Healthy lunch for your kids

It’s a very big challenge for the parents to feed their kids with healthy food every day. Their mood varies daily and it’s sure that things they like today may not be liked by them the other day. The worst nightmare is for the kids of the working parents. It’s important that your kids are fed on nutritional foods.

Healthy lunch for kids

Because this is the base that you must set, which they will get used to. Accordingly, your kid will either have a well-functioning organ with good immunity, or they will have poor functioning organs with weak immunity. The choice is yours. According to a recent study from Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden it is known that healthy eating leads to higher self – esteem and fewer emotional and peer problem.

As a result, we have made a list of some delicious food that is good for your kids’ health 😉.

Healthy Delicious Food For Your Kids

Healthy Delicious Food For Your Kids

  1. SweetPotato – It is a natural sweetener and is mostly liked by kids.
  2. It replenishes your kid with carbohydrates that he needs for his activity.
  3. Yogurt – It contains a high percentage of probiotics, which maintains the intestinal tracts and helps indigestion. Also, yogurt fills your kid with an adequate amount of calcium as well as protein.
  4. Mango – this fruit is one of the favorite fruits for most of the kids. It is rich in fibers and vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system among kids. Also, keeps their gum and teeth healthy.
  5. Milk – Milk is rich in Calcium which helps to have strong bones and teeth for your kids.

Encourage your child with healthy lunch

Encourage your child with healthy lunch

Let your kid decide his lunch:
  • Give your kids to decide from several healthy foods for their lunch.
  • Take your kids for grocery shopping
Make fun healthy food for your kid:
  • You can change the shape of bread or cheese in the form of cookies
  • Make colorful food kebabs for your kids.
Encourage hydration

It is very much important that your kids drink 5-6 Cups of water daily.

  • Allow your kid to buy his favorite water bottle
  • You can change the taste of water by using some pieces of frozen fruit and make it tasty😉.

Convenience foods and their disadvantages

Convenience foods are generally packed meals. It shortens the time of meal preparation at home. These foods are popular among children, hostel peoples, bachelors and people living at the PGs. These foods can be consumed either immediately or by adding water to it.

Convenience foods are generally Packed Meals

Some examples are corn flakes, canned soups, frozen foods, bread, etc. These foods may give you some of the fantastic options like Less preparation time and easy cleaning up. However, it’s not good to give to convenience foods to your kids. Do you know why?


Because of

  1. It is not fresh.
  2. Contains a large amount of calorie, fat and sugar levels.
  3. Cost per serving may be higher if was made at home.
  4. It is not easy to control fat, salts and sugar levels.

Fast food and their disadvantages

Not only to the kids but fast food should not be consumed by the members of any age.

Portion Distortion

These foods cause many health issues in the body. They are high in sugar, salt, fat, and calorie. Also, it contains Less amount of nutrition.

You can have them once in a week but eating it daily especially by the kids, has got several disadvantages.

Here are some of the fast-food disadvantages.

  1. Cardio-Vascular Health

Fast foods are not good for your health. They Increase the bad cholesterol in your body and increase the chances of heart disease in you.

  1. Weight Gain

Fast food has got a large amount of fat in them. Eating them Increases the fat Percentage in our body by settling beneath our skin. Nobody wants their kids to gain weight. If that happens then he will not be able to play properly and will become lazy. More Importantly, gaining weight from a younger age increases the probability of many health issues.

  1. Tooth Decay

A diet rich in sugar increases the chances of developing cavities. Having foods rich in sugar content like soda and candy makes the cells of the tongue, mouth, and gum weak. It is advisable to have sugar free drinks. And don’t forget to make your kids brush their teeth properly every day😊.

In the end, you as a parent must propose varieties of healthy food for your kids. So that you can help them to be more attracted to them instead of fast food. And if you are a new mum or dad, you have the whole authority to keep your kid so far away from these unhealthy foods. And prevent them from future health issues 😊.

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