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Weight loss

If we have to think of one such industry which is overflowing with myths and confusions, it is the weight loss industry. More than half of the world and especially women are suffering from their weight issues. Sadly these problems are not taken seriously. Women are extremely sensitive about their weight. This vulnerability of theirs to desperately lose weight makes them soft targets of this industry.

Starting a weight loss journey is not just confusing but overwhelming. Plus with all this information floating around, often contradicting each other, it is extremely difficult to decide what to do and what not to do. There are lots of magazines and websites claiming to give the best weight loss tips. But due to an abundance of these, it is hard for people to understand the basics of weight loss.

The human brain works on evidence and logic. No matter how many crash diets and crazy workout plans you undergo, if your brain does not perceive the logic behind these, it is nearly impossible for you to weight loss. Additionally, this article aims to give you clarity on the basic mathematics of weight loss. Feed your brain the logic behind unbelievable transformations. Below are some extremely effective tips for weight loss that will benefit you in your weight loss goals.

The Mathematics Of Weight Loss

Consume More Calories

In order to understand the science of weight loss better, it is essential that we go back to basics. We all count our daily intake of energy in calories and here is an equation on how various tricks to losing weight work.

Consecutively, there are 3500 calories in one kilogram. Let’s say you aim to lose 20 kilograms for your breathtaking transformation. It makes it, 20*3500 calories which are 70,000 calories. Moreover, this means that you need to get rid of 70,000 cut calories to achieve your goal. Now, let’s say that you restrict your dietary intake of calories to 1300 calories per day. And you manage to burn around 1500 calories every day with a balanced workout plan of cardio and weight training.

Rest Metabolic Rate

Also, you will be surprised to know that our body burns hundreds of calories daily to carry out bodily functions. It is called Rest metabolic rate or Basal metabolic rate. You can easily calculate your RMR online. Let’s say it is 1900 calories per day.


Total calories our body loses per day with and without workout would be 1500+1900. This means that 3400 calories are burn by our body every day.

Not to forget, we are also eating 1300 calories so, total calorie burnout becomes 3400-1300= 2100 cal.

If you manage to burn 2100 calories effectively each day, you will be losing 14,700 calories each week. This narrows down to almost 4 kilos in a week. Sure, it sounds crazy, but scientifically, it works! At the same speed, if you lose 4 kilos in a single week, you’ll achieve your dream weight is not more than five weeks! Yes! That does look insane, but that is true.

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking two glasses of water right after you wake up can act magically for you. Drink one glass of water before meals to compensate for the water loss in the form of sweat and calories. Drinking water daily enhances your metabolism to up to 25-30% leading you to burn calories more effectively.
  2. Prefer whole eggs as your first meal of the day: One of the major tricks of losing weight is never skipping your breakfast as it wrecks your metabolism. Additionally, breakfast should be the most calorie-rich meal of the day you should eat whole boiled eggs. Moreover, grain-based bread keeps you full for longer and helps your body burn calories. For those who don’t eat eggs, protein-rich breakfast like a soya sandwich will do the trick.
  3. Black coffee: Every effective tip for weight loss almost always suggests sugar-free black coffee. Plain black coffee is proven to improve your metabolism up to 10% and hence increases your body’s rate of burning fat. Therefore, avoid adding sugar, honey or any other fatty things to your coffee as it will nullify your efforts.
  4. Intermittent fasting technique: This is an absolutely healthy way to losing weight. Intermittent fasting suggests eating a low-calorie diet one day and not eating anything at all the next. Moreover, follow this cycle for your entire weight-loss program, and you will see great benefits as this schedule keeps your metabolism on toes and encourages its speed.



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