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Reasons- Why To Start Meditation Earlier? For years now, mediation has been helping people all around the world. What do you picture when you hear the word “meditation”? is it some yogi clad in orange? Or is it a Shaolin monk? Is it a pristine environment and words like “sishoo” and “sensei” or perhaps “Guruji”? Either way, meditation has been scientifically proven to help with a person’s health and shortcomings. If you are not a believer in it, then why don’t you try it out? You will not regret it. There are many forms of meditation to help you with your daily problems.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful Meditation practice is something that is attributed to south Asian countries like India and China. It was there these practices originated from. Mindful meditation is a simple habit in and out of itself. The only part which can hamper it all is the focus.

Mindful meditation is shown to have increased the focus, discipline and mental health of a person. But the fact is that it requires immense focus. It is not as simple Unagi that Ross has. Slight friends reference there.

To start with mindful meditation, one requires the place and time. That’s all really. You can do it anywhere you are comfortable. You can do it anytime that suits you. Most choose morning hours as they are the quietest. Firstly, you need to get yourself in a comfortable position. And by comfortable position, we do not mean lie down on the bed. Sit with your spine straight. A lotus pose is recommended.

But if you have arthritis or any health condition that makes it difficult, you can stick with what makes you comfortable.

Next, you need to close your eyes. Try to calm your mind. One way to do this is by focusing on your breathing. The idea is focusing on something periodic can help you reign in your focus. But the focus is like a flame. It flickers. Whenever it does, you need to pull it back together. Focus on your pose and breathing and gently increase that focus on yourself. This is how you can practice mindful meditation.

Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation is something the western culture has borrowed from main countries like Tibet. It is not that different from mindful meditation. In fact, it is the next stage of mindful meditation where one focuses on the surroundings instead of one’s own self. It shown to have increased cognitive functions, relieve stress, provides greater control over one’s own emotions. The main focus of Buddhist Meditation is to lead the practitioner to a new world of awareness and love.

Buddhist Meditation practices

How you start is basically the same. Get into a comfortable pose. Make sure that you are disturbed. And start to focus on your breathing first. Buddhist Meditation has many aspects like Shamatha or Mindfulness, Vipassana or Awareness, Metta or Lovingkindness, and Contemplative Meditation.

Samantha is much like mindful meditation. This is where you calm your mind. Rope in your thoughts. Do not think about the thoughts that come across your mind in this stage. Observing them is what you do in this stage. The next stage is Vipassana. This is one of the more difficult stages to master. This is where you try to control your emotions. Reflect on actions that caused emotional outbursts from you. Try to analyze those situations. This is to be done in a calm and unprejudiced state of mind. Next, you take it to Metta and from there on to Contemplative Meditation. The process takes some time to master.


Mindfulness Meditation Benefits

The benefits of mindful meditation are something that has been studied thoroughly. Many independent studies have been conducted into it. In most cases, it was reported that mindful meditation is actually effective. It is not some placebo effect. It is not some “scam” as some people would put it. And it does not work on a belief like people believe hypnotism does.

If you regularly practice mindful meditation, your health is bound to take a turn for the best. Firstly, mindful meditation helps us to calm our minds. It helps us to contemplate our actions. Also, it can be used as a way to focus on future plans.

The benefits? Your focus increases; you will find that you are no longer irritated by people. You will have better tolerance. Not to mention, it will help you reduce tension. It is shown to have improved cognitive functions. You will your productivity increases. Discipline will also increase as you practice mindful meditation. Your confidence and self-esteem will sky-rocket. You will find that people tend to take you as a pleasant companion. It would also help you stay away from negativity. All-in-all, it will help you become a better version of who you are today.

Sleep Earlier Good For Meditation

Meditation helps you get a load off your chest. Did someone wrong you? Do you find a particular someone annoying? Or is it the tension of unfinished and upcoming projects that worry you? Meditation will help you channel your thoughts. You can think of it this way – when you meditate, you get transported to a world of your own. Here, you are the master, the controller.

All this requires focus and time. Most people think meditation can help you as a replacement for sleep deprivation. The reality couldn’t be any farther. If you try to meditate while you are tired, you will constantly find yourself getting distracted. The more you try to reign in yourself and control your breathing, the more you feel lost.

Meditation and sleep are closely related. Proper and regular meditation will help you sleep better. And proper sleep will help you focus much more. This is why it is recommended that meditation is done after waking up and getting freshened up. That is when you have energy. Meditation will help you channel that energy towards productivity.

So if you want mediation to work, be sure to sleep properly and maintain a proper body clock. Irregularities on a daily basis can be harmful.

Reduces Stress through Meditation

This is one thing that meditation has been proved to help with. If you want to relieve yourself from stress, instead of going for medication, turn towards meditation. Stress mainly arises from unfinished business. If you have something on your mind that you need to do or speak about, you start feeling stress.

Stress is never good. As a matter of fact, it is the best way to destroy all good things. This is where mindful and contemplative meditation comes in. As mentioned earlier, you can easily feel relaxed and relieved if you meditate on that stress. Focus on what’s causing that stress and figure out a solution. It is better than opting for medications that have side-effects.

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