We are what we eat and it is the universal truth. If we want to stay younger then we have to pay attention to what is on our plate, the food that we consume regularly. Junk food and oily fries are not the lifestyles you’re looking for if you aim to feel healthy and youthful. The harsh fact is that you have to change what your body is made up of and to do that, one has to incorporate nutritious anti-aging foods into their daily diet.

Research has shown that people who eat more fruits, vegetables and generally nutrition food items are said to live longer and happier with a great life expectancy. Avoiding sugary and processed foods and preferring healthier options are important.

Once you start treating your body like a temple, your body will show it’s an appreciation by helping you live longer. The skin will begin to radiate and the organs will function in a much efficient manner. A single food item or just a single day will not suffice, you have to commit yourself to the cause. You have to entirely change what you have been eating in order to feel a new surge of energy, boost your immunity to fight against the aging effects that you loathe. Even to stay fit and to witness actual improvement and progress, we turn to healthy foods.

A change in one’s appearance, weight management, and prevention of diseases can only be achieved if we change our eating habits. Just as they say that you can live in the gym but to actually progress you have to watch what you eat.

Are you looking to stay younger? Do you want eternal youth? Don’t like those wrinkles and early aging signs? Then you’re at the right place because we bring you ten of the best anti-aging foods that are present at an affordable price in your market. These 10 anti-aging foods will change your life and help you live a better lifestyle. You won’t have to feel low on energy as these foods are going to replenish a new zest into your life and help you live longer.

Anti-aging food list

Anti-aging food list


Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C. A vitamin that is proving to be a miracle with the new research coming into the light. Do you think too much of something is bad? Well not when Vitamin C is concerned as an excess of this vitamin will be flushed out of your body. A group of women was tested with Vitamin C rich diet and it was discovered that vitamin C prevents wrinkling by up to 40% and piles up on the damage free radicals which help the skin stay younger and refreshing.


Pineapple is a great source of minerals like manganese, which helps in the production of enzymes known as prolidase that are directly responsible for the production of collagen in skin required for maintaining skin strength and elasticity. Pineapples are also a great source of Vitamin C which is related to overall needs to feel healthy. Digestive enzymes present in the pineapple can dissolve the hardest of particles and aid in digestion which promotes healthy gut health and flushes out impurities and dispose of waste from the body. If you want to live longer then grab a serving of pineapple today!


One of the superfoods with a high quantity of water which hydrates the body and skin. Spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals, even protein in the form of green vegetables. Alpha-lipoic acid found in spinach helps in maintaining insulin levels and prevent diabetes. The iron in spinach is great for the blood, especially in women considering their menstrual cycles. Spinach boosts blood flow all around the body. The reddish complexion of the skin is achieved through a healthy flow of blood. Lutein which is found in green leafy spinach helps in controlling eye-related aging factors. As eyes directly reflect a person’s aging, they help to stay younger Spinach is also one of the few food items known to prevent cancer and even fight asthma and improve the conditions of patients with such issues.


Nuts are a great source of Vitamin E which helps in damage repair and nourishment of the skin and hair. Vitamin E is a crucial vitamin for the repairs of the body. With the harsh conditions like pollution, sunlight and everyday damage to the skin, vitamin E becomes essential to

living longer. Nuts also contain healthy fats like Omega-3 which replace the unhealthy fats and rejuvenate the skin to make us feel healthy. The skin looks much lively when it is composed of healthy fats. Also, teir anti-inflammatory properties and drastic effects on controlling cholesterol along with the great nutritional value truly make them a superfood.

Oily Fish

Omega 3, 6, and 9 are the healthy fats that present in fish like salmon and tuna. These are the fats we should have our bodies made of. Not all fats are bad and these omega fats are great for eyes, and brain health. They are also a great source of protein and minerals which generally makes us feel healthy. These fats replace the unhealthy fat found in greasy and processed foods and also control the cholesterol. Cholesterol is a major problem. It is the reason for many diseases that grow in the human body like strokes. Cardiovascular health is directly related to cholesterol. The reduction of cholesterol is very important for heart health. A healthy heart is crucial to living longer



Tomatoes are a great healer for skin even when applied directly. A substance called lycopene found in them is directly responsible for protection against the wrinkles, skin damage in general. Consumption of tomatoes daily elevates the level of pro-collagens and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Which inevitably makes tomatoes one of the prominent food to stay younger. Moreover, raw tomatoes are fine to eat, cooking them makes it easier to absorb their nutrients for optimal benefits.


Probiotic is becoming a major reason for the recent popularity of Yogurt, as it promotes a healthy gut. Further, it helps in digestion and assures that the toxins and other waste go out of our body in a proper manner. A healthy liver inevitably helps us to stay younger. Yogurt has a decent composition of calcium which promotes healthy teeth and bones. It has phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium which is essential for blood pressure and metabolism. Furthermore, it is said to help in weight management and helps in losing weight which helps one live longer.


Oats are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and other minerals. Almost every fitness enthusiast aiming to live a quality lifestyle adds oats to their daily meal plans. Oats are a great cleaning food for the body which helps in purification of blood vessels, digestion, and gut which makes everyone feel healthy. It contains soluble fiber like beta-glucan which cleans the blood vessels and cholesterol among other impurities in the body and preserves a healthy gut. They contain silicic acid which helps in the creation of spongy cells found in the collagen and elastin of skins which are directly responsible for the skin composition and elasticity and thus prevent the wrinkles. Avenanthramides are an antioxidant present in oats which help in controlling blood pressure. Lastly, oats are also ingredients of many skin care products and treatments. 


Chickpeas are a great replacement for meat and work as a primary source of protein. Also, it contains vitamins and minerals. They help in keeping appetite in check which helps in weight management and prevents over-eating. It is rich in phytates and phytoestrogens which actually helps in the prevention of old age symptoms and generally helps to stay younger and full of energy. Chickpeas contain a great protein profile which aids in the building of better tissues, great for body composition to feel healthy. They also help in controlling blood sugar which helps in the prevention of diabetes.


This list of food would be incomplete without this superfood. 85% water and low in calories with high nutritional value that even surpasses dry fruits, blueberry is a heavenly food item every individual should consume if they are looking to stay younger and fulfilling life. Blueberries are full of various antioxidants that are really important to purify the skin and body off pollution and other toxic substances which inevitably makes feel healthy. Also, blueberries are can repair DNA damage and even prevent cancer. The DNA damage is a primary factor for aging and blueberry slows this factor down drastically. Cleaning the body off any radicals and impurities to make it look fresh. Blueberries also improve brain function and memory. They even reduce muscle damage after an intense workout. Sounds too good to be true? Then give them a try once and you won’t regret. 

Include these anti-aging foods in your diet and stay younger:)

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