This world is slowly making every individual a robot, at least that’s what people feel. Every single day, people drag themselves to work, face their superiors even when they don’t want to. They keep pushing through just with one motto, making more money than the previous month. Most of the relationships these days fail because people are not used to being alone, and love themselves even when they are quite.

The life people live these days nothing but Insta-life. Everybody has the brightest smile when you scroll through their feed but when you closely look into their real life, it’s all dark. People barely get any time to connect to themselves truly. Hear their soul and know what they actually want from their life. Not spending even a second with themselves, these people soon end up being totally burnt out.

But at the back of our head, we all know, this is not how a well-lived life is supposed to feel like. Life is to be enjoyed and to make ourselves happy. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a scientific procedure to make us stress-free? A method that detoxifies our heads and refreshes us every single morning? Well, there it is!

The art of Meditation has the exact same impact on our brain and soothes our soul. Not just spiritually, meditation has scientifically proven benefits on our brain as well. Practicing it over the years has proved to bring about remarkable changes in the grey matter of the brain. Meditation also enhances the meditation brain activity, the connectivity and thus coordination of our brain and rest of the body. People who meditate are also said to have lower anxiety levels and elevation in the overall psychological health.

Benefits of Healing Meditation

  • The enhanced power of decision making

People spend so much time being stressed about what will happen next that they barely have any time to focus on what is happening right now. This results in bad decisions in a crucial matter. Almost every person has made several bad decisions in their life due to distration and confusion. In situations like these, the brain’s compromises its skill called ‘execution function’. This skill of the brain is responsible for a person’s being attentive and decision making powers. Being able to manage time and tasks effectively is also a function of this area of the brain. There are a lot of people who have low executive functioning skills and these people are called Attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In a study, almost 80% of people had an improvement in their ADHD after adapting the art of meditation in their daily lives.

  • Healing Meditation enhances retention

The benefits of brain healing meditation are simply endless and this is one of them. This is a digital world and everything that is of importance can be made notes of, on your mobile phone. You can set reminders, feed-in contact numbers and add notes, there is absolutely no need to remember any of these things and that is the key reason why people are becoming increasingly forgetful. When there’s no need to remember, our brain tends to become used to forgetting. Meditation is proven to enhance your working memory capacity. You tend to retain information better and the best part is, this retained information can be effectively brought in use right on time!

  • Helps you get over addictions

We all have our own demons but the one evil that is common in us all has to be an addiction; be it to alcohol, drugs, smoking, mobile phones or simply shopping. Addictions can ruin things for us in many ways. It is wise that we do not let our bodies become addict to anything. However, what do we do to battle our demons? Meditation for brainpower! Defeat your cravings with the help of brain healing meditation and you will notice that after a while, your urge of indulging into your craving is slowly fading away.

  • Healing meditation slows down your brain aging

There are studies on a group of long term meditators and non-meditators. People have been practicing the art of meditation for over twenty years have more grey matter in their brains. This is huge in comparison to their non-meditating counterparts. In simple terms, meditation makes your brain age slower thus the old age symptoms of the brain like forgetfulness, lethargy, etc are less likely to occur in meditators.

So now you know why meditation is the best therapy in this world.

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