigma of hair greying before you age. In some cases, the greying of hair may be attributed to a deteriorating health condition or a genetic problem. It should be noticed that even stress and tensions can play a big part in making the hair lose their color before time.

With hair losing their sheen and shine due to lack of proper care and nutrition, people are experiencing the bane of hair greying more than before. The after-effects of witnessing grey or white hair are so severe that, most people experience trauma and depression for a long period and sometimes need effective therapy sessions to bail them out of stressful times.

Getting the act right:

As the adage goes ”Prevention is better than cure”, therefore every effort made on the part of a sincere citizen for prevention of greying hair is worth it. Even if you experience hair fall whitening or greying quite often, it does not mean her hair issues cannot be addressed. No doubt, we cannot tamper with our genes if it is a genetic issue, but still, there are a whole lot of ideas and theories, which if implemented sincerely can arrest hair greying dramatically.

Iron-rich diet

iron rich diet

It is noticed that a vegetarian man or woman may be suffering from adequate iron deficiency which is the root cause of the weakening of hair.  In this scenario, attempts should be made to feed the body with surplus green vegetables which have high iron percent which can lead to hair getting back their luster.

Focus on Scalp

Focus on Scalp

A healthy scalp is half the problem solved. Individuals who have thin hair should ensure that they massage their scalps regularly with the best-suited hair oil. Recommended shampoos and hair conditioners can also play a pivotal role in making the scalp stronger and in a good state.

Seeking expert advice

When all the remedies have been tried and tested but the result is still non-existent, then it is better to ask for the services of a dermatologist.  An expert can always understand the hair issues in a profound manner and suggest appropriate solutions for his client. With vast hair treatments on the rise, the problem of premature hair greying can be handled properly.

Stress and smoking

stress grey hair

Well, smoking is the route cause of so many problems these days. The habit is never a good thing to look forward to. And such is the case here as well. Smoking can cause quick and early onset of grey hair. The reason is that smoking leads to the formation of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals may lead to further oxidative stress. This cause a decrease in melanin levels in our body. Melanin gives our hair its original color and when it depletes, our hair shall lose its original color automatically. Hence, smoking promotes hair greying. Also, when we smoke, the residue often revolves around our head and then settles on our scalp making our hair get weaker and lose their luster.

Stress is another underlying cause of the greying of hair. Combined with uncontrolled levels of anxiety and hypertension, stress promotes premature hair greying in both men and women.

Using the egg on hairs

using egg on hair

If you take care of your hair in a natural manner, they might serve you back by not getting grey or white before time. This remedy involves using egg on your hairs regularly so that you prevent greying beforehand. The reason we have chosen egg out of all other herbal remedies is the fact that it contains anti-oxidant like lutein that are known to reduce premature aging including greying of hair. These ingredients in the egg may even reverse the early greying of hairs in several individuals. You should use the egg by massaging your scalp with the egg oil. You should always look to leave the egg oil overnight to get better results.

Plucking is not a solution


When looking at a plethora of options and asking about tips to reduce hair greying by families and friends, you might once settle on getting rid of these by plucking them. Yes, many people tell us that plucking the grey hairs can help get rid of them permanently. This is not true. When you pluck the grey hair from its root, you are actually damaging the hair follicle. In no way, it means that the black hair will be produced from the same spot. Hence, plucking is not a long-term solution.

When you pluck, you are removing the possibility of hair growing back again as it takes time for the hair follicle to regenerate. In other words, you are shifting from one problem to another i.e. hair greying to hair loss by plucking.

People have myths about plucking hair causing the occurrence of a bunch of more grey hairs in the same position. Though this myth is not at all true, it does not make plucking a good idea. Even if we remove the toughness of picking each hair strand and plucking it in a proper manner, we can’t ignore the fact that it is a temporary solution. You will have to look for a permanent solution sooner or later.


Moving on, here we shall list some of the foods that can simply prevent premature greying of hairs. Snack on these essential foods and you shall have black hair till you enter your 60s. Let’s know them now.

Triphala – Treasure of our ancestors

Triphala is a mixture of three fruits that together work like a charm for not only hair but skin and eyes as well.

Try recalling it-haven’t you heard your grandma talking about this magic potion?

The fruits included in Triphala are bibhitaki, amalaki and hartaki. These are great for preventing graying of hair and keeps them healthy for longer


Which dry fruit is considered as the ‘Brainfood’ in the world? Is there a food you can store up to 2 years and still reap its health benefits?

Almonds for grey hair

Without a doubt, it’s Almond–the crunchiest dry fruit of all time.

And what’s more? It helps replenish your hair while preventing premature graying. The reason being the amount of vitamin E it contains along with copper and protein. Also, it has 90 percent unsaturated fat, so you can consume almonds without worrying about getting fat. It really helps!


Salmon for grey hair

Omega-3 rich foods increase the efficiency of brain functions while improving our memory. Not only that, but these also help in preventing the premature graying of hairs. Salmon food rich is loaded with omega-3 which acts like a charm for our scalp haleness and hair growth. It also consists of nutrients like vitamin-B, proteins, minerals and so on. If you belong to the no-fish eating people cluster, you can always opt for other omega-3rich supplements.


Berries for grey hair

While nothing beats the taste of fresh berries, the more astonishing fact is that they can be really effective for our health. Because they are rich in antioxidants and minerals, berries can keep your natural color intact for longer. One of the most influential berries to be included in your diet is the Indian Gooseberry or commonly known as ‘amla’. It works wonder for slowing down the aging process as far as the upper fraction of your body is concerned.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables for grey hair

Out of many causes of graying of hairs including stress, unhealthy eating habits or other syndromes, lack of folic acid is one that can be dealt with easily. The trick here is to eat green leafy vegetables. Pounce on dark green-leaf containing foods like lettuce, spinach, and broccoli. These are naturally rich in folic acid and will stop graying of your hair.


One should never underestimate the large quantity of hair fall while combing or during showers. Immediate solutions should be found out for the hair issues and if the problem persists, a professional’s guidance should be taken at the earliest.

Imagine a scenario in which you wake up a morning and find plenty of white hairs on your head, in your bears and even on your sidelocks. Won’t that be intimidating? Well, that can be true if you don’t focus on your diet and prevention of hair greying. The premature greying needs attention as soon as you witness the first white or grey hair strand on your scalp.

Aging is a process that cannot be stopped but can be delayed for sure. And if you are aging before time, it starts showing right at your scalp. Graying of hair is not at all a healthy symptom.

So make notes, plan your eating schedule and get on the road of stopping the graying of your hair with these foods.

However, as fast-paced lifestyles and changing, routines are witnessed all around the globe, women are reportedly undergoing a phase where their hair is bearing the brunt of negligence. We try to make everyone focus on this unnoticed issue and help people who are actually dealing with this problem. We hope that our tips will help you out in a fruitful way.

Always remember that it is health that is the real wealth instead of pieces of gold or diamond.

Concluding, here are some tips to avoid premature hair greying:
  • Remember that diet is the key. You should always look to include a well-balanced diet that keeps your hair healthy.
  • Always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner on your hair. If possible, you may go for natural products that contain no chemicals and only herbal ingredients.
  • Take care of your hair as you would do it with your skin. This includes applying natural remedies, massaging your hairs regularly and getting a good hair spa every now and then.
  • Protect your hair from environmental factors such as pollution. Whenever possible, cover your hair when you are traveling outside or doing any physical activity.
  • Don’t panic if you see a grey hair. Stress will only make things worse. Instead, you should strategize a plan of action to get rid of hairs.
  • Avoid using dyes and colors unless the situation gets out of control. Dyes and color contain harmful chemicals that might cover your grey hair temporarily but are harmful in the long run.
  • Whenever possible, look for natural methods to cover your grey or white hair. This includes the regular use of Heena or black tea to get the luster back.
  • Keep your scalp clean and always free from any infections or dandruff. A clean scalp is a home to healthy hairs and hairs that do not show signs of greying before time
  • Use natural oil to nourish your hair from time to time. You should oil your hair in a complete manner at least twice every week. This makes them healthy and strong. Using oils like olive or coconut is a good option.
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