Remedies To Treat Skin Tags

When we decide to live happily, we think of a life free from any disease and syndromes. This relates to the number of syndromes that occur without any reason in today’s life. Some people concentrate on changing the diet routine to get free from diseases while others look to take help from medications or drugs. Some try to prevent the onset of conditions while others act late when they start to feel symptoms.

But there are some problems that we have no control over. These include birthmarks, skin pigmentations, skin moles and skin tags. These occur naturally without any explanation and can become a headache in no time. Today, we shall talk specifically about skin tags and ways to avoid these in the first place or remove them with few simple remedies.


Let’s kick things off with an amazing fact-almost every human being on this earth shall develop a skin tag once in his or her life. Yes, this is true, accounting for the commonness of these skin conditions. Skin tags are the most common bump on the skin of an adult. These are however not harmful. But if they bulge out or become too large, they can become annoying, not to mention the distraction in your beauty they cause.

So what are skin tags? Skin tags are tiny tissue pieces that are made up of blood vessels. They also contain in them, a protein fiber called collagen. Skin tags are usually soft and small. They appear as skin-colored growths hanging off from the skin. They might even appear like warts in some cases. The common skin extensions can vary in terms of size and colors. These can measure ranging from few millimeters to 5 cm in length.

Occurrence and causes

Skin tags can be found on your neck, under the breasts, armpits, around the groin, etc. The skin tags are harmless but may cause itching. Other than hereditary causes some of the most common reasons why skin tags develop include diabetes, thyroid imbalances, obesity, and pregnancy. These occurrences remain harmless when they are in the area below the neck. But, if you get skin tags on the face, you may get embarrassed by them as they will be easily seen. They can appear as ugly extensions on the eyelids, near your ear or on your neck. Skin tag has been regarded as the precursors of reduced confidence and will power especially in younger people.


Skin tags, when normal can be easily treated with various home remedies. But when the situation becomes out of control, for instance when you see it spreading to other parts, you should take proper medicine. Skin specialists may also recommend laser treatment to remove the skin tags permanently. But, we should not go that far as skin tags should be removed or treated in the first place as soon as they occur so we should try these remedies to treat skin tags.

Here are detailed remedies to treat skin tags that may act helpful:

Tea tree oil

The oil is essential for treating various types of skin conditions including one we are discussing here. To use this method, you should carefully apply only a few drops of tea tree oil on the skin tag using a sterilized cotton ball. You can then affix the oil to the skin tag using a bandage. The cotton ball is left on the skin for around 15 minutes. This process works well if repeated 2 to 3 times daily. You may see the result in several days. It will eventually make the tag fall off on itself.

Tea tree oil for skin tag

One thing to take note here is that the tea tree oil is quite volatile and can cause a burning sensation to the skin. Hence, one should use it cautiously especially for sensitive skin. Also, this method is not recommended for tags located near sensitive areas like eyes or nose.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

You might have noticed apple cider vinegar uses in various skin conditions. This is because the herbal product has anti-bacterial properties. It is also effective in treating or getting rid of skin tags. You can apply the vinegar by soaking a small cotton ball and then affixing it to the skin tag using a doctored tape. Leave it for 15 minutes, 3 times a day. The tag shall fall off after this type of application continued for a few weeks. You should look for irritation from the apple cider vinegar. You can also do a patch test first on your palm to test the sensitivity to the vinegar. One should not use this method if you encounter any adverse reactions. Always prevent your eyes during application.



Liquid iodine is a very effective anti-bacterial agent. It can be used to remove skin tags. Iodine is used to treat or clean wounds or cuts in various medicinal applications. To use it on your skin tag, simply protest the skin first using petroleum jelly. You may use coconut oil for this step. Now soak a conical tip in iodine and spread the liquid all across the tag. Now, carefully cover the area with a bandage. Wait for few minutes so that iodine dries out. Repeat the treatment once daily until the tag falls off.



The process of the string is a physical method of removing skin tags. This method is somewhat similar to threading where a string is used to remove facial hairs. Only, in this process, the skin tag is tied. The string process uses ligation which is a scientific term used to remove or cutting of skin tags physically. The most essential part of this process is the device used.

One should have proper medical guidance before using this method. To do this, you need to cut off the blood flow to skin tag by tying it with a string. You can use a strong thread or dental floss for the purpose. When the blood flow is stopped completely, the skin tag will fall off. One thing to note here is that you may need to tighten the know every day as it may loosen up with time. This should be done twice a day. Your skin should properly be cleaned and all equipment should be sterilized properly.

Tag removal kits

Tag removal kits

Nowadays, many medical types of equipment are available online which can save you tons of money to be used if a physician or a skin specialist did the procedure. Same way, you may take the help of various skin tag removal kits available in the market. These kits work fine as long as you know the correct way to use them. Hence, reading the manual and instructions is always a good practice in this case specially. You don’t want unwanted wounds in the process of skin tag removal, Right?


After buying a good brand skin tag removal kit, you can use the device in the kit to cut off the supply of blood from the base of the tag. A tiny band is used in most cases. Without the blood supply, the cells in the skin tags will eventually die and the tag will drop after around a week or so.


skin moels first

Cutting is a more severe and permanent form of skin tag removal. This is usually performed and prescribed by a professional doctor. As one can guess the skin tag is removed with the help of scissors or a sharp blade. This process is done under the supervenience of the registered practitioner and should not be attempted for large-sized or medium-sized skin tags. It may lead to uncontrolled bleeding which can cause severe consequences. The skin cutting method might appear to be very effective. However, it should not be done for thick tags. It is best for skin tags having only narrow tags. All instruments including scissors and blades should be properly sterilized before and even after use.



The freezing is a method that was used for skin moels first. It is now also used in cases of skin tags. In this method, a product is used that contains liquid nitrogen. This freeze off the skin tags and then makes it fall off. The products are available easily in pharmacies and drug stores. One should always follow and adhere to the instructions provided on freezing kits.

The freezing process may require several applications and hence one should follow this process patiently. Eventually, the growth will fall off within the time period of 10 days. When you are using the freezing product, make sure that it does not come in contact with the skin surrounding. You may apply petroleum jelly for added protection.

Vitamin E and garlic

Vitamin E and garlic

Scientists believe that skin tags are not present from birth but are acquired during our lifetime. Their occurrence may increase with age. Hence, aging is a factor that contributes to the skin tag’s appearance. Vitamin E is an anti-aging compound that helps prevents wrinkles while keeping our skin healthy. Applying liquid vitamin E to skin tags may hinder its growth up to an extent that it vanishes. You can use vitamin oil by simply applying it with a cotton swab or an earbud on the skin tag.

Another anti-aging product is natural garlic. We all are aware of its help benefits and how it can make our skin looks younger. Garlic improves our skin by reducing inflammation. It also uses its anti-inflammatory properties to get rid of skin tags. This is one effective natural way of treating this stubborn skin problem. To use garlic, simply crush a few slices of it and then apply the paste on the tag. You can cover it with a bandage and leave it overnight. You might feel a bit of burning sensation which is normal. When you use this method daily at night, you will witness that the skin tag will shrink and disappear naturally.

Surgical procedures

Surgical procedures

Besides using the above-given remedies, you might still be doubtful about the after-effects of these treatment methods. Hence, you might need to know the various surgical methods that can remove skin tags almost instantaneously. In these procedures, the area where the skin tag is present is numbed by a skin doctor using local anesthesia. The various procedure a doctor may perform include:

Surgery- in this, the skin tag is snipped off from its base using surgical scissors. There will be a need for stitches after the surgery that is determined based on the location of the tag.

Cauterization- in this method, heat is used to close a wound. This also helps remove the skin tag growth from the body

Cryosurgery- This method involves spraying a small amount of liquid nitrogen on the skin tag. This freezes the growth and kills the tag.


Before you start treating or getting rid of your skin tags, you should understand them-why they are formed and what will be the after-effects of removing them. When you have proper knowledge of what you are dealing with, you can use the remedies described above. Also, everyone has a different body and different skin tags. A person might not develop a skin tag his entire life and one might have one or two occurring every year. Since the remedies are related to your exterior skin, it is always essential to choose wisely. If you are not a good dealer of pain, you may look for natural methods such as ginger or tea tree oil. If you can bear the pain and want instant removal, you might fancy freezing or cutting kits.

No matter how big or small your skin tag is, the process of removal should be carried out with proper precautions.

Concluding this piece, we shall list some precautions to be kept in mind before you take on the sensitive process:
  1. Always sterilize each and every equipment used before and after the method
  2. Wash hands with soap before and after the application
  3. Always do research on the type of method you are using
  4. When buying equipment or kits, always read the reviews to decide its authenticity
  5. Consult a practitioner whenever possible, before using the method
  6. Always read the instructions on kits or medical products before using them
  7. Look for any harmful ingredients on the products that might cause irritation
  8. If any method causes irritation, simply stop using it as soon as possible.
  9. Seek medical help if required
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