The main goal of meditation is not getting rid of any thoughts or emotions. Meditation is basically a process of becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is helping yourself move swiftly through those emotions without getting stuck anywhere. It is said that the more regular you meditate, the more you will find yourself into the realms of peace and prosperity. To enhance your mental and heart health with meditation.

Meditation is now gaining momentum as the prime mode of improving mental and heart health. Here is why it is so important

What is meditation?

Meditation is basically a historical practice through which we can control our own minds and take charge of our life. We can boost our confidence and discover inner peace by meditating. In simple terms, it is a process to charge your batteries, improve heart circulation and calm down your consciousness.

It is believed that even if one percent of the entire world’s population starts meditating, the world would have been a different place. Still, meditation is increasing day by day with more and more people realizing its unique benefits.

The foremost advantage of meditation for heart and mind is that it is free. Unlike those medications and treatments, meditation is cost-free and anyone can try it regardless of age or class. You can practice it anywhere and feel happier.

Why is it important?

Meditation might appear to be philosophical to many people. Have you ever realized that your mind has taken to some other place? Do you ever feel thoughts pouring over your mind in an uncontrolled manner? and have you ever realized how your feelings and emotions are drawing towards negativity?

If you find yourself nodding to these questions, then you will surely feel the effect of meditation. You shall help yourself control the mind that might turn off the negative thoughts. Meditation will also avoid using your brains when it is not needed. It can help foster a healthy life and a good well being.

Meditation helps us in eliminating our negative thoughts that increase the health of our minds. It also removes worries, anxiety, and stress that calms down our hearts. It helps us feel happy. If you practice this ancient soothing technique, you can easily remove the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Too much theory right?? let’s get down to the meditation techniques that can help you in improving the health of your mind and heart.

Heart chakra

Experiencing heart chakra and its power- meditation level-pro

Heart Chakra is the physiological and spiritual center of the heart. It is also called as Anahata chakra. In terms of meditation, our heart contains a mystical silent sound. This is identical to the perpetual expansion of the universe. Hence, you need to identify the vibration within your heart. When you do this you will experience a profound stillness. When you practice the heart chakra opening technique, you can experience silence in your heart. This silence is what lies at the very foundation of being in the universe.

heart chakra

One can also try getting attuned to the vibration through the interior modes of our body. While practicing this technique, you can concentrate on the sound traveling through your nodes like vibrating strings of a guitar. You should realize the symphonies of pure sound vibrating through nerves and blood vessels.

The sound frequencies will develop on the prana and travel through fluids and body tissues. Additionally, you will align your bones and joints in a position of meditation, called Asana as your heart expands. This shall then amplify the sound of prana.

Om meditation

Meditation of OM for the heart- meditation level-pro

Om is said to be the mantra that can open the cores of your heart. It is the content that can harmonize the rhythms of your heart in the subtle body of a human. In Indian literature, the word Om means the sound current of the divine source. It can amplify the inner heart’s inner acoustics. It can elude the interpretive intellect powers of your heart.

The divine sound of Om can awaken and relax your heart and blood vessels. This heart rhythm is the source of vibratory harmonies that are audible if you meditate with focus and concentration. During the technique of reciting Om, you can expand heart space and absorb thoughts in the mind. This results in a state of happiness. Also, the spiritual heart vibrations become separate from your consciousness.

The flame of heart meditation- meditation level- intermediate

This is another important heart meditation technique. The tranquil practice can help your heart foster undistracted awareness. The meditation technique involves imagining steady fir flame in the core part of your heart.

The flame of heart meditation

To practice the technique, start by sitting on three-to-six inch support. Release the weight of your leg bones and pelvis onto a soft pillow. Then, start by lifting the trunk sides and try opening the region across the heart eyes. Calmly, close your eyes and start envisioning a peaceful flame that should be in the middle of your heart. You may start settling on a light rhythm that harmonizes with your breath. Now, imagine the flame burning more soothingly. If there is a distraction, the flame might flicker as it happens with a real flame. The less the flame shivers, the more concentration you gather.

The best part of this method is that you know when you are lacking concentration. If you are distracted, the flame might not burn brightly. Many times, you might also visualize the flame’s tip might oscillate and then turn into smoke. This will let you know that you are not meditating rightly and you can concentrate your efforts to enhance your focus.

You may also visualize an undisturbed flame with constant illumination in a peaceful setting. Soon enough, you may feel better after imagining radiance of this light that might fill your entire heart. You will slowly realize the spirit of great joy. The undying heart flame will signify your heart chakra. You may meditate with this technique for an hour or 50 minutes.

Heart cave meditation- meditation level-intermediate

As the name suggests, this technique helps you go deeper into the long-lasting inner layers of your heart. The idea is to get your consciousness to a secret place that is beyond the world and within your own heart. To practice this condition, start by seating in a comfortable position. Initiate with soft strokes of your heart. Let your weight be settled by your bones and relax your mouth including jaw, throat and even tongue. Focus your awareness on the cave in your heart.

Try becoming aware of the outside surface of the heart and concentrate on the part of the heart that faces towards the outer world. You can recall events within the last hours, previous days or weeks. It is best to remember events that had an emotional impact on your life. Collect the events in the constellation of the outer shell of your heart.

The next step is to focus on the inner portion. You should notice how reminding yourself about effectual events are altering your breathing and heart rate. It should throw electrical signals as well as waves in your brain. The process is called an interception. It will help you observe feelings of pain in your body along with temperature, tingling, pulsation and so on.

The sensations might also reflect your emotional state. You should notice the toxic feelings of bad events in your life at this point. Fret not and remain patient while immersing in the well of thoughts or as we call it the cave of the heart.

Last step

In the concluding step, you can bring awareness to the surface that is posterior to the heart. It is the side facing inward directing towards your spine. This secret space if full of your outside Karma. It includes circumstances, conditions, and reasons for the outer world. Try conjuring feelings of light and space in this innermost portion of the heart. Remain undistracted and immerse in the secret heart Chakra.

You will soon experience peace and silence while drowning in a tranquil feeling of timelessness space, where your feelings are, will be unbiased and you won’t be judged here. You should rest your concentration here in the innermost part of the heart. Let it absorb your negative thoughts and heal you for half an hour.

Techniques for the brain- meditation level-beginners

Meditation is a technique that includes paying attention to the breath. When it comes to relaxing your mind, you can try mind-based techniques like walking or doing Yoga. There are many ways through which you can amplify the health and condition of your mind. Some of the mindful meditations are as discussed below:

Breathing meditation

This breathing meditation is the easiest and basic form of meditation. To perform this activity, simply sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe naturally through your nose. Then, try to focus your attention on your breathing. Try not to change or control the breathing pattern. As soon as a random event occurs in your head, name it a thought and try to bring your all attention towards your breath. This will help you meditate while training your brain to avoid wandering around and focus on the present time.

Meditation with mantra

This is quite a basic form of OM heart mantra. You can practice mantra meditation by simply sitting quietly and then repeating the word or phrase. This phrase is called Mantra. When people say this phrase louder, it is called a chanting meditation technique. ‘So Hum’ is basically the traditional mantra used in the technique. When you inhale, you should recite ‘so’ and ‘hum’ as you exhale. You can make your own forms of these mantras such as in or out.

The technique might allow different thoughts to interfere with your consciousness. Don’t be afraid and have patience as this is normal. You will gently bring yourself back to present while focusing your attention on the positive energies inside your mind.

Movement meditation to enhance mental and heart health

If you have trouble sitting still, you can practice movement meditation such as walking. You should move if you have anxiety. Many people find this to be a beneficial technique for removing anxiety from the brain. Walking meditation can be done anywhere and at any place. All you need is focus, attention, and intention. The process starts by continuously putting one foot over another while concentrating on the sounds of nature.

You should also emphasize the sound of weather on your skin and even the feeling of the ground beneath your toes. This is the walking meditation. Walking near a labyrinth is also a lucky charm when trying to meditate while moving.

As with all meditation techniques, unwanted thoughts might disturb your mind. You should learn to fade them away while enhancing your focus and attention. One can also try other fabulous movement meditation techniques through yoga, qi gong or Yoga. The idea is to be mindful and you can turn any good movement into meditation.

Meditation with binaural beats

When you meditate, you should not refrain from trying out new things. And hence, it is important to give try mindfulness meditation techniques. These are good when someone feels frustrated or lacks patience or it can’t be alone all the time. The activities focus on avoiding random thought generation.

People often complaining about meditation being a completely boring and frustrating activity. Even if you try for hours, you don’t get desired results. This can leave many aspirants thinking if they are doing the right thing or simply wasting time that could have been utilized elsewhere.

To solve the issue, set your routes towards the binaural beats which are an all different type of meditation technique. It is more rewarding and interesting. In this meditation, you use various sound technologies that induce the identical brainwave state of a conscious mind as it would in traditional meditation.

The main benefit is that it is super-easy to use and results are seen more quickly as compared to other techniques. You can simply be a part of this technique by listening to the sound on headphones and bringing a meditative state of a brainwave. These binaural beats can be downloaded easily from the internet. You can do this on an individual basis and at any time of the day.

The takeaway

Meditation is simply awesome. But it is not easy. When done right, it can make your life easy and heart and brain healthier. It can also make your work more productive. Meditation can also help humans live longer. However, you need patience, time and effort to master your thoughts which is the sole purpose of meditation. But it’s worth the effort for sure. Meditation is not complicated but not a piece of cake as well.

The idea is to start sooner to get better results in a quick time. So make some notes and start making your meditation schedule now. You will be doing a big favor to your heart and mind if you do it.

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