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Being young is not a matter of time, but a state of mind. You are old if you think you are old. You are old if you fear or despair. To keep young, you have to eat right and keep faith high. If your confidence and lifestyle habits are young you are young.

These notions seem good when we read it on the internet, on a paper or on a post on social media. But inside, we are worried about our aging. Yes, it’s natural and we can’t stop it. But what makes us fret more is the signs that start occurring. How can we ignore those few white hairs in our beard, it’s tough to let go of that wrinkle that is spoiling our facial glow and we can’t deny the fact that we are losing stamina day by day. While many give credit to aging, which is not totally wrong, the reason also relates to our lifestyle habits.

After all, people do look young when their age is actually older, right? So what they do that we cant. It’s simply eating right and maintaining good habits. Concentrating on the former point, we will take a deep look into some of the natural foods that will help you stay young forever. Let’s get started:


Watercress is an aquatic plant that is found growing in a rapid number near shores or ponds. This aquatic or semi-aquatic plant is native to Asia and Europe. It is one oldest leaf vegetables that are consumed for its number of benefits. The leaf structure of this plant is pinnately and stems are hollow which makes it float easily on the water surface. It also gives bloom to small flowers with white and green shade often seen in clusters.


Watercress is a naturally occurring leafy green that is packed with plenty of nutrients. It contains potassium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A, C, B-2, B-1 and K. The green plant act as a perfect internal skin antiseptic. It helps increase the circulation of delivering minerals to the parts where it is required in our body. It ensures that each body cell gets all the minerals and vitamins. It also causes oxygenation of the skin. The vitamins and antioxidants also help neutralize harmful free radicals. This creates an effect that reduces the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles away.

You may take watercress by adding its leaves in a salad on a regular basis. You will get glowing skin and improved overall health.

Some other benefits of watercress include:

  • It helps in improving eye health
  • It works well against certain types of cancer
  • Its dietary nitrates help increase the performance of athletes
  • It may also help in weight loss
  • High levels of vitamin C helps in boosting our immunity
  • Vitamin K and minerals help in the prevention of our joints and bones
  • High antioxidants in watercress may help prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers are stacked with antioxidants which rule in the list for the best items that provide aging or skin maturing. Besides having a high content of nutrient C — which is useful for collagen generation — red bell peppers contain amazing antioxidants called carotenoids.

Red Bell Pepper

Carotenoids are plant cells that impart gorgeous hues of brilliant red, yellow, and orange in numerous leafy natural foods. They have an assortment of calming properties and may help shield skin from sun damage, contamination, and the effects of natural toxins. This means that red bell pepper can help in looking younger for longer.

To consume this substance, you can easily slive bell peppers and add them to your usual meal bites. You can also complement them with a serving of mixed greens. You may also include them in pan-fried food.

Papaya and blueberries

It might come as a surprise but papaya can help you in looking younger. The delectable super nutritious food is rich in various antioxidants. Furthermore, it also contains minerals and vitamins in abundance. This helps improves the elasticity of our skin which makes us look fresh and younger.

Papaya and blueberries

The fruit also reduces the appearance of marks, lines or wrinkles that are usual signs of aging.

Papaya contains vitamins such as K, C, E and A. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and B vitamins. Also, the antioxidants in papaya help fight free radical damage. This also delays signs of premature aging. Most importantly, papaya contains an enzyme known as papain that offers anti-aging benefits like nothing else. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent and is also a major part of various exfoliating cosmetics.

When you eat papaya on a regular basis, your body is getting enough papain that will help your skin in shedding its cells and growing new ones rapidly. This means that you will get vibrant glowing skin. Papaya can be included in salads or as a whole fruit on to be eaten along with meals. You can also prepare papaya masks at home to get glowing skin instantaneously.

Just like papaya, blueberries are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The sweet fruit is rich in Vitamin C and A content. It contains anthocyanin which is very effective in anti-aging properties. The element is also responsible for giving the fruit its majestic blue color.

The powerful antioxidants help in protecting the skin from damage caused by dirt or get rid of anxiety. It also protects the skin from sun rays and pollution. The berries also have milk inflammatory properties that can prevent collagen loss.

You can take blueberries as it is or simply make a fresh morning smoothie to start your day with a beautifying meal.

Nuts and Avocado

We often hear about how nutrient-packed dry fruits and nuts can be. But did you know that they can help stop your aging process? Nuts like almonds are great in elements such as Vitamin E. Vitamin E can help in repairing skin tissues

and retaining the moisture of the skin. It is also present in various cosmetic preparation that works to safeguard our skin from blemishes or marks. Other nuts such as walnuts show anti-inflammatory properties due to omega-r fatty acids content.

Nuts and Avocado

Nuts and dry fruits can strengthen our skin cell membranes which protect our outer skin layer from sun damage. They give our skin a glowing effect by preserving its moisture and preventing oil penetration.

One can easily add nuts to his diet by sprinkling it on salads or eating a handful every morning.

For better results, don’t peel off the nuts as it contains antioxidants and fiber which is healthy for our skin.

Avocado is an important fruit when it comes to the overall health of humans. It has inflammatory properties thanks to its fatty acids content. This helps regenerate and promote supple and smooth skin. The fruit also has various nutrients that offer great results in reducing the onset of premature aging. Other ingredients include Vitamin B, K, C, E and A along with potassium.

Vitamin A is the most important ingredient of the avocado and helps in shedding off dead cells easily. It makes our skin look gorgeous and glowing even with aging. The carotenoid present assist in reducing the harmful effects of toxins and avoiding damage from harmful rays of the sun. It also helps against cancer skin symptoms.

Using avocado is as easy as ABC. It is best to add it to a salad or make a smoothie out of it. You can even consume it with a spoon in its raw form. Make sure that you wash the fruit properly before eating.


If you wish to increase your intake of vitamins and eventually live younger, then sushi is an ideal option. Sushi is basically a staple food in Japan. There are huge variations of this dish and it has surprising health benefits. It contains iron which is a part of fish and soy sauce. The two are the essential elements of all types of sushi. When you eat sushi, you are boosting the red blood cell count. This also leads to more production of red blood cells. This increases your circulation and metabolism. It also effects in making your skin tone fairer as you get the ability to heal quicker.


Many sushi versions include seaweed. This contains various types of healthy minerals including iodine. This key ingredient is important for hormone regulation in our bodies. Sushi also helps by offering anti-cancer properties. The food is also known to increase our metabolism while providing a boost to our immunity system.

On a concluding note

In a nutshell, we shall realize that aging is not a syndrome or disease. It is not something that can be treated with medications or therapies. It is a natural process that no person in this world can ignore. But premature aging and not taking care of your diet or skin is a problem. These above mentioned natural ingredients can maintain your skin glow and help you in looking younger for a longer time. It is always essential to adjust your eating plan as you age. This is because the requirements of our body organs increase with growing years.

Some facts

Before we wrap up, here are some amazing aging facts that will keep you entertained even after reading the post:

  • We are born with 350 bones in our skeletal system. As we age, these bones bond together resulting in 206 bones
  • An adult has around 4 liters of blood pumping through the heart every time. The heart pumps blood to all tissues of the body and to the lungs in one minute taking a beating of 75 times.
  • Every hour, our skin is shedding as much as 600,000 particles. When we age, this becomes around 1.5 pounds of shredded particles in a year. The average person will lose around 105 pounds of skin as he reaches the age of 70.
  • Every cell in our body can regenerate except brian and nerve cells. Once these are damaged they cannot be replaced. Also, your brain works just fine even if you age older.
  • The rate of our breathing slows down when we age further.
  • Children and women breathe faster than men.
  • When we reach the age of around 60s, we tend to experience breathing difficulties. At this time we start snoring while sleeping.
  • Adults eat around 500kg of food every year. Our mouth produces 1.7 liters of saliva daily to help us digest this amount of food.
  • Our digestive system process around 11.5 liters of digested natural foods, juices and liquids through our digestive system. However, the only 100ml of this is lost in feces and rest is absorbed for our body metabolism and energy.
  • Women have a high probability of living longer as compared to men. For people over 65 years of age, the ratio of men to women is 76 to 100. For people above 85 years of age, the ratio of men to women is 49 to 100.
  • 4 out of 5 adults battle with at least one chronic condition amongst the likes of arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes or heart problem. Around 50 % of people above the age of 60 shall suffer from at least 2 chronic conditions.


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