Meditation is our ultimate route to wisdom. If you lack meditation in life, you may fall prey to ignorance. As a human, it is in the best practice to know what leads you forward and what holds you back. The art of meditation can help you chose the right path to wisdom, success, and happiness. It is the holy grail of the wellbeing of our life. 

Out of all of the benefits that meditationhttps://fitnesshealthforever.com/meditation/why-to-start-meditation-earlier/ bestows onto our lives, relive from stress is one of the most eminent ones. A simple meditation session of few minutes daily can help decrease anxiety while improving your cardiovascular health. You also achieve a greater capacity for relaxation and attain the ability to see the positive side of things.

Meditation can help you by:

  • Relaxing your motor muscles of legs and arms
  • Slowing down the rate of body functions
  • Slowing down your brain activities
  • Normalizing your breathing rate

Meditation makes you stress-free

Meditation helps by decelerating the constant thinking process of our brain. It also reduces chattering, planning, over-thinking and fantasizing which often occupies the conscious state of our mind during all times. Meditation reduces our arousal and gets the body in a state of self-transcendence. As a result, you find yourself in a positive, creative, energetic and calm state of mind after meditation. This also means that meditation makes our life free from stress in its entirety.

Meditation can be exercised at almost any unruffled spot during any time of the day. Here are a few steps you can follow to get immersed in a nice contemplation session:

  • First, find a quiet place where you can sit and meditate alone
  • Adjust your body while sitting in a comfortable position
  • Shut your eyes closed and stop thinking about any thoughts, if thoughts come, let them pass by
  • Start objecting something, a ball for instance
  • Immerse deep into your subconscious and start to repeat the word ‘relax’ in any rhythm you feel comfortable
  • Start imagining the ball coming toward you while repeating the word ‘relax’
  • Continue to see the image while repeating the word
  • Concentrate on your breaths and try not thinking about anything else
  • Let the process continue for 10-20 minutes
  • Open your eyes slowly and you are done

When you open your eyes, you will feel relaxed. You will experience the joy of being to a wonderful dreamland. Everything around will seem positive and you will soon enough notice a lack of anxiety in yourself. Enjoy the stress-free moments. That’s the magic of meditation.

The technique and different forms of meditation focus on the different elements of the human body and ways to align them to achieve the ultimate solace. It helps us in learning the methods of concentration and contemplation. The main aim of these exercises is to gain control of your consciousness while bringing the physical body under the control of our will.

Yoga- an effective form of Meditation

A part of the meditation technique is Yoga that teaches you different positions in which slow stretching of body parts is emphasized. One also learns different types of patterned breathing exercises. With practice, different positions can be learned and used for relaxation and meditation. The yoga positions clear the mind and create additional energy in our body. This helps us by giving us the strength to fight against stress and negativism.

Yoga an effective form of Meditation

If you are starting with Yoga, here is a small breathing exercise that can be practiced while sitting in the lotus position. The lotus position is basically a stature where you sit on the floor with feet tucked under your knees. Follow these steps:

  • Relax and sit comfortably in the lotus position
  • Count to 6 and breath air through the mouth
  • While holding your breath, start counting from 1 till 9
  • Exhale breath while counting from 1 to 3
  • Repeat this breathing procedure 3 times
  • Hold left nostril and repeat the procedure while exhaling through the right nostril
  • Continue doing this for three cycles and then repeat while holding right nostril
  • Repeat the three activities

After engaging in this Yoga breathing session, you will realize that you are energized to the highest levels. You will feel more alive, calm and energized. Your road to ultimate succor has begun.

Meditation helps you appreciate life

Life is beautiful and has always been the same way. But the beauty if in the eyes of the beholder. Hence, we need to be positive and think good to see beautiful things around us. On a normal day, we can simply keep our mind busy thinking about the job and work to be done along with tasks to be performed. On the same day, we might simply look at the trees, chase butterflies and plant a new flower to appreciate the beauty of life. But to do the latter, we need positive thinking which is provided by meditation. It helps us learn better ways of life such as letting go, making everyone happier and living with kindness.

And when you re able to live such life, you start appreciating it from the core of your heart. When you meditate on a daily basis, you are able to concentrate on the good things present in your life. Slowly, you learn to appreciate the food you are eating, the air you are breathing and the life you have received from the Almighty. You will realize the importance of trees, sun, the earth that grew trees, the soil that gives us food, the rain, animals and their lives and objects constructed by hard workers and other such things. You will be able to practice appreciation and might even extend it to other’s hearts bringing in more happiness in your life.


Meditation brings harmony to your life

Earth is a planet where millions of creatures live in harmony. And if you are unable to realize this, you can take help from meditation. It allows you to bring harmony to your life not just with respect to other creatures, but for your own lifestyle habits and work as well.

Meditation brings harmony to your life

When you work in an office or handle a business, you need energy and enthusiasm. Same way, you need motivation if you are a professional. Artists need innovation and creativity. Business owners require intuitive power and dedication. These all are easy to collect with the artfulness of meditation. It improves your intuitive powers and your confidence wells up while your innovative instincts get improved. Meditation helps you in different walks of life by bringing in the element of harmony for all these reasons. It brings together your personal and occupational life. It helps you create relations with friends and family members. And it offers a better way of life through which you can manage your problems in an easier way.

Meditation Improves your reaction

Do you ever get the feeling that people who are successful have one habit in common- they meditate. Be it an athlete, a sportsperson, a politician, a business tycoon or an actor, they all have a great reaction to what’s happening around them. Needless to say, meditation improves your reaction. The art of meditation can help you get more space. You get more time to speak and react in a better way. Such pause or space can boost your natural wisdom. You get more clarity to speak and react. You also get the time to take the time to react to each and every moment. One can easily become mindful of what type of reaction is helpful and what is not worth it. And when you become patient and polite your reaction improves automatically.

Meditation helps you sleep better

Picture yourself working for a presentation late at night. You are determined to do the task and do not refrain from cutting your usual sleeping hours to get the job done. But what happens when you give the presentation the next day? Do you feel 100% fit and active? Probably No!

Meditation helps you sleep better

You might feel a sense of sluggishness and even forget things you assumed you knew earlier. And even if the presentation goes well, you might face a strong hangover the very next day. This will disrupt your routine and you will have to face the burden of pending tasks which will augment your stress levels.

Meditation, in this case, helps you become familiar with mindfulness. You get the ability to step back and focus on the thoughts and emotions in a clear manner. You can then turn a reaction into response and train your mind to get a good sleep. Meditation has always been found to pose a good effect on insomnia.

By meditation, you begin to live better and sleeping better. You have better control of your blood pressure. Timely sleep affects your cholesterol levels in a way that prevents various cardiac diseases. Also, meditation helps you tackle day’s stress easily. This will allow you to immerse yourself in a good night’s sleep. You become active mentally and physically strong to deal with daily life challenges.

Meditation can make you feel happier

Meditation can empower your brain by instilling a deep sense of tranquility and calmness. It focuses on the innermost part of your body and helps you in becoming happier and satisfied. When you practice meditation daily, you do not set a point or a goal to become happy. Instead, you find happiness in little things in life. You are able to communicate in a better way and you improve your relationships. You are able to get a good sense of self-worth while acquiring the understanding of tendencies and thoughts. Overall, meditation helps you feel happier and find happiness in little and bigger things in life.

Meditation has the power to instill a deep sense of calm and serenity in the innermost part of your being (and brain). With daily practice, it doesn’t even matter if you believe in the happiness set point or not. You’ll be able to communicate better in your relationships, better cope with the tricky curveballs life throws your way, and have a deeper sense of self-worth and understanding of your thoughts and tendencies.

Ready for the next part?

Meditation is such a wide topic that it is not possible to devise out all of the benefits in this blog. So, let’s turn the page and know some more concluding benefits of meditation in the second part of the blog…To be continued…


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