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Every day we hear news about people dying from different diseases. We also come across facts that new diseases are coming and new treatment options are also in the picture. But we forget the common diseases that can conjure our lives. Some of these include Diabetes Mellitus, blood pressure, arthritis, migraines, cervical and gout. Gout is one of the common diseases that, if not treated, can become dangerous. Today, in this article, we shall discuss all this syndrome and what should you avoid to help avoid gout in the first place.


Gout is a type of arthritis and can lead to swelling, pain and a different type of stiffness in our joints. Gout usually affects the big toe joint in most cases. People often experience gout in the attack form. The attacks can keep on returning again and again. It is a slow poison and if you don’t treat it, it will keep on damaging our tissue. It can become extremely painful in the last stages. Some of the risk factors that people associate with it include obesity, cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. Gout is one of the most common problems, especially in men. It is a type of arthritis that has captured the concern of men worldwide. Women are also susceptible to disease after they have menopause. As many as 8 million people were affected by Gout in a year in America alone as per the survey done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The main cause of gout in our body is the excess deposition of uric acid. This comes into our bloodstream and causes sudden inflammation. There are various symptoms of the disease. The most common ones include the formation of uric acids in the form of crystals in our joints. As our bodies respond to these crystals, we feel immense pain and swelling in our joint areas. Gout affects many parts but it’s most threatening at the joint of the big toe. Gout comes in the form of the attack of pain as we experience in Migraine symptoms. The attacks usually appear in the nighttime. Specific medications and various diet changes can affect or improve the condition of gout in our body.


When it comes to treatment, certain specific medicines can help the cause. Various symptoms can diminish with the use of various medications. The medicines are also helpful in preventing attacks, future flares and reduction in swelling. There are many more complications that link to gout such as kidney issues. These can also be treated with high-end medications. The development of Tophi is also a major complication with Gout which needs proper medication.

The most common form of medications includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Doctors are making use of corticosteroids and colchicine. The combinations of different types of such medicines help in the reduction of pain and swelling in the areas where gout is affecting.

There are various medicines that also work as a preventive measure in reducing the uric acid in our body. Various xanthine oxidase inhibitors can help reduce uric acid in our bodies. These are also good to improve the functioning of our kidneys that helps them in removing uric acid from the body effectively.

Without treatment, an intense gout assault will be at its most noticeably awful somewhere in the range of 12 and 24 hours after it started. An individual can hope to recuperate within 1 to about fourteen days without treatment, but there might be significant pain during this period.

Tests and conclusion

Gout can be precarious to analyze, as its manifestations when they do show up, are like those of different conditions. While hyperuricemia happens in most individuals that foster gout, it may not be available during a flare. What’s more, most of the individuals with hyperuricemia don’t foster gout.

One demonstrative test that specialists can complete is the joint liquid test, where the liquid is separated from the influenced joint with a needle. The liquid is then examined to check whether any urate gems are available.

As joint infections can likewise make comparative side effects gout, a specialist can search for microorganisms when carrying out a joint liquid test in request to control a bacterial reason. The liquid may be shipped off a lab, where it can require a few days to examine.

Specialists can likewise do a blood test to quantify the degrees of uric corrosive in the blood, but as referenced, individuals with high uric corrosive levels don’t generally encounter gout. Similarly, a few groups can foster the manifestations of gout without having increased degrees of uric corrosive in the blood.

Finally, specialists can look for urate precious stones around joints or within a tophus using an ultrasound check. X-beams can’t identify gout, but might be utilized to preclude different causes.


There are different stages through which gout advances, and these are now and then alluded to like different sorts of gout.

Asymptomatic hyperuricemia

Asymptomatic hyperuricemia

It is feasible for an individual to have raised uric corrosive levels with no outward side effects. At this stage, treatment isn’t needed, however, urate gems may store in tissue and cause slight harm.

Individuals with asymptomatic hyperuricemia might be encouraged to find ways to address any potential components contributing to uric corrosive development.

Acute gout

Acute gout

This stage happens when the urate precious stones that have been stored abruptly cause intense inflammation and intense pain. This abrupt assault is alluded to as a “flare” and will regularly die down within 3 to 10 days. Flares can some of the time be set off by distressing occasions, liquor and medications, just as chilly climate.

Interval or intercortical gout

intercortical gout

This stage is the period in the middle of assaults of intense gout. The resulting flares may not happen for quite a long time or a long time, however, if not treated, over the long haul, they can last more and happen all the more as often as possible. During this interval, further urate gems are being saved in tissue.

Chronic tophaceous gout

Chronic tophaceous gout

Chronic tophaceous gout is the most debilitating kind of gout. Perpetual harm may have happened in the joints and the kidneys. The patient can experience the ill effects of chronic joint inflammation and foster tophi, enormous pieces of urate gems, in cooler spaces of the body like the joints of the fingers.

It consumes most of the day without treatment to arrive at the phase of chronic tophaceous gout – around 10 years. It is impossible that a patient receiving appropriate treatment would advance to this stage.




One condition that is effortlessly mistaken for gout is pseudogout. The side effects of pseudogout are basically the same as those of gout, although the flare-ups are generally less extreme.

The significant difference between gout and pseudogout is that the joints are bothered by calcium pyrophosphate gems as opposed to urate gems. Pseudogout requires different treatments for gout.

Food and drinks to avoid for gout patients

Once you get caught in the problem of gout, the road back is quite hard. You need to take extra precautions and do sudden life changes to stay away from unbearable pain and swelling. These are some drinks and food you should avoid:

Organ meats

Some people have a habit of having organ meats. These are the foods such as liver pate and calves’ sweetbreads. These also include the thymus gland, kidneys and pancreas. Such food inclusions are never good for gout patients. The reason why you should be avoiding organ meats is that they are packed with purines. People who are eating regularly purine-containing meat suffer from a higher risk of gout. This risk is even higher in men comparatively. Facts suggest that men get a 40% higher risk if they eat organ meats.


If you are a lover of coastal food or Mediterranean cuisine, you might have to put a stop to your love if you want to avoid gout symptoms. Seafood items such as shrimps, shellfish and lobsters are high in purine content. Scallops are also something you need to cut off from your diet. The Harvard University researchers found that men having shellfish had a 50% higher risk of developing gout and related complications.

Pork and beef

While many people think seafood or organ meats are bad for gout, there are more additions to the list. The meats you eat such as beef and pork are rich in purines. While you can add a very restricted amount of these, it’s better to avoid them to help prevent gout symptoms. One can eat not more than 5 ounces of lean meat in a day. This also include fish per day recommendation for gout patients. A standard serving will give you 3 to 4 ounces which is ideal for a day. Anything more than that will elevate the signs and symptoms of developing gout. One can easily go for an all-vegan diet to help with the prevention of gout disease from the start.

Fatty fish


Several finned creatures are full of purines. Fatty fish is a common example here. You should also avoid other fishes such as redfish, herring, anchovies, tuna and sardines. These are all a type of protein in our diet that can cause gout pain in most patients. You can limit the intake to 5 ounces per day.

Sugar and soda

Sweetened soft drinks might feel refreshing but actually contain less amount of nutrients and more artificial substances. In a study on women, gout was 74% higher in women who were drinking one soft drink daily. You should avoid those cold drinks and soft drinks at all costs. In this case, diet soda can be a good choice of option.

Mind that besides sweetened sugary syrups fruit juices that have a high level of fructose in them can also increase the risk of gout and its symptoms. Aim for avoiding high -fructose juices such as pears, apples and so on. We all know that fruits are healthy due to their fiber content. But in this case, you need to limit the intake of fruits without having a high level of sugar. You can go for fruits with a tart flavor. Some of the preferable choices include berries. Having fruits such as apricots and nectarines are good too. You can also go for dry fruits such as almonds or nuts.

Avoid beer

Many people have a habit of having a beer on regular basis. It contains an adequate number of purines and is founds a strong connection with those high-level gout attacks. Studies also suggest that serving daily beer has more impact on our liver and kidneys. This leads to the onset of gout problems. Alcohol consumption is a worldwide problem and drinking beer is related to it. If you already have gout symptoms, the beer becomes more deadly for you. The brewer’s yeast which is used to ferment the alcohol to make beer is a triggering factor of gout pain.


Another drink that might amaze you in the category of caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee. There is enough evidence that caffeine can cause your gout problems to increase if you take it increasingly. Earlier, caffeine was said to be related to the control of gout problems, but that was in a limited manner. Researches have shown that if you keep on increasing your caffeine content daily, you might get gout attacks more frequently. Caffeine intake can risk gout symptoms increased by 80 percent. So, if you are a regular drinker, you might keep the values to less. If you introduce a spike in the caffeine content, a gout attack won’t be far away.


so that was all about gout. Unlike many other diseases we discuss in this series, gout is comparatively a dangerous syndrome. And the reason it can happen to everyone makes it more deadly. The prevention and treatment of gout all depend on what we eat and consume. It’s our daily dietary habits that can make or break our body system. Our good choices can help us fight against various diseases and help prevent them in the first case. If you eat well, gout will stay away. Gout can also be treated by following the right choices of diet.

In the end, it’s important to note that most of the diets that should be avoided to help prevent gout are non-vegan. Hence, following a vegan diet can be the right path to tread here. It not only helps keep us away from diseases like gout but some other common syndromes as well.

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